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The Gang Green Valentine’s Day show, live at 8:30

We're lighting candles, putting roses in a vase, some chocolates on a pillow, and some Barry White on in the background for a special Valentine's Day edition of Gang Green TV. 

Ok… not really.  We're pretty much just going to talk basketball, but there'll be some Valentine-y things on the show…  including some of our very own poetry.  Yes.  Poetry. 

Tonight's show goes live at 8:30.  Watch it here, or hit the jump and join in the conversation via Twitter or the chat room.


Technical issues?  Try the Gang's UStream page.  And as always, get everything Gang Green by visiting their Red's Army page.  You can also find them on Facebook or Twitter.  


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  • paul

    Gee you guys talk a lot of nonsense. You talk about Rondo like he can’t shoot and can never shoot. He’s CLEARLY a better shooter this year. As for what Pierce said, again, clearly, if Rondo plays well consistently, we are contenders. You are right about one thing, that we need more consistency from Rondo, but you stupidly blame it all on Rondo, ignoring the difficult situation he is in where is role is not clearly defined and he gets mixed messages. You say we would have lost if Rose was healthy on Sunday. Really? Ok, what if we had Jermaine and Bass? Don’t you think that would make a difference? Of course it would.
    Rondo is a potential MVP player in the league. Unless he really is just a lazy guy who can’t bring himself to put out consistently, the Celtics’ challenge is to help him unleash his potential as he reaches his prime.