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Jeremy Lin continues to play out of his mind

Just another ho-hum night for Jeremy Lin. 27 points, 11 assists and a game-winning three pointer in Toronto.

This can't continue, can it? Can a player really go from 12th man to superstar in the span of a week?

Anyone who makes a play-on-words with his name gets banned from the site. 

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  • I kind of love this guy.

  • Rich

    Good Morling

  • Rich

    I meant, Morning! Come on! It was a typo!

  • Calvin

    Lincredible. Im not worried about being banned, since this site can’t afford to lose the readers.

  • I wouldn’t worry too much about the knicks, marshMelo will be back soon and it will all go back to normal.

  • paul

    What I love about Lin is that I think seeing what he has done has made some people realize that we have our own brilliant but under-used point guard… he may not have been stuck at the end of the bench, but he’s been stuck in a role.

  • Lin is what the nba needs right now a good story cause most games have been tough to watch. Unselfish but willing to take the big shots.

  • vivek

    hahaha. i wouldn’t be surprised. knicks fans made a big splash when amare came,sank into a funk made one more time when carmelo came, sank into a funk, made it one more chandler came, sank into funk. so i wont be surprised if they do it.
    they said they were now rivals to celtics after christmas day win and later thru their effort made us realize they r not.

  • James Eisenman

    I LOVE this guy and I have watched our undersized point guard and he is NOT Jeremy Lin. Ours lacks the enthusiasm and sheer joy of playing the game. Ours is worried about not getting his props and would never have taken or hit that shot. By the way, the first non-player off the bench is my brother-in-law. He’s the equipment manager. I haven’t seen him that excited at a Knicks game…ever. LOL

  • Suckit

    It’s Linsane!

  • Tito

    Try banning anonymous users from a blog is linsane!