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Is Pau Gasol having an emotional breakdown?

Via the LA Times:

In a game that featured plenty of Kobe Bryant (36 points), plenty of Andrew Bynum (17 points and 14 rebounds) and an improving bench (34 points), Pau Gasol scored 10 points on four-of-13 shooting. Though it appears pointing out a descrepancy involves splitting hairs, Bryant believes reports linking Gasol in a trade has made it "an emotional couple of days for him."

"Personally I don't understand that crap," Bryant said regarding the Lakers' effort to trade Gasol. "But it is what it is. It's important for him to know we support him. I support him especially. I just want him to go out there and play hard and do what he does best for us."

Gasol has acknowledged in recent days that he remains uncertain the Lakers will keep him. Though Gasol admitted feeling frustrated over what he described as an "erratic night", Gasol said that had nothing to do with his standing with the Lakers.

"At times it crosses your mind, but not exactly when you're playing," Gasol said. "Obviously when you're playing, you're focused and you try to do the best that you can. It's something you have to shake off regardless at any time at any point."

Pau Gasol is a puddle because of trade speculation. He's 31 years old and a veteran of 11 seasons. You'd think he would have developed some thick skin by now.

Once a soft player, always a soft player. I know… Gasol kicked some Celtic ass in the 2010 NBA Finals, but that was an aberration.

He makes Rajon Rondo look like Michael Jordan.

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  • Walk

    Gasol has kicked our ass every time we’ve played him since ’08. Try to sound educated dude.

  • kg.the.great

    I remember garnett used to barbequed his ass 2008 and before. after the garnetts knee surgery is when he started to dominate. besides i’ve never seen a softer looking 7 feet dude in my life.

  • Sean

    You call Gasol soft when he plays with his back to the basket and gets rebounds. KG shoots jumpers all game and hasn’t rebounded since he got to Boston, and yet he is tough? You guys are fools

  • River mouth

    Fools is a pretty good descriptor.
    Gimme an f’in break. KG is the softest pos around.

  • what else do you expect from a player making 21M.. working dirty inside the block and putting up 20/15? aint happening bro.. hence why perk was a key cog in their system

  • Kris

    I love seeing people like you guys sitting behind your keyboards calling guys like Kevin Garnett and Pau Gasol “soft”. KG has been banging for 16 years, and you call the man soft, Gasol isn’t to shabby himself and he’s soft. Please, you probably couldn’t last 15 minutes on the court with either of them.

  • Ryan Sev

    kg led the league in rebounding 4 years in a row and won defensive player award while in boston…yea hes soft….dudes getting old cut him some slack…kg in his prime would eat pau for breakfast. Go look at kgs numbers throughout the years compared to Dwight Howards….i thought it was interesting

  • Jerry Sondler

    Sad, but very true.
    Gasol has been giving us a non-stop, serious ass-kicking for the past 4 years…including 25 pts. and 14 boards just nine days ago.

  • Benny

    hope Gasol stays and still a good player.. dont count KG out too early!

  • KOBE

    Gasol has skill but you cant forget that he is also aging, and the lakers need to get better big men, possibly get dwight for bynum and gasol, or rajon or deron for fisher, lakers have to step it up if they want rings this year!

  • Alex

    I understand Gasol’s nervousness. Let me just remind you that Perkins did cry when he got the news he was being traded from the Celtics… last time I checked, Perkins is NOT soft.