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Celtics collapse against another bad team

Well folks, we might be able to point to this game as the end of the new Big 3 era.  Because effort and execution get no worse than this.  The Celtics let the Pistons hang around for 3 quarters and then they crapped themselves as they got out-scored 25-16 in the fourth quarter…. leading to a 98-88 loss to the Detroit Pistons.

Yeah, those Pistons.

Paul Pierce had a game so horrible tonight, that I'd go ask him privately if everything was OK… y'know… personally.  He shot 3-11 and finished with 10 points.  Ray Allen was 1-5 for for 10 points.  Both of these guys flat out sucked tonight. 

Rajon Rondo, meanwhile, was awesome for 3 quarters.  He had a career high 35 points on 15-27 shooting and 6 assists.  Rajon sat for the first 3:34 of the fourth and he deferred to Ray and Paul for the rest of the game.  So go ahead haters… blame Rondo for this one too since he wasn't selfish enough to finish out this game and go for 50.

Chris Wilcox had his best game as a Celtic with 17 points on 8-12 shooting and 9 rebounds.  JaJuan Johnson was pretty good off the bench and he finished with 10 and 5.

Ben Gordon torched the C's in the 4th.  TORCHED.  He scored 12 points in the 4th on 4 3-pointers.  Who's man is that?? I'm sure that's somehow Rondo's fault too.

Do I even want to read the comments after this game?  

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  • Elliot

    Paul Pierce, Ray Allen seriously.
    Defense fails without KG.
    Rondo is a gun, great game.
    that is all. oohh and blow it up?

  • Alex

    “So go ahead haters… blame Rondo for this one too since he wasn’t selfish enough to finish out this game and go for 50.”
    Clearly Red’s Army doesn’t fully understand why the Rondo critics have been criticizing Rondo. These past two games, Rondo has been absolutely amazing. He is actually playing at his TRUE potential and I have no complaints for the man. He is playing the way we know he can play so I’m not complaining about his play.
    This loss was all on Pierce and Ray Allen stinking up the joint. And the defense was definitely not good at certain parts of the game (seriously, allowing Gordon to shoot 4 easy 3 pointers, jeez).

  • Honestly, If we have to trade anyone on the Celtics, it has to be Ray. I love Ray, love his game, love his 3s, and he has been a prominent contributer. However, I think the Celtics can do without him, and he will generate the best return. Can’t trade Rondo cause he is too good of a point guard. Can’t trade Pierce because he is too good all around. KG is a big, which the Cs are lacking as it is. Package Ray up and start rebuilding. I love Rondo. I think all the Rondo haters are just frustrated with this season and looking for an outlet. I am really frustrated with this season, and I called it a wash days ago. However, Rondo is not to blame. It is simply time to make some changes. Can’t compete in this league with this combo of players anymore.

  • Elliot

    Ray and I’m sorry Pierce as well, yeah he’s an all rounder but ummmmm do something? He’s had some good games this season but when he’s on he’s on and when he’s off he is waaaay off and seems to be off more games than on.

  • Classless

    You’re absolutely right. Pierce and Allen (most of all) lost this game. Apparently Ray has never seen Ben Gordon, plus Gordon must have turned into a defensive stalwart.
    By the way, no need to get butthurt over your binky, Rondo. He was great tonight, though against inferior competition. As Paul Flannery said during the game, this is a sample of a possible rebuilding scenario in the future with Rondo.

  • Alex

    Once again, the Rondo “haters” are complaining about the inconsistency in the effort Rondo puts in every game, especially against bad teams. These past two games are really good to see as Rondo is starting to get a bit more consistency. We will see how he does until the All-Star break.

  • Classless

    You’re completely wrong. Trading Ray should come with trading Pierce and Garnett as well. If you do trade Ray and still think you can contend, the Celtics have to get another shooter in return. Imagine this offense without him stretching the floor.

  • Quest

    Time to shake up this team now. Man losing to the Pistons is hittting an all time low for the C’s. What’s up with Ray these days? What will Danny do now?

  • Quest

    By the way doesn’t KG have a no trade clause.

  • Jerry Sondler


  • You’re right. Pierce as well in a perfect universe where we would get something worth while in return. I just do not see a scenario that would be worth trading these players all at once. Unless the Cs end up with Dwight. In that case I think it would take Pierce and Rondo staying to get him in Boston. I could def. be wrong, I am just having trouble envisioning who the Cs would get in return that would be immediately worth it. I just don’t know if I am ready to be a Warriors style fan where you expect your team to lose so you don’t get disappointed.

  • Chris57

    Everybody calm down…this team is gonna turn it around…we currently have the #1 defense, #1 opponent 3% , and #1 opponent fg % you dont get that from no where…we have held 26 straight teams to under 100!!!! thats insane…I still have faith. Go C’s!

  • Lee in Oregon

    No KG & Bass, Ray & Paul both off, and they were right there for 3 quarters. Frank has that team playing well, and Monroe is a beast. I’m not taking this one too badly, yeah they shoulda won and that 4th quarter was a bit painful watching them get beat down the court over and over.

  • I understand. Trust me. I almost smashed my TV watching Rondo blow games for the Celtics sometimes. He is hot and cold. But other than a CP trade, which is dead and gone, who? Can we bring up some Lin Sanity from the D league. I just do not see who or what we would get from trading Rondo at this point.

  • Alex

    Not having KG there really did effect the defense… but still… losing to the Pistons is rather inexcusable.
    This team really needs a good rebounder or better offensive sets because right now, the C’s are looking rather predictable. The offense is pretty bad.

  • I didn’t see the game. Who was guarding Gordon in the 4th?

  • Erin

    – The whole 3rd qtr was a game of tug of war. Trading basket for basket. I knew this game was going down.
    – Rondo is at his best when everyone is in motion, which makes the defense move and he can attack the basket to take advantage of the movement. Doc has to teach Wilcox & JJ how to move when Rondo is handling the rock. But both of them either stand around or run circles & play tag with each other. Rondo has no choice but to shoot the ball in the end because nothing was moving. We’re only fortunate that most of his shots connected tonight.
    – Damn free throws. What’s going on?
    – I love what JJ has been contributing, but he has a terrible habit when he helps on the weak side. Instead of going up to contest the shot, he slides into position with his hands down to draw a charge. HAND DOWN, MAN DOWN!
    – Pierce settling for too many jumpers. DRIVE AND DRAW MORE FOULS!
    – You can clearly see the impact of not having KG in the rotation. No one to spread the floor, no one to share the offensive load. Wilcox has done a good job filling up his shoes, but it’s apparent we still miss KG’s presence.
    – No one stepped up to help on Ben Gordon. We knew from his Bulls days that this man can score like JR Smith…so why the decision to let him run free?

  • Who was supposed to be guarding him?

  • Just in from a not-so fun night at TD Garden. Rondo was great; he went right at Knight in the post and abused him. No way that kid (Knight) is 6’3″. Wish they would’ve exploited that more, but oh well. Now I have to say, Pierce and Ray couldn’t hit broad side of a barn. BUT I also think Rondo could’ve gotten them (especially Paul) the ball a bit more. But that’s all-other than that, Rondo was fantastic in my eyes. We watched Paul go-over to the bench during a free-throw and motion to the coaching staff “I need the ball.” But it was just too late by the time Paul started attacking, and he never had a rhythm. But..the real killer here..the defense. I watched in agony as Detroit got 3 straight hoops w/virtual impunity to open the 4th. J.O. simply is no match for Greg Monroe, and neither is JaJuan at this point in his career. This will be a big week for this team. They’re now going on the road to play 5 teams that have already won in the Garden. The C’s now need to get some W’s away from Boston, and from teams that are not afraid of them.

  • John

    Time to blow it up! Seriously how can a title contending team lose to Detroit. We need to start rebuilding now! We are in year 5 of the 3 year window for this team!

  • John

    You just know the ownership is going to push to resign Garnett & Allen because blind Celtic fans will buy tickets even though the team will be collecting social security checks and have no shot to compete for a title.

  • paul

    Why doesn’t anyone give crap to Pierce for his selfish attitude? WHO THE HELL IS HE TO CALL FOR THE BALL when Rondo is having a great night? What he needs to do is get open and Rondo will find him. That is the way it is supposed to work. But see, Pierce just refuses to recognize that the baton has passed, and Rondo is now the best player. So it was ok for Rondo to support Paul for four years, but now Paul can’t be humble enough to return the favor to a brilliant young player entering his prime.
    Get over yourself Paul, and get open. You’ll find that you will thrive that way.

  • paul

    Celtics fans needed to recognize at the beginning of the season that this wasn’t going to be like the other four Big Three years, when we went in as presumed contenders. We were going to be a work in progress this year, and that is exactly what we are. WE have to take this game by game and keep working on it. The young ones got a lot of run tonight. We need more flow and movement in the offense, and we need Rondo and Pierce to find synergy.

  • when deciding who to trade and who is valuable and who is pouting and who is selfish all you really have to do is say 9-11 with Rondo in the line up…and 6-2 without him..and during the stretch the Captain carried the team but didn’t take 27 shots out of spite to prove a point and stare at the bench after scoring..he did average almost 7 assists and did get 10 assists i think twice
    number don’t lie…9-11 with “the best player on the team” and 6-2 without him.

  • Elliot

    I honestly think you trade Allen and Pierce before Garnett I think he still has value to this team more than pierce and allen. Our defense was just terrible today I really think it was because we removed the linch pin (Garnett) not to mention it would be good keeping KG around for Johnson especially if Danny plans to keep him and make a starter out of him and lets face it KG isn’t playing terrible.

  • If you fear the Rondo haters and you don’t want to read the comments, close the blog.
    The RR haters thing is turning annoying: I’m not the biggest fan of his game, but he’s a Celtic and I support him the best I can. I don’t hate him, I don’t hate anybody.
    Last night – the way things turned – you could easily smell it from the 2nd, it’s a body language: PP was awful, Ray was.. old, and Rondo was the only one putting some quality offense.
    But the defense was total crap man, and Rondo made no exception: can’t remember how many times Stuckey left him in the lane after blowing him, going to the rim or drawing a foul..
    That said, I really hope he continues to stay aggressive and consistent with his game like he was in the last two, he has all the numbers.

  • cs girl

    Paul, exactly!

  • kyle petinga

    i agree with your comment 100 percent, that is completly true because rondo is trying to be more then he is and throwing up 30 shots and he jsut need to get 15 and 10 for the celtics to be there best

  • SC

    That’s a bingo.

  • vivek

    if rondo is busy scoring who will pass the ball ?

  • Any way we can find Celts record when Rondo scores 25+?

  • cool