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Recap: We can only hope and pray that was rock bottom


If you missed tonight's 96-81 loss to the Detroit Pistons, consider yourself lucky. This was an absolute embarrassment.

The Pistons dominated this game while shooting 38%. How is that possible? The Cs served up 22 turnovers and allowed 42 points in the paint. Detroit had a 46 to 15 advantage in free throws. It seems ridiculous and unjust, but I didn't think the officiating was that bad.

Rajon Rondo quit on his team was ejected for bitching about a non-call and whipping the ball at the official in the 3rd quarter. He could receive a 1 game suspension for his actions.

Paul Pierce (18 points, 6-11 FG) continues to play uninspired basketball. 

Kevin Garnett missed this game because of "personal reasons." Should we cut this team any slack for playing without Garnett and Brandon Bass? 

The lack of effort and intensity stunned me. I expected more from this team following two full days of rest and one intense practice. 

Box score

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  • Elliot

    I really don’t blame Rondo for throw the ball at the ref, Ok yes he should of kept his cool but I’m sick of these BS calls, JO’s 4th foul on Prince wasn’t even there then Steams foul after that was a joke. How long is Danny going to wait?

  • 31 points off of the C’s 20+ turnovers is the killer. There is so much more, including 2nd chances, not driving and settling for jumpers, but I won’t make this a long post-everybody already knows these issues anyway. They looked totally disinterested and out-of-sync. There were brief spurts of attacking that quickly faded. The effort and hustle just were not there. The morale on this team right now is the lowest I’ve seen it in a long time. Their posture, body-language, everything just screams no confidence. KG brings more energy to the table obviously, but even his presence wouldn’t have rescued them tonight.

  • Quest

    Rondo acting out of frustration. While I don’t condone his behaviour I understand it.
    So is it the bench not meshing with the starters or the starters not meshing with the new players? Like where are these problems coming from? Trades…like what is out there. Besides the C’s haven’t had the same bench for at least 3 yrs. Last season proved blowing things up in March did not improve the C’s it created more problems. This shortened season really did screw around with the c’s performance.
    Well hoping after all star weekend a “new season” begins for the C’s or else it really is going to be a short season.
    KG out next game and possibly Rondo. Can things get any worse!?

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I already wrote it somewhere else on your blog: I think something broke in the locker room.
    To me that’s the only explanation to all the above you wrote. KG is still the real heart and soul of this team, but I think me too that even with his presence nothing would have changed tonght.
    I’m totally against blowing up, but tonight I had the impression the team was it… 🙁

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    sorry: the team was demanding it.

  • Rivera

    DA needs to broker a trade fast! Rondo for Jeremy lin or Allen for Gasol.

  • Elliot

    There is a lot of “even KG wouldn’t of changed this game” in my opinion this game wouldn’t need to be changed if KG played. We would of been up and won.

  • KY Celts fan

    Oof. The next few weeks are going to be telling. 11 days til March 1st and the trade bonanza begins. What will happen only Miss Cleo knows.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Move Rondo please. There are only so many times you can defend the guy.

  • Eric

    Trade Rondo for Lin, or anything.

  • Rondo is an idiot. Don’t blame the refs. He’s a loser. Loser defense, loser attitude. Now the whole team is displaying his lustless attitude. The careless passing and defense. Unwatchable.

  • Joe A

    Can the Rondo for Lin nonsense stop? I doubt the Knicks are willing to trade the guy who made them relevant again, and it’s only been two weeks; we don’t know if Lin is a legit player that can play in any system, or if he is a product of the D’antoni system.
    Rondo is in a weird position; it is a transitional year where he isn’t sure if he should make this team his team, or still defer to the big three. Add that to the fact that this team has been battling injuries and lack of practices, of course this season is getting ugly.
    And Rondo is a pretty good piece to build a team around. He is arguably a top 5 point guard, with a reasonable contract. So even if it doesn’t work with him, he could be traded. Isn’t at least fair to try to build a team around him with young, athletic players that can get out and run with him for a season and see if it works?

  • Richard

    Rondo sucks.

  • GoWyo

    I don’t think Rondo is the problem. I wonder if the big 3 are mentally in a transition phase knowing that this is the end. I honestly believe if they could get Dwifht Howard, which they won’t, that Rondo could help him be the league MVP. I know everyone will rip me for this but i still think k Rondo is an important part of the future of this team

  • Probably the worst rebounding team in the history of the league. I guess we’re at the sad point where the Pistons of all teams are too much for the Celtics. Can’t wait for the trade deadline.

  • Elliot

    Rondo has one bad game everyone attacks him. Paul Pierce, the captain, the one we turn to plays terrible for 10 games+ no one says boo. RONDO IS NOT THE PROBLEM.

  • you would be enlightened if i let you suck a fart out of my ass

  • Elliot

    I heard once Bill Russell’s statue is finished we’re just gonna plonk it right in the key. You’re an idiot.

  • doc really has to be blamed here for at least some of these problems. He needs to stop begin a players coach and really start disciplining and teaching his players. Everyone yells at the refs him included and this leads to game after game of imaginary and biased calls against the celtics. I would usually just put this to bad nba referring but it is completely obvious the celtics bitch at the refs and the refs don’t want to put up with it. I am pretty sure they’re were 4 technicals tonight and it isn’t like this is the first game when multiple techs have been given to the celtics by just bitching at the refs. Rondo can be the worst at this, always flopping and falling to the ground for dramatic effect or pretending to get hit just for a call and when he doesn’t get it he yells at the refs usually in a way that from the loos like he is disrespecting the refs by yelling or being restrained or something just downright annoying. RONDO NEEDS TO SHUT UP TO THE REFS,DOC NEEDS TO SHUT UP TO THE REFS, THE WHOLE TEAM NEEDS TO SHUT UP TO THE REFS AND JUST PLAY. this might lead to the refs actually referring a game the right way and not be so blatantly biased against the celtics like they do in every single big game. I also feel Doc should take some responsibility for the recent woes and start game planning better and doing different things to get this team ready to play which could include lineup mix ups minute mix ups offense system mix ups or just motivational stuff like making sure rondo is in the right mindset before every game or making sure rondo isn’t allowed to throw one handed passes because 50 percent of the time their turnovers etc.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Pierce isn’t going anywhere. Paul can hit a jumper.

  • RyanH

    Lin for Rondo is a great trade! In fact, let’s trade all of our first rounders, rondo and a bushel of chestnuts for JEREMY FUCKING LIN!!!! People shouldn’t comment on a game that they don’t understand. Rondo’s frustrated playing with over the hill vets that can no longer dribble to the hoop. Pierce is pissed because he still believes he’s a top 10 player, which is far from the truth. Allen and/or Pierce will be gone come march 1st.

  • The Knicks wouldn’t trade Lin for Rondo. Rondo is no one to build a team on. You people are delusional

  • RyanH

    1.) Jeremy Lin is overrated. He’s playing in a system where he’s encouraged to shoot whenever, destroying records with an unprecedented amount of turnovers. Apparently ESPN does its job of brainwashing gullible tools with their use of hyperbole.
    2.) Rondo is straight up better than Lin.
    3.) The core of celtics is comprised of rotting carcasses and Rondo. He’s willed the teams to wins. Notice Pierce and Allen can’t get open and no one sets solid picks? I’m sure that’s RR’s fault.
    4.) Pierce and KG have both been ejected for more juvenile acts, like headbutting and balltapping opponents. When they do it, no biggie. When Rajon gets mad, trade his ass like it didn’t almost win us the 2010 finals as the team’s best player.

  • Elliot

    and what should he be doing?

  • Rondo is not a good player. He’s half a olayer with a bad attitude. Lin has all the potential in the world with a great attitude. Hmmmm, who would I pick? Tough choice.

  • Rondo is not a good player. He’s half a player with a bad attitude. Lin has all the potential in the world with a great attitude. Hmmmm, who would I pick? Tough choice.

  • paul

    Rondo didn’t quit. Nor did he whip the ball. He stood up for himself, and he flipped the ball, a little hard. And you KNOW all this. Why do you CHOOSE to hate on Rondo? Whose agenda are you serving?
    Thank God he stood up for himself, on a play where his arm was hit as he released the ball AND a guy twice his size tackled him and then trampled him, and yet there was no call.

  • paul

    You are so right. Lin is just glittering with the media hype, the New Kid On The Block. I LOVE LIN!!!!!!!
    I have a poster of him on my wall, and I put all my teddy bears around it.

  • paul

    I think Rondo will be gone, but I would rather Pierce got traded. One of the two has to go.

  • James Eisenman

    Thanks Paul. You finally posted a coherent comment on this website. If you are being sarcastic (duh), then you are the idiot who posts all the Rondo-is-God comments on this site. Rondo is not a good player. I am right. He doesn’t play defense, almost ever. One-on-team defense, as you call it, means he almost never guards his men, who regularly score 20+ on us every night while he is trolling for steals. He gets beaten off of every pick-and-roll and now is being beaten flat out on just drives to the basket as he vainly hooks from behind. He can’t consistently hit a mid-range jumper and he can’t hit free throws better than 59%. Lin has turned the ball over a lot, yes, but understandable as he is just learning his team and his role and actually tries to stay on his man. Plus, he can shoot the lights out from anywhere on the court. Yes, he may flame out, of course. But, right now, with Rondo’s deficits and bad attitude, what is there to like about him? Plus, New York is no longer being run by Isiah Thomas, so no luck that they would ever trade Lin for a sour-faced, bad-attitude, I-want-my-props, why-didn’t-I-get-chosen-for-the-All-Star-team, pass-between- the-legs-behind-you-when-you-have-an-open-fast-break jerk who throws balls at the referees. Nobody tackled Rondo either. He drove the basket and the center jumped up and landed on him. Yes, it should have been a foul but you don’t “stand up” for yourself by throwing the ball at the ref.