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KG upgraded, Pietrus sounds optimistic for tonight

So after a bevy of disheartening injury news yesterday, there seems to be better news today on the C's injury front. 

  • Kevin Garnett (hip flexor) did participate in shoot around and is being called "probable" for tonight. 
  • Mickael Pietrus (right knee) said he's definitely playing tonight, but what he says and what Doc Rivers says might be a different story.  I'm thinking both these guys are game-time decisions.  
  • Jermaine O'Neal (shoulder, everything else) made it through shoot-around in one piece, so he's probably a go for tonight. 

Brandon Bass was the only player not in shootaround.  He'll be out for another week, at least. 

Personally, I'm in favor of sitting KG.  Let JaJuan Johnson get the start.  I don't want to risk anything at all… especially against the Pistons.

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  • I’m torn; I’m going to the game, so I’d like to see KG & Pietrus play, but realistically, I’d prefer they both sit-out. We will need them both more against Chicago tomorrow night-especially since it’s the 2nd of a back-to-back.

  • JT’s Hoops Blog

    The Celtics’roster is getting thinner and thinner. Add a K and an E and Jermiane O’Neal would be a J O K E. Get it? He is way past his prime and bettwr suited for back up work. I say let Chris Wilcox start in his place along with putting Jujaun as starting PF. Wilcox has improved his play of late and JJJ has shown he can play with limited minutes. The Celtics will need KG fresh for a playoff run and knowing how bad the Pistons are, it’s not worth jim getting injured in a game that the Celtics could probably win with one hand tied behind their backs.

  • KY Celts fan

    Let Jajuan get the start and bring KG off the bench for the game. Gives him extra rest, and if he isn’t needed then all the better.

  • Lee in Oregon

    JO is past his prime? Jesus, no wonder you have your own blog. Such incredible insight! What’s next? Kevin Durant is gonna have a better career than Greg Oden? Water is wet? Your blog is a piece of shit, and your attempts to pimp off of Red’s Army are annoying to everyone.

  • BAM.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Have a good time tonite. I watched the Pistons last night and they came close to beating the Spurs- hopefully they’re worn down from that and the travel. Pop may be a good coach but that hack-a-shaq they did on Ben Wallace last night was bush. Go JuJuan!

  • Danno

    This guy is a fucking idiot.
    can’t we just ban him for trolling and unsolicited promotion of his own crappy blog?

  • Thanks Lee-yeah, Pistons fans were in quite an uproar last night.

  • Jerry Sondler

    Give JO zero playing minutes the remainder of the year.
    I didn`t think it was possible to be worse than Sheed…but, this loser {JO} has proved me wrong!

  • Ryan Sev

    I get it, Jo is a shell of his former self but he plays good D. Solid man to man D and those charges and blocks are being underestimated. Just knowing there is a shot blocker there can have an effect and make players alter their shots. Good signing, no of course not, but he has value to this team.

  • The best way to get though this season is to minimize everyone’s minutes. Get everyone who is healthy some burn. No more than 30 minutes for anyone unless injuries make it unavoidable. But ya know what? There will be less injuries to put you in that position.

  • Jay

    JO is a stiff. Let me repeat in case it was not clear. JO is a stiff. Even healthy, he is a shell of his former self – and that really was not much.
    Forget stats, the guy is out of shape, doesn’t move his feet, protect thr rim, battle for rebounds, drive to the basket, intimidate, stop the ball, protect the paint…. you know the ususal thinks you expect of a 7-footer with a wingspan.
    Amnesty is out of the question because he was signed using the Mid-level Exception and his deal is over this season. The Celtics stand no better chance winning with him in the lineup. They should just waive him because he is actually preventing us from developing our young players.