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VIDEO: Rondo Tosses Ball at Referee, Gets Ejected

With three minutes remaining in the third quarter, the Celtics were trailing the Detroit Pistons by 12, 66-54. After a set play took too long to develop, Rajon Rondo attempted to get to the free throw line by driving to the lane.  Brandon Knight appeared to foul him as he got to the rim, but nothing was called.  Compiling the issue was when Greg Monroe collapsed on Rondo, trying to block his lay-up.

Rondo got up, said a few choice words to referee Sean Wright, then decides to toss the ball underhanded at him, hitting him point blank in the chest.  Clearly a boneheaded decision by Rondo as he let his emotions get the best of him.  There is no excuse for that as it was clear that the lack of calls were starting to boil over for Rondo.  Detroit shot about 457 free throws in this game, but they were the aggressive team.

The Celtics can't use the free throws or officiating as an excuse.  Once again, they looked listless and got destroyed on the glass (don't be fooled by the final 43-40 tally, it was much worse than that).  It serves little purpose to delve deep into the numbers for this game.  There wasn't much good from anyone.  There's something not right about this team right now.  Perhaps Rondo's ball toss is an example of collective frustrations mounting within the team, or it could just be a single act of stupidity.  It could possibly be just a (huge) bump on the road that is the shortened NBA season.  Whatever it is, there's something going on here and time is not of the essence.


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  • Jason Whetzell

    That ref deserved it. I know that seems reactionary to say but that guy was 2 feet away from rondo when he got jumped on and leveled with NO CALL. That ref sucked.

  • FUCK THE FAKEEEEE nba.. noone cares basketball sucks…FAKE !

  • Quest

    Agree there’s something not right with this team right now. This team has rarely been whole with injuries mainly with the Bench players. So how do you build chemistry with the new guys who were scrambling to learn plays and now more than not one or two rotating out with injuries. Like how many games has Dooling played. I can see the Big 4 getting upset/frustrated with these guys and trying to work as a productive team.

  • Rivera

    Ainge needs to make a trade. Rondo for Jeremy Lin would be super.

  • paul

    Exactly. Rondo got hit on the arm AND got tackled by a guy twice his size, and no one sees any problem with all of that? No one sees any reason that Rondo might be legitimately very seriously ticked off? HE JUST GOT TACKLED AND TRAMPLED and there was no call. And then, to make it worse, the Pistons get yet another imaginary call at the other end.
    And yeah, he flipped the ball to the official. A little bit hard. Wow, what a thug, right?
    Of course the ref had to throw a hissy fit, because he knew how in the wrong he was.

  • paul

    What a truly demented and sickening article. Notice how this writer, like every other media type, acts like Rondo didn’t have a legitimate and serious beef after he just got mugged, seriously mugged, tackled and trampled, YET AGAIN. By allowing Rondo to be routinely mugged, officials are basically destroying his career, and it’s clearly intentional. It’s impossible to look at that play and not see that you could hardly have a more flagrant and dangerous foul.
    Disgusting too to see the lack of response by Rondo’s teammates when he attacked the lane. Apart from Pietrus setting up in the corner, no one gave him passing options.

  • KY Celts fan

    Let the Lin thing go. Knicks have no reason to give him up, his game wouldn’t work in Boston anyways, and their salaries are no where near close to matching.

  • RyanH

    I could see that meltdown coming from a mile away. Rondo got mugged and his teammates just weren’t trying or helping. Rondo and Wilcox have been the only guys playing with any sort of heart. There’s clearly a disconnect between Rajon and PP, as Paul has fallen in love with getting his own like it was 2003 all over again. The best thing we can do for this team is to use Paul, Ray and picks to surround our top-5 point guard with players that can run. If we could send Paul and Ray to western teams in exchange for some young guns, it would be a move in the right direction. Otherwise, we’re a sub-500 team that barely makes the playoffs, only to get bounced by Miami or Chi.

  • amen bro.. no mention of the pistons center (greg menro) landing on rondo after 2 other non-calls. how about doc making a statement.. oops he was too busy on the bench with his lips shut. how about his teammates sending a message? (perk anyone?)
    celt’s got embarrassed and blown out by another pathetic lottery team. against +.500 teams celts are softer than soft. #fact
    most ppl here want to crucify rondo. use him as the excuse to the teams lack of effort, lack of urgency, lack of ability to hang w/good team. wtf he’s a top 5 pg w/a delicious contract.

  • Bradinfl

    I kept yelling while Pierce & Ray was on tear to trade em there & then. Some sucker might would believe he could keep that pace up all year. The worst things get. The less the WILL get in return for a trade..I dont care if they win 10 in a row..They have NO CHANCE in hell of winning the title.
    Unless Ray & KG are willing to renegotiate thier contracts now. They should be gone, along with Pierce & Rondo as soon as they go on another of one of thier mini-streaks. Clean house & get what you can. Either way its gonna be years before they will be a championship team or somebody gives McHale another GM job.

  • typical hysterical pom pom wavers who can’t see the bigger picture. Fouls or non-calls happen. They happen every game. To lose your mind over a non-call vs. the Pistons is pathetic. Rondo is in full Paul Pierce mode circa 2004-2005, back when he was snapping at the media and melting down vs. the Pacers in the playoffs. Rondo needed to be great to save this flawed team tonight, but instead he took himself out of the game. That is not a leader.

  • Quest

    There was no way Rondo was saving this team. Pietrus 0 for 4. Dooling misses 3 out of 4 in 14.28 min. 7 Bench players 5 rebounds combined in 72 min. Rondo sits to rest and 2nd unit loses lead with lack of offense. Understand Rondo’s frustration. This Bench lacks depth….again.

  • RyanH

    Rondo has every right to be pissed about this game. For this team to win, he as a 6’1″ point guard needs to get 7-10 rebounds because the bigs don’t box out. Fouling and lack of rebounding keep him out of the fast break. And if ever you’ve been hit by a 7 footer and stepped on, which I assume isn’t fun, only to get no foul, you too would be irate.

  • Boog

    The officiating in this league, at it’s best, is a JOKE!!!!! Worst officiated league in all pro sports. Alot of $$$$ made over this game tonight?

  • doc really has to be blamed here for at least some of these problems. He needs to stop begin a players coach and really start disciplining and teaching his players. Everyone yells at the refs him included and this leads to game after game of imaginary and biased calls against the celtics. I would usually just put this to bad nba referring but it is completely obvious the celtics bitch at the refs and the refs don’t want to put up with it. I am pretty sure they’re were 4 technicals tonight and it isn’t like this is the first game when multiple techs have been given to the celtics by just bitching at the refs. Rondo can be the worst at this, always flopping and falling to the ground for dramatic effect or pretending to get hit just for a call and when he doesn’t get it he yells at the refs usually in a way that from the loos like he is disrespecting the refs by yelling or being restrained or something just downright annoying. RONDO NEEDS TO SHUT UP TO THE REFS,DOC NEEDS TO SHUT UP TO THE REFS, THE WHOLE TEAM NEEDS TO SHUT UP TO THE REFS AND JUST PLAY. this might lead to the refs actually referring a game the right way and not be so blatantly biased against the celtics like they do in every single big game. I also feel Doc should take some responsibility for the recent woes and start game planning better and doing different things to get this team ready to play which could include lineup mix ups minute mix ups offense system mix ups or just motivational stuff like making sure rondo is in the right mindset before every game or making sure rondo isn’t allowed to throw one handed passes because 50 percent of the time their turnovers etc.

  • The NBA refs are really starting to get hard to watch. And the bad thing is Mark Cuban mentioned something about the refs and he got fined quite a few bucks…the refs are getting so bad and its gonna continue as long as the league allows it to happen. If a coach or general manager mentions something about the refs and your going to get fined for saying the truth then i guess the refs are going to continue sucking…nba ratings will go down if this continues…the refs suck flat out!!

  • chachee

    This is the game people will remember for Rondo’s exit out of Boston. From the Perk trade, to last years playoffs, to all the preseason trade talk, to the all-star snub, Rondo’s actions tonight were a culmination of all these things. Say what you want about lack of calls, this sort of frustration and anger doesn’t come from a missed call on a layup. This team has said for the last 2 years, “as Rondo goes, we go”. Well, if it starts with Rondo, then he’s got to have some responsibility for how this (his) team plays. I’m the biggest Rondo fan but there’s no reason for his actions tonight. Star players, franchise guys, they don’t do these sorts of things. This is behavior that occurs when a certain player is on his way out, really unhappy about his situation, and almost bears resentment towards certain teammates because their not as young as they once were.

  • Kev

    Lin couldn’t carry Rondo’s jock. Way too many turnovers, doesn’t distribute the ball nearly as well as Rajon and it’s yet to be seen if he’s actually the superstar everyone’s making him out to be.

  • RyanH

    Were people wanting KG out when he balltapped Channing Frye? What about when pierce head-butted James Jones and then got into it with Wade in the CONFERENCE SEMIS? Rondo got tossed from a game in which our two best bigs were gone, he couldn’t get a whistle, and Pierce and Allen looked like lame ducks. This season sucks. Fact. There are many reasons for saying that, from a lack of Jeff to the condensed schedule. I don’t want to run the only talented player we have out of town over a lapse in judgment.

  • I don’t think calls like that are about blown judgements and bad attempts to be a good referee.
    I expect things are just going to keep getting worse at least until the wicked witch of the league office goes away. After that, who knows.

  • This isn’t about this one stupid incident. Rondo is a half player who wants to blame everyone else for his failings. His defense was absolutely undetectable tonight. And they Celtics’ offensive sets are horrid. A bunch of people standing around and then running across the lane with no one cutting. You people here are all delusional about Rondo. He must go now!

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Agree 100%

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Ship Rondo out of Boston the sooner you can: the way he plays and act, looks like he’s the one who wants to quit.

  • Jim

    It was interesting watching two very different NBA games on Sunday. I watched the Knicks/Mavs to see Lin play and get a read on him as a player. Then, the Celts/Pistons game, later.
    The Knicks game had it all; up and down play, Lin making shots, distributing the ball, Steve Novak doing his best Ray Allen imitation from 2008, and J.R. Reid, stepping off the plane from China and hitting trays off the bench. It was exciting and I’m not even a Knicks fan.
    The Celts, my team; the one that I watch nearly everyone of their games going back long before championship #17–they looked flat, old, and totally physically over matched.
    Where did the club go that showed some spark with the back-to-back Orlando wins, when Rondo was out? They seemed to be getting their act together; now they look totally out of sync. They get out-rebounded night after night, and they are really awful to watch, again.
    There is definitely something wrong. Rondo’s meltdown, foul or not, took them out of a game that they had to win. Yes, the NBA refs regularly suck–they sucked in the Knicks game when every time someone for NY breathed on Dirk, they got whistled. Get over it–the officiating in the NBA is by far the worst of any of the four major sports.
    If Rondo gets a suspension and I think he will, it will be interesting to see how the club responds.
    Mavs tonight in Dallas. It doesn’t get any easier. Detroit was one of the games on the schedule, playing a 9-22 team (coming in) that you figure they’ll win, like Toronto used to be. Not anymore!
    I’m afraid it could get really ugly before it gets better.

  • Danno


  • again Rondo=Randy Moss

  • Astarot

    I’m not gonna criticise him for doing that. He was pissed off, flustrated, he got hit and that was a fould that ref didn’t want to see. But I will criticise him for doing that kind of thing at that particular moment. There was still a lot of time and they had a chance to go back and suddenly it was like he gave up by giving them a reason to eject him. But still to those who says “trade Rondo” – he’s one of the best PG in the NBA and for me that’s what really matters and the blame for last night’s loss is not only on him.

  • getting a no call is part of the game, sure argue with ref, but to throw ball at him is just wrong!

  • Celtics-18

    Rondo reminds me of Big Baby Glen Davis. He acts like a spoiled little kid. He quited on the team last year after the traded his best friend Perkins. Then he got angry at his teamates and coaches, screaming and tossing water bottles everywhere in the film room last year in the playoffs against the Miami heat. Then two weeks ago he was mad at the world for not making the ALL STARS team, and now he’s tossing the ball at the referee when the team really needs him with all the injuries we have. I truelly understand why this kid should be ship out of town as soon as possible, Danny need to find a team that willing to take rondo with his childish attitude and his terrible offensive game, good luck with that Danny.

  • Celtics-18

    Rondo=Big Baby Glen Davis, a spoiled little kid.

  • chachee

    agreed. coming into this season, the veterans were saying how impressed they were with Rondo’s maturity. how he “finally get its” and he’s “starting to understand what he needs to do to be the team’s leader”. i get it. i understand they need to say these things. but let’s be honest, rondo is no leader, he’s a facilitator. he can’t carry a team but he can certainly thrive on one. THIS is Rondo. THIS is his ceiling. he can’t shoot, at times he seems uninspired, he’s in his prime. there’s only so much he can. he’s not westbrook or rose. he will not become westbrook or rose. i never wanted to believe this before but playing with the Big 3 was the best thing that could’ve happened to Rondo. Surround him with shooters and playmakers and this kid is unstoppable. If you surround him with a few 34 year old veterans, who can’t shoot or jump as well as they used to, you’ll be a .500 team through 30 games. Who knows? Maybe this all changes if Jeff Green is 100% and we sign David West? Maybe if Dooling actually panned out? What if Doc rested his veterans and played his rookies more? Who knows? Regardless, THIS is Rondo. This is what we should expect.

  • Ryan

    So you saying because players are yelling at the refs it gives them the right to ignore calls like that? Get the fuck out of here.