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Rajon Rondo decides to speak to the media

On his offensive outburst Wednesday night 

RR: "I was just a little bit more aggressive tonight, took the shots that I was able to take when I was open. I made some, I missed some." 

On consecutive games with high point totals 

RR: "But the main thing is our record is 1-1 these last two games. We didn't get off to a great start in the fourth quarter, and we weren't able to shut them off after that." 

ESPN Boston

I felt the need to post this because I've been slightly critical of Rajon Rondo the past few days. While I think he's a spectacular talent, his moody and tempermental nature just annoys the hell out of me.

Thanks for the comments, Rajon. Was that so hard?

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  • Jerry Sondler

    Huh?!?…..Spectacular talent? Rajon Rondo?
    Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird…those guys had spectacular talent!

  • KY Celts fan

    So we’re not allowed to compliment guys unless they’re MJ or Bird?

  • Jason

    “Was that so hard?”
    That’s quite an Eat S$#@ comment. And maybe it’s that attitude that makes him not want to give the media the time of day and I don’t blame him. And even after finally getting a response, what did “the media” really get? Nothing. As always. All this gnashing of teeth because he held out those gems? Ugh. C’mon don’t be part of that crowd.

  • clearly he misses perk and needs some fresh blood to run with.. they need to name him co-captain

  • Jason

    Actually, if you think about it, even NBA scrubs have spectacular talent, like top 500 out of 6 billion people in the world.

  • Celtics18

    All i can say is Rondo should never have more Fg than pierce & Ray allen combine. We will never win a basketball in the nba when he does that. He only had six assist from wilcox & JJ. He never look to get pierce & Ray allen the ball. They always get the ball with 6 seconds left on the shot clock and they end up with a bad shot. Rondo should never have more Fg than assist in a game. He should have no less than 13 assist per game. The X-celtics coach lawrence frank left him open all night and he was able to knocked down some shots. Well even a bad clock tell the right times twice a day. Rondo is starting to become a selfish player ever since he didn’t make the ALL-STAR team. He’s trying to prove to people that he can score and take over a game. hayyy rondo a little advice to u stick with what u do best which is passing the ball and playing solid defense. You will never be like Cp3, deron or westbrook. Your job is to get pierce and Ray the ball from the start of the game to get them going. like bill belichick would say just do your job, pass the ball.

  • Celtics12

    i meant to say win a basketball game in the nba.

  • Jerry Sondler

    No…but, if you are going to use the term “spectacular talent” to describe a player like Rondo, what term do you use to describe players who are of the ultra-elite calibre of Kobe, MJ, Bird?

  • Nicely

    Rondo is damn if do and damn if don’t. What do you want, passins or scoring? First you say he does not score enough, so he will never be like Rose ro CP3, so when he does, he need to pass more. True C’s fan know this team would be in bad shape without Rondo. Ask Kobe or D Howard if they would like to have him!!

  • paul

    Rondo is clearly that level of talent, and those guys know it too. As Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley what Rondo’s talent level is.
    The only knock on him is consistency, and that is clearly not all his fault.

  • paul

    Best suggestion I’ve seen in a while. I totally agree with this. Name him co-captain.

  • paul

    You are so right. That little runt needs to be stuffed back in his hole and KEPT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So, you are kind of a bully, right?

  • paul

    It’s so blazingly obvious at this point that Celtic Fans are insane about Rondo. Their hatred for Rondo is something disgusting to see. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. Simple as that. Can’t put a nice face on it anymore.
    This crap about his attitude shows how desperate to crap on the guy people are. I like the fact that Rondo is an individual. There are too few of those around. Maybe if media jerkoffs would do their job and actually try to communicate with Rondo slightly more meaningfully, eg. asking less stupid questions, they’d get better responses. But no, it’s too easy to blame Rondo.
    Just disgusting. The stench of hatred is awful.

  • Danno

    Paul – kind of a troll who doesn’t understand anything beside blind homer fandom, aren’t you?
    Rondo is talented. Let’s just get that out of the way. Guy has insane skills. OK?
    His problem stems not from lack of talent, but from attitude and selfishness. He walks the ball up the court wasting 6-8 seconds of the play clock on EVERY out of bounds play. The only time he pushes it up is when he gets a steal and wants to showboat, which happens maybe once a game.
    He still can’t shoot jumpers consistently. He doesn’t drive the lane often enough because he knows he can’t shoot free throws for shit. That alone is a HUGE detriment to the team. It also sets a tone with the Officials that the Celtics aren’t a driving team, so when they do drive the lane, they don’t get the calls. This is an example of his selfishness affecting OTHER Celtics players. They don’t get the benefit of the calls, because he refuses to be the aggressor, because he’s insecure about his free throw shooting.
    And now he’s playing “I’m mad because I didn’t make the All Star Team, so I’m going to show everyone how wrong they were about me!!!” and scoring 30+ points. Problem being – we’re losing or almost losing these games because of it, because he’s dictating the entire offense instead of distributing he ball efficiently. Again, his selfish motivations killing the team’s chances.
    He has become Allen Iverson, circa 2005. All he needs is some ugly neck tattoos and a few off court indiscretions that get him in trouble, and his transformation to the Dark Side will be complete.

  • Yowsa.