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Mannix: Cs have a good pitch for Dwight Howard

Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix shared his thoughts on WEEI yesterday on the Celtics and their chances of landing Dwight Howard:

"I honestly think the Celtics believe they are not out of the running for a guy like Dwight Howard," Mannix said of the Orlando center, who is eligible for free agency after the season. "I know Boston believes they can't get him in a trade, but I really believe the Celtics think they can sell Dwight Howard on the city and on the team if he makes it to free agency. ā€¦ And Boston, to be honest with you, they've got a pretty good pitch. They can tell him they have Rajon Rondo in place, a great point guard, a top-five point guard, Paul Pierce under contract for the next few years and all this cap space to give him a max deal. I think Boston has a real chance to make a strong pitch to Dwight Howard if he makes it to free agency."

Trade rumors continue to surround Rajon Rondo. Mannix dismissed a recent story that suggested a possible Rondo-for-Pau Gasol swap, and told Dennis & Callahan that's Rondo's established performance level and manageable contract makes him the kind of the player Ainge would want to rebuild around, not trade.

"The only way they would deal a guy like Rondo is for the two guys I know they've shopped him for, which is Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul," Mannix said. "That type of player they'd deal Rondo for, anyone else they aren't going to do it."

Throw Doc Rivers into that pitch. Boston can't compete with Los Angeles when it comes to glamour and weather, but Doc can coach circles around Mike Brown.

Glad to hear Mannix completely dismiss the Rondo for Gasol rumor.  

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  • Straight up no chance.

  • BradinFL

    I agree with Matt, If Boston doesnt trade for or draft em, they dont get them. If after getting Garnett & Allen & Pierce those guys saying how great the city is & players still dont care? Boston’s rep will never change & never get free agents worth a damn.

  • Worth a try… but every team is trying to get D-Howard. haha.

  • Brian

    Why stop at howard šŸ˜‰ Sign Williams as well… trade rondo and one of your draft pics for milsap and a better pick Draft Beal and Tony Mitchell. KG would make a great 6th man PF/C off the bench and in 20 mins those jumpers would be nothing but net instead of nothing but Iron late in games. Pipe Dream probably but it works on my PS3 šŸ™‚

  • PC

    Howard going to the celtics is my fantasy.

  • Austin

    ” but Doc can coach circles around Mike Brown.” Amen to that!

  • DrTom

    The first article that actually make sense…everyone is always saying the Cs have no shot at the Celtics and Matt’s logic is the same as mine.
    Also, consider that TWO Magic players play for the Celtics now — if Howard makes it to free agency, I’m sure Bass and Petrius will be on the plane for the sales pitch (“this is how Celtics/Doc is better than Van Gundy/Magic”, “these are our experiences”, etc). Also, Green has a good relationship with the Cs. Granted he’s not under contract, but his agent said everything went positive and smoothly with the Cs during Green scenario. Granted there’s no guarantee he’ll return to the Cs but I figure there are two aspects 1) the professionalism with the Cs and how well he was treated. That will play a big part when he’s shopping for another team. Any team will treat you well when they are trying to recruit you, but Cs treated him well during his uncertainty and I think that’s going to carry a lot of weight. 2) He still feels he has unfinished business in Boston.
    So I think the Cs have a very good chance at Howard. As a side note, I told all my friends LeBron and Bosh were going to Miami and listed 10 reason why that was going to happen. They all thought I was crazy so I bought season tickets to Miami. Then 5 minutes after “The Decision” I start getting phone calls and emails of my friends wanting to split the tickets. Oh, I still think LeBron is a D-bag…not because of “The Decision” but how he said he’s going to win “not seven championships” while wear #6, which is Bill Russel’s # — 11 championships in 13 years. LeBron said no one should wear #23, which I agree with, but then he said he will win multiple championships while wearing #6…total D Dag…
    So best case scenario — Howard will go to Boston and Green will return, Allen & Garnett will sign with the Cs at much reduced salary ($10m and $21m to hopefully $5m to $10 each), so that will leave $20 million or so for Howard. Roster would look like
    * Rondo * Green * Bass * Howard * Pierce * Garnett * Allen * Petrius * Marquis * Bradley *Steimsma * Moore
    That is a solid roster…

  • Please no Dwight Howard. Then I would have to stop hating the smiling assassin.

  • how about trading rondo bradley jajuan and jermiane and oru two frist roudn picks for dwight and bput him together with the big 3 and a much betetr bench even with those missing players than last year?

  • celtics9

    if dwight really gets to free agency, we need to sign KG Allen, at a very very low price. I respect the championship and games the big three brought, but we need to face it, they are not as productive any more. For allen, he still has his shooting, which isnt gonna go anywhere. For KG, he is not shooting as well, running as well. There’s no point paying him 20M just to do some pick and roll and pick and pop…
    if we can get dwight, we will need rondo to pass, pierce to be SF if he is still capable. trade allen for a younger sg unless he takes a reduction in salary. KG must get salary reduction.