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Enemy Chatter: Rondo’s shooting is causing tension?


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Chicago.

The Celtics are starting their own crucial stretch after having played just 10 road games (20 for the Bulls), the fewest in the East. There seems plenty of tension with the team with Rondo again taking the most shots (he had more than Paul Pierce and Allen combined Sunday), which isn’t exactly Boston’s plan for success.

Though he had that brilliant triple double in Sunday’s win, it’s supposedly a constant battle with his teammates. Pierce and Allen supposedly have been not too happy the way he monopolizes the ball at times, but then will back off late in games because he doesn’t always like to shoot free throws, though he was terrific last Sunday. Many who watch the Celtics believe this is a crucial stretch as if they fall well below .500, there’s a good chance they could make a major move involving Rondo and perhaps Allen. For now, however, coach Doc Rivers says he believes the team will come together and it still does rank in the top five in many of the defensive categories.


Is Sam Smith dredging up old speculation? Because we haven't heard a peep from Celtics insiders about any teammates being unhappy with Rondo's increased shooting over the past 5 games. 

The notion that the Celtics can't win with Rondo taking the most shots is a bit outdated, too. 

On Page 2, Rondo looks like ET.

The Derrick Rose - Rajon Rondo 'rivalry' (one's MVP, the other's E.T.)* is a nice subplot to any BullsCeltics contest. But especially with Rose out, the fun part of playing the Celtics nowadays is seeing the Bulls frontcourt just destroy the same Celtics that seemed so imposing in the 2009 playoffs.


Hahaha… this is hilarioius. Almost as funny was what Rondo did to the Bulls in the 2008-09 playoffs.

Chew on this, sucka.

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  • Danno

    It might be dated, but it sure is accurate.

  • Jerry Sondler

    Rajon Rondo is irrelevant.
    He was irrelevant in 2008, and he was irrelevant today.
    The Celtics cannot win because they cannot get the ball….they have no bigs!
    Without bigs, they need to “shoot the lights out” to win a game.

  • Danno

    This really is a HUGE part of the problem. I wouldn’t say Rondo is irrelevant. in 2008 he was competent. today he’s been told he’s an All-Star caliber player by so many people, that he now believes it. But in fact, he is not. He has the raw talent to be, but his woeful inconsistency, and stubborn selfishnes, are holding him back.

  • Roger

    Agreed, he’s a role player.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    We win more with Bradley starting

  • if you HONESTLY think Rajon Rondo is irrelevant, then I question whether we’re even watching the same sport.

  • wow, 0 accountability by the players. how about kg earning his 20M and getting in the box, or a slashing guard, a center that muscle and that can post up.. rondo is not the problem.
    i am officially renaming this year as the rondo bail out plan- this team would be nothing w/out him. he’s not afraid, doesn’t back down and is willing to sacrifice bending elbow backwards if needed. oh and his contract is delicious.

  • Alex

    The way Rondo is playing recently, he’s doing an amazing job! All he really needs to do is play better defense and I’ll be in love with the kid.
    Paul Pierce is in a serious funk and he really needs to get back to Planet Earth.
    The rebounding is what is killing the Celtics and we just need ONE piece that will HELP us immensely with the rebounding.

  • Danno

    The Celtics have played 29 games to date.
    They are 15-14 overall.
    In the 21 games Rondo played, they are 9-12
    In the 8 games he did not play, they went 6-2.
    It can be reasonably assumed that if he played in every game healthy, we would be 12-17 with him in the lineup.
    Also – just to note – Rondo has scored more than 10 points in 12 games this year.
    Their Record when he score 10+ points? 3-9.
    Talk all you want about the effort or his skills. The numbers don’t lie.
    Rondo is killing this team, and the harder he tries to do it all, the more often, they lose.
    Numbers don’t lie. blind fanatics do.

  • kg.the.great

    that video above is for all the rondo haters. it’s getting to the level where i want to respond like a highschool and say suck a d**k, but until we get young guns running with rondo or he brings home number 18 then the hate will continue.

  • Jerry Sondler

    Rondo “relevancy” is totally dependent on the quality of his teammates.
    As a rookie, his teammates were awful and the team won 24 games.
    In 2008, he was surrounded by top talent and they won a championship.
    Today, he is surrounded by washed-up talent and the team is “on the ropes”.
    When your “star player” is a 6`1″, 170 lbs. guard, who can`t hit a shot beyond 12 feet…you`re dead in the water!

  • Roger

    You are aware that with RR in the starting lineup we are 9-12, right?He is not afraid?We must not be watching the same games, he looks afraid and tentative from time to time when he is guarded with a 5 foot cushion and shows definite trepidation to go to the free throw line, especially in the 4th quarter. How delicious is his contract when he was on the block earlier this season with no takers?

  • YOu obviously have no grap of statistical theory and don`t know much about basketball. Your post is beyond silly.

  • Ian

    I like Rondo. Am I weird?

  • JO 6.2M
    KG 21.2M
    Dooling 2.2M
    Pav 1.2M
    Shaq/Sheed ?
    30.8M+ of useless/dead money
    how do you expect rondo to carry the team?

  • GH

    During that winning streak, was the only difference in the line up that fact that RR was out? Not by a long shot. Maybe, just maybe, the difference was that there were more young legs out there than old for a change.

  • Danno

    You people need to realize – it’s not “HATE”. You can all stop using these juvenile internet terminologies. I LIKE RONDO.
    People are dissappointed in Rondo’s play, especially of late.
    He walks the ball up the court wasting 6-8 second of the play clock on nearly every possession. Inexcusable.
    He’s become the ultimate matador on Defense. Ben Gordon and Rodney Stuckey combined to score 47 points. 47!
    He scored 35 points, we LOST, and in the same game Ray Allen only took 5 shots. 5 SHOTS.

  • Danno

    I love it when people say “You’re Wrong!!!” but then cannot point out how.

  • Danno

    Paul Pierce won Easter Conference player of the week, and Ray Allen had multiple 20+ point games.
    Survey Says: XXX

  • BigMck

    How can you watch that video from the 2009 playoff series with Chicago and say Rondo is irrelevant?

  • when you’re right you’re right..and you..you’re always right! – Barf – Spaceballs

  • paul

    I think that even the most enthusiastic Rondo fans have to recognize the reality that his w-l numbers reflect reality. The team is not behind him. For him to lead the team to a win, he has to put up all time numbers. On wednesday, it would have taken at least 40 points from Rondo.
    I think one has to be very naive not to see that there is a power struggle going on in the Celtics’ locker room. It’s not something anyone will acknowledge, of course. And of course, it is between Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo. Pierce started the season with all the marbles. Rondo barely made it into camp at all, without being traded, and the rumors undercut whatever was left of his standing. Pierce still has the dominant position, but I think Rondo has gathered a few marbles himself at this point. His play this last week has demonstrated his potential pretty convincingly. Some of the guys on the team, Wilcox in particular, obviously, are starting to see the possibility of benefitting from his talent, I suspect. And Pierce’s apparent sulking may be changing perceptions about who is the ‘good guy’ and who is the ‘bad guy’ in this situation. I think a lot depends on how Rondo plays over the next week or two. If he continues the pace he set this week, I think he will begin to reshape the balance of power on the team, especially if he intensifies his man-to-man defense. That would earn him a lot of respect, I think.
    It’s too bad it seems that things have to come down to a power struggle. Synergy between Rondo and Paul would have been better, and maybe it can still happen.

  • Roger

    He is a role player and he needs to understand it, we are a much better team when ray and paul are the dominant scorers, .RR is one dimensional on scoring the basketball . If its not in transition or a layup, it is a low percentage shot for him. The Pistons for example picked their poison and allowed him to run rampant, knowing that if RR is dominating the shot selection, once the 4th quarter comes around ray and paul have no rhythm.Rondo had 31 points through 3 quarters and scored 4 points in the 4th. Ray didnt score a fg until the last 5 seconds of the GAME.Ray and Paul shot the ball 16 times,Rondo shot it 27 times. Thats inexcusable for a distributing point guard.

  • Jerry Sondler

    No desire to talk about how Rondo performed in the next round, when Orlando ousted Boston?
    His FG% was .375 vs. Orlando in the 2009 playoffs.
    How about the 2010 Finals vs. LA?
    Rondo hit 26.3% of his Free Throws!

  • On that last enemy chatter bit about what Chicago is doing to the “same front court that seemed so imposing” back in 09, maybe someone should mention to him that there was a rather controversial trade involving the 09 Celtics’ center and a guy who’s out for the season due to heart surgery.

  • you an i are getting closer on agreeing. rondo can’t shoot, but it’s his other intangibles that makes him great in “this” system. there’s no question paul and ray are lethal from the outside.. mind you they’ve been injured and out of the line-up. as well, they’ve had some atrocious nights where they should have been on the pine. to call that as “inexcusable” isn’t fair. but plugging rondo’s intangibles into this system is makes the team complete.. personally i don’t want a pg that shoots first.
    fyi during the last lock-out the knicks were the 8th seed and went to the finals

  • Ryan Sev

    rondo a roll player hahaha….ok buddy….i don’t think there is any struggle going on when paul, ray, kg, and doc especially have all been saying rondo needs to stay aggressive and he is the key. Doc has stated this is rondos team. The big three know they need rondo to carry them a lot of the time because they aren’t the players they used to be. Don’t be stupid enough to think they don’t realize this. Lets not dwell on one game where he took 27 shots, but either way thats what you do when you got the hot hand, and 15-27fg is better than 50 percent so I’ll take it.

  • Ryan Sev

    oh and if ray and paul want the ball, then run when rondos pushing it….otherwise wilcox is gonna be the only one getting easy buckets.

  • Danno

    Rondo NEVER pushes it.

  • Quest

    Rondo being targeted!? Complaints he wasn’t a shooter, trade him. Now he is shooting and what creating tension, trade him.
    Maybe Paul and Ray need to adjust their game this season to the improved/improving ability of Rondo to shoot. After 5 yrs of Rondo passing off to them first Ray and Paul habits have stalled them to managing any ball movement changes within the game. KG has on the other hand made adjustments pretty well.
    It seems people are more forgiving to a person’s flaws if they like them. While people who tend to annoy or aggitate you not so easy to be forgiving towards them instead heavy critiscism becomes the norm.
    Rondo is not perfect but he is not to blame for all the C’s problems. Last game Paul and Ray sure weren’t racking up the baskets to help the team to any win.
    This team is in rebuilding mode out with the old in with the new… players and plays. Doc has to decide what he wants the previous Rondo pass first PG or newer changing PG running and getting to the basket every opportunity.

  • Roger

    Yes, RR is a role player, what do you think he is? Yes Doc says he needs to stay aggressive, but staying aggressive doesn’t necessarily correlate to scoring. He needs to be aggressive on defense, pushing the ball up the court and actively distributing the ball. Doc has stated its rondos team yet Ainge still trys to deal him. Rondo has a fragile persona and Doc has to send messages like this because we all know how moody he can be. So he shot over 50 percent, we still lost. We are 2-4 when Rondo scores 20 or more, but hey he has the hot hand….
    Who cares when we lose. His predominant job isnt to score. He has to distribute.