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Your Morning Dump… Explaining away the Detroit loss


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“We made some bonehead plays,” Rivers said. “We leave Ben Gordon to trap. We rotate to Ben Wallace out to the 3-point line. We give up an offensive rebound on a free throw. Those three possessions to me changed the game. It went from a two-point game to an eight-point game, and to me, give a team that’s struggling for wins life, they’ll beat you. That’s what happened.”


“I said I was concerned going into the game, honestly, offensively, not having that big to stretch the floor, like Kevin and Brandon [Bass] do, and having two lower post bigs,” said Rivers. “I thought [Detroit coach] Lawrence [Frank] obviously knew that, and they trapped Ray and Paul every time they caught the ball, without really worrying about our bigs popping for shots, like we [typically] do.” 

ESPN Boston

I was only able to watch the final 6 minutes of this game, but that (and reading through John’s game tweets) was enough to get a feel for what went wrong last night. Paul Pierce looked discombobulated on offense. One play that symbolized the lack of effort was the loose ball with 1:40 remaining in the game. Ray Allen reached down to get it, rather than hit the floor (Rajon Rondo did).

It’s hard to blame injuries when the effort is so piss poor, but as Doc Rivers points out, the Pistons capitalized on the absence of Kevin Garnett and Brandon Bass. I guess we have to give credit to Lawrence Frank.

Last night’s loss did nothing to change my opinion of this team. They’ve always lost to bad teams, even during the dominant years (2008-10). 

On Page 2, the Celtics wanted Jeremy Lin.

According to a source, the Celtics were poised to claim the Knicks sensation off waivers when he was cut by Golden State prior to the start of the season, but Houston chose ahead of them in the waiver order.

When Houston later released him, the Celtics were ready to make a move again, only for the Knicks to take Lin off the wire.

“I’m sure we looked at him, but Danny (Ainge) would have to answer that,” coach Doc Rivers said before last night’s 98-88 loss to Detroit. “I thought (Harvard coach) Tommy Amaker and I were friends. Maybe not. He never told me.”

Herald – Source: Celtics wanted to grab Lin

The Celtics have a full 15-man roster. Who would have been shipped out to make room for Lin? E’Twaun Moore? I don’t see it. 

There’d be no Linsanity in Boston. Lin would be buried on the bench. And if he did play, he wouldn’t have the offensive freedom he’s currently enjoying in New York.  

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  • mollysdaddy

    My impression of Ray and Paul last night was that they were kind of sulking that Rondo was getting the touches. Ray didn’t go to his spots do much. Paul seemed to just expect the ball was going to get to him do he didn’t work to get open.
    Anybody else see that?

  • paul

    Why on earth would we be pining after Lin? Do we not actually have a great point guard. Oh, I keep forgetting, silly me. We have a scrub at pg that we keep wanting to trade for any point guard, any big, anybody really.

  • paul

    And if Rondo were the one acting that way, fans would be calling for his head. Instead, fans are calling for Rondo’s head anyway.

  • rondo deserves to be co-captain

  • Danno

    the Reason we lost, the reason we almost lost the Bulls game, was because of Rondo.
    He played NO defense, at all. NONE. and when he scores 30+ points, that means that other guys aren’t getting invoved in the offense, which falls squarely on HIM.
    The Celtics are nearly unbeatable when everybody plays defense, and everyone sticks to the ROLE. rondo has spent the last week all pissed off that he didn’t make the All-Star team, and is now acting like a spoiled brat trying to show off his “mad skillz” to the detriment of the team, their record, and their chemistry.
    I’m tired of him. He’s not playing CELTICS basketball. He’s playing “Hey everybody look at me I’m a badass!” Lebron/Iverson/Ballhog basketball.
    TRADE HIM NOW DANNY, while he still has value.

  • Mike

    DA needs to work on a Rondo for Lin trade.

  • Danno

    this won’t happen. too much heat on Lin right now, and the Knicks are desperate to get back in Playoff contention.

  • mollysdaddy

    Rondo’s defense was the same last night as during any of the wins. It’s true he may be the weakest link on defense, but that’s not what lost the game.

  • Astarot

    Another bad game vs bad team what else can we say. And when it’s comes down to Lin, well. Sure it’d be nothing like “Linsanity” in Boston and he’s not a good defender, turningover the ball. But still he’s a natural PG not like Avrey, Moore or Dooling he’s not a scorer but he knows how to pass the ball. And second unit would use that cuz’ there’s no one to control the game when second unit is on the floor.

  • Alex

    What are people smoking when they are thinking about switching Rondo with Jeremy Lin…
    Get real, people.
    It’s these comments that make the Rondo critics look like idiots.

  • Danno

    What lost the game was that Rondo spent every possession looking for ways HE could score, and didn’t get the rest of the guys involved.
    You could say Paul and Ray had bad shooting nights, But when your two most prolific scorers only attempt 16 total shots COMBINED, then that means your point guard isn’t doing a good job of distributing the ball and finding the open men. Period.
    Ray didn’t hit a field goal until a few seconds left in the game, and only took 5 shots. That – IS ALL RONDO.

  • I was at the game and was specifically watching that. When we looked-up to see Paul in single-digits and Rondo at around 20, we started to watch Paul out of curiosity. There were a couple of times that he was open and Rondo looked him off, but most of the time Paul was just standing outside the 3-point line or at the elbow. There’s really no one player to blame here. This happens often when the C’s lose a terrible, disgusting game to a sub-par team. People (including myself) are mad and want someone to blame. Paul and Ray kind of started to stand-around and watch. Then, Paul began trying to attack, but it was just too late. But the big piece that’s being overlooked here is the defense. Team defense. The players themselves said it last night. But hey-no time to sulk, got a tough game tonight-let’s hope they’re ready.

  • Ridiculous isn’t it? What planet do they come from..? It’s embarrassing to be honest..smh.

  • Mike

    yea he certainly got nobody else involved during his 15 assist game against the bulls.

  • KY Celts fan

    Win or lose, it’s Rondo’s fault, right? Dishes out 14 assists but takes 4 shots – “Rondo should be looking for his shot, being more aggressive.” Scores 30 and dishes out 6 assists – “Why isn’t Rondo getting other people more involved? He’s the PG for Christ’s sake!” There’s just no winning with some people.

  • KY Celts fan

    Or maybe it’s the opposition’s defense? There are two teams playing.

  • TheDubz33

    You say he played no D at all- the game was lost in the first few mintues of the 4th quarter when Rondo wasn’t even in the game and perimiter D was lazy and soft. Without Rondo’s play last night they would have lost by 40.

  • this is the best comment i have heard all day, I would drink to this all night long!

  • Wow, so let me get this straight, Paul and Ray cant ever have a off night, where things dont go their way? but every night everything that goes wrong is Rondo’s fault? This guy has played his behind off for this team, everything they have asked of him he has tried to do, even playing in the semi-finals with one arm. its not his fault that his team has gotten older, i think if it was a problem with him scoring doc would have told him at the half to stop shooting, paul and ray had a chance to take over the 4th quarter and what did they do? I think people judge him according to his attitude, and thats not fair. And the next article talks about him speaking to the media, if i were rondo i would not talk to them either, they sit and talk b.s. about him then they want him to give an interview, i would not talk to them either unless danny said i had to.

  • chachee

    Why not blame Doc? His rotations are all over the place. A guy gets hot one game and doesn’t play for the next 6. On top of that, now all these injuries are popping up. There’s no other coach I’d rather root for than Doc. I love the guy. But sometimes its maddening to watch. For the last 4 years, i could see why rookies on the celtics get no love or playing time. The C’s have been pretty stacked with veteran talent since the Big 3. That window is closing fast and its a perfect time to start seeing what these kids can do. We’re not fighting for the 1 seed anymore, we’re fighting for the 7-8 seed. What’s the harm in resting KG, Ray or Paul a few games and give the young guys some confidence? I just don’t get it. It’s going to be a extremely frustrating 2nd half of the season, if this continues.

  • I’m Rondo’s biggest critic but it wasn’t his defense, in the fourth quarter, that lost it. The first 3 by Gordon came off a moving pick that Ray didn’t get through. One came off Ray again where he did the Rondo dropoff and got caught. The other two were Doc’s fault for playing a zone defense when you’ve got a knock down 3-point shooter. Sooner or later, the zone will have a gap and you’ll get burned. It did disrupt their offense though. But blame the people who also got their asses kicked by Monroe. He ate us alive. Our 4th quarter offense, or lack thereof, was the big problem. It too was not really Rondo’s fault, although on several sets, he dropped down to try to post up his man and let Ray and Paul handle the ball. They lost, though, because they missed a crapload of free throws – Rondo,as always, but everyone else too. They let a subpar team score nearly 100 points and shoot nearly 50%. Ray was crap. Paul hit some shots in the 4th but was mostly crap. And no one stopped Monroe (missing KG?).
    As far as Lin. He would have gotten his chance for Linsanity when Rondo was out with his wrist injury or when Ray was out. Who knows? Doc is not very consistent with letting rookies play but he lets them shoot when they’re in. We could have had him and Rondo play together. I know you people are fixated on pigeon-holing roles but it would have been possible. His skills and enthusiasm would have taken Boston by storm. Maybe even Rondo would stop pouting and smile on the court for once. And he seems to work on defense. We’ll see if he can handle a playoff situation. Also, if Rondo plays his guard the key defense when we next face the Knicks, Jeremy could hit 50 on us. But, for the last few, I give Rondo credit for picking up his offense and, in this one, do not fault his defense.

  • Nick

    Rondo for Monta Ellis

  • GH

    This. Is. Absolutely. Correct.