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VIDEO: Rajon Rondo’s Triple Double vs Chicago Bulls

On Friday night Rajon Rondo dropped quite the stink bomb on the city of Toronto.  He looked listless at times and entered rage mode on one of the officials, drawing a technical foul.  Boston fans were (and amazingly some still are) a bit over-critical following the disgusting loss.  Clearly this would mean that Rondo would just sulk against the Derrick Rose-less Chicago Bulls, right?

Wrong.  Instead, Rondo went out and orchestrated a masterful performance, engineering his 15th career triple-double.  He's not perfect by any means, can be moody at times and apparently drives fans of his own team crazy.  But yesterday left little room for debate quite honestly.  He even went 4-4 on clutch free throws to ice Chicago's late-hot comeback attempt.  The guy plays hurt and steps up his game in the playoffs when you need it most.  There are better players out there but there aren't many better point guards in the league.  He has his flaws, but his abilities far outweigh those.  I've given up trying to argue this with people.  At this point, you either like him (and want him here) or you don't.  That's fine.  For now, sit back and enjoy the full compilation of his masterpiece.


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  • Bba

    Love Rondo, but I was there. He sulked the whole game. He refused to enter huddles or even participate in the post-announcement rituals. He actively isolated himself from the team. The vets (minus Pierce) had to pat him on the back constantly… KG alluded to Rondo’s “rough day.” Film session? The triple double was awesome, but to say that he didn’t sulk is inaccurate. Inside the Garden, he was head down, by himself, pissed at his own team/coach. And, despite his awesome performance, his listlessness returned at the end to let the Bulls back in. Look at a couple of those plays in the final 3:30 – he stops being aggressive, picks up his dribble in the backcourt, and throws the ball to the Bulls twice. During this same time, when Doc needs him to stay focused and put his foot on the gas, he pulls back and disengages from the team. It’s a testament to his talent that he can pull out a triple-double even while he sulks, but he had me more worried after last night than the TOR game. I love the guy, want him here, but I’m puzzled about the drama.