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Am I underestimating the Celtics?

It's been a tough season for most Celtics fans. The awful start tempered the enthusiasm of even the most hardcore Green-teamers. 

We've been distracted by a lot of trade talk. The Chris Paul/Rajon Rondo rumors dominated training camp. From there, we jumped into the blow-it-up debate as the Cs lost 8 of their first 12 games.

Even when the Celtics rattled off 9 wins in 10 games, I didn't hear a lot of bold claims about this team's playoff chances.

The Celtics currently sit in 2nd place in the Atlantic Division, 4 games behind the 76ers. They hold the 7th spot in the conference, 2 games behind Orlando and 2.5 games ahead of the Knicks. Aside from Chicago and Miami, the field is wide open for playoff seeds 3 – 8.

The Celtics are ranked 10th in the latest ESPN Power Rankings by Marc Stein:

Here's why no one likes playing 'em no matter how old they are: Despite its rebounding issues, Boston has held its past 25 opponents under 100 — good for the seventh-longest streak in the shot-clock era — and came within a point Sunday against Chicago of keeping a record 12 in a row to 90 points or fewer.

Those are some pretty impressive defensive numbers. Even more so for a team that is still getting into shape and rounding into form.

I'm not hear to proclaim them favorites in the East. But with Derrick Rose's balky back and Dwyane Wade's shaky ankles, anything is possible.

Don't throw dirt on the Celtics just yet.

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  • Danno

    The C’s don’t need to try to win the east. Just get to the playoffs healthy, and if possible, rested.

  • Mike

    thank you.
    just get the 6 seed and see what happens.

  • Alex

    Which is why we are ambushing Rondo for his lack of aggressiveness.
    The Celtics FINALLY reached 90+ points in scoring that game and why is that? Because of Rondo’s brilliant game. The ball was moving around, he was penetrating, everything went well for Rondo which translated into the Celtics playing well on OFFENSE.
    The Celtics are absolutely terrific in DEFENSE, all the Celtics need to do is fix up their OFFENSE and Rondo is the key to that success.
    The rebounding will really kill us, though… I just can’t understand what is so hard to put your damn back on your man and box him out. Apparently that beginner lesson doesn’t get reviewed much during the Celtics practice sessions.

  • Mike

    Garnett needs to start taking some heat for standing outside the free throw line on DEFENSIVE rebounding situations.

  • KY Celts fan

    Hell yeah! Celtics gonna be like a freight train this year. Slow to start, but extremely hard to stop. Don’t try jumping in front of it because it’s just gonna run you down!

  • Jerry Sondler

    You are overestimating the Celtics.
    They`ve played the easiest part of their schedule…and are the 7th seed.
    Wait until March 11th…when they start playing 18 of 24 on the road.
    Wait until April 4th…when they play 11 games in 2 weeks.
    Nothing wrong with a lottery pick in a strong draft!

  • I second this motion.

  • not to spoil the party, but 24 away games vs. 15 home games definitely works against their line-up

  • Danno

    You know what’s wrong with a lottery pick in a strong draft?
    I paid $3000+ as a Season Ticket Holder to watch them compete for a championship.
    So pardon my French but, fuck that nonsense. They’d have to lose pretty every game from here on out to have a slight chance at a lottery pick.
    Unless you want to buyout my two seats for the rest of the season at face value.

  • Jerry Sondler

    Don`t shoot the messenger!
    Unless Ainge can save the season by pulling off a heist of a trade…the final 2 months of the season will be brutal.
    They have to hold off 2 of 3 teams { NY, CLEVE, MILW} to make the playoffs. Right now, I just don`t see it happening.

  • im feeln the same.. but phili is just as unstable. elton brand and spencer hawes are breaking down more and more, plus they have 0 depth. either way its going to be a bar fight!

  • Any way to get Chris Kaman?

  • knickfan212

    You can never underestimate Boston Celtics.They never quit coming at you.
    I hate the Celtics, but you can’t take that determination and belief they are better than anyone from them. Alot of other teams need to have their commitment. The Knicks being one of them. Just when you think they’re through,here they come full of steam.

  • Alex

    Indeed, that is frustrating as hell.

  • vivek

    totally agree. all C’s need is belief in themselves. when they believe they are good enough against any team, they win. i have to say seeing doc’s media conversation he is a damn good coach. too bad he has injury ridden players and salary caps. otherwise doc would have a terrific record.

  • vivek

    garnett wrote on his fb page kinda cryptic about championship is hard but not impossible during the streak. that shows level of confidence in themselves.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Exactly…..if they can catch that 6th spot they have a chance at winning in the 1st round. Rose’s back will not keep him out of playoff games, and I’m watching the Heat crush another good team right now and Wade’s ankles aren’t keeping him from dunking on everyone. Pains me to agree with Van Gundy, but I dont see the C’s beating Miami without a significant (Wade or Lebron) injury. Chicago looks more beatable, was looking forward to Thursday but now it seems half the team is hurt.

  • Jerry Sondler

    Confidence will only take you so far.
    KG`s spirit is still willing….but, his legs are gone.