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Enemy Chatter: Your grandfather’s Celtics with 33-7 margin in fast breaks

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Chicago.

Rondo generally does not play well against Rose, trying vainly to stop Rose and so caught up in that he wanders around fairly aimlessly and ineffectively. But with Rose out, Rondo jumped all over Watson, who has become a reliable backup and nice complementary player with Rose. But left to run the team he can be a bit lacking and shot happy, and the Celtics took advantage of that early to set the tone for the game with an 18-7 start and 12-2 first quarter fast break edge and ridiculous final margin of 33-7. Yes, your grandfather’s Celtics with a 33-7 margin in fast breaks. That’s usually a month total for them.

And then after putting up the huge numbers on national TV in a game the Celtics were calling perhaps their biggest of the season, the mercurial Rondo kept local Boston reporters waiting one hour after the game. Then he sent word he didn’t feel like talking to reporters.

As Voltaire would have told him, judge a man by his questions and not his answers. And the question would be, “What the heck’s with that guy?”


Isn't it fun watching fast-break basketball?

I could have done this post w/o the dig on Rondo, but wanted to show it's not just the big, bad Boston media that scrutinizes athletes.

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  • James Eisenman

    I am probably old enough to at least be your father (59) and I love fast break basketball. But I find it amusing that the one clip you play is the one that would have caused Red to have a heart attack. Rondo had no business dropping that pass back to Wilcox. He had the advantage and should have finished off the play himself, not pass it BEHIND himself. Red would have shoved his cigar up Cousy’s nose if he ever pulled that play in the day. LOL

  • Agreed … He could have lobbed the ball to Cox. There’s no competitive edge if you antagonize your opponent on a breakaway. It’s the kind of hot dogging that teams remember. Red always taught fundamentals not excessive showboating

  • James Eisenman

    I agree except he had no business passing to anyone. He was out in front on the break and should have finished with his own layup or dunk. Not pass behind himself (where he can’t really be sure what’s going on) between his legs. Showboat, not fundamentals. He needs to be force fed a couple of episodes of Red on Roundball. LOL

  • Would also be a good idea for Doc to roll out the Red on Roundball episode: Boxing Out
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  • I am a rondo hater and I have been for the past few years if you look at my old posts. That being said when rondo is pushing tempo and being aggressive he’s almost unstoppable and I am willing to admit it. Watch the game tape and not just the stats and see that when rondo pushes the ball in transition or pushes the ball up quick the Celtics are 1000 times better. When he actually is aggressive and takes it to the basket the Celtics are a 1000 times better because teams are forced to defend him where usually it’s basically a 4on 5 because of rondo’s poor shooting ability as well as his lapses where he just seems to take parts of the game off and doesn’t do anything on offense. Even against the bulls when he started walking the ball up the court(which is something that pisses me off more about rondo than anything because he kills the shotclock) and slowing the ball down and making the first pass in the offense at 15 or 14 seconds in the shot clock the celtics played much worse and their offense followed suit letting the bulls get back in the game. However when he is in attack mode and constanly running and sprinting up the floor and attacking the basket without flailing like an idiot he does great and I got to beleive it’s on DOC to make him play like this night in and night out quarter after quarter minute after minute (not just nationally televised games or big games). Also another dumb thing that DOC needs to fix with rondo is these dumb one handed passes in transition. Sure when they work they look great and everyone and their mom think rondo’s the greatest passer ever because it looked cool and it fooled the defenders ( JEFF VAN GUNDY) but most of the time they don’t work and they lead to turnovers. If someone was too look at the tape this year and see how many times rodno has made a one handed pass instead of two hands in transition I would bet money that their are more turnovers than “WOW” plays. Here’s all my problems with rondo in a nutshell that could easily be fixed by doc( aka I’m not talking about his shooting problem). DO NOT EVER WALK THE BALL UP THE COURT AND START THE OFFENSE AT LOWER THAN 18 SECONDS ON THE SHOTCLOCK, push in tranisition and instead of making wild one handed passes that look cool just be sound and make defenders commit and then pass with two hands, On offense take the ball to the hoop and finish strong dont pass out or give me a floater just finish strong becuase if rondo isn’t attacking the hoop on offense he’s practically useless and opposing defenses see it as basically 4on 5 which really hurts the other Celtic players. ON DEFENSE STOP REACHING FOR NO REASON AND STOP DOUBLING FOR NO REASON (rondo gets burned constantly a number that the stats don’t show because the celtics bigs are great at help d and help agaisnt rondo’s constant getting beat to the hoop). these are 4 problems that doc can fix himself it’s not skill related or shot related it’s just simply all mental

  • I agree with the enemy chatter: what the heck’s with this guy?.
    Whenever I watch him play, I always have the same impression: he’s playing against/for himself first of all, and then comes the rest. It seems he’s always playing mind games, pushing something (good or bad) to the limit to find some kind of answers or to fight some demons. He really looks alone and tormented to me, not a relaxed and happy guy, that’s for sure.
    I don’t know. That’s only my sensation whenever I watch him play.
    But there’s something too weird in his attitude, in and off the court.

  • paul

    You are so full of crap. Cousy showboated plenty, and in any case, that was a half century ago. Rondo did what he did for good reasons, you just don’t understand them. It wasn’t showboating. It has to do with individual and team energy. You might get it if you think about it a little.

  • paul

    I agree with you about the whole walking it up thing. I don’t think he should never walk it up, but much much less.
    However, while Rondo does reach and stray from his man too much, it is never pointless. Watch again. See how he constantly affects the play, which in turn often leads to a play being made by a Big – eg. player picks up the dribble quicker than they wanted to to evade Rondo, runs into Big who gets block – that sort of thing. Rondo plays one-on-team defense, and if you’ll notice, since his return he’s also incorporated some honey badger defense.

  • paul

    I think you like dumb basketball. You don’t like basketball that has to do with the mind, the spirit, and the heart. That’s what I think.

  • I think you didn’t understand shit about what I wrote. That’s what I think.

  • James Eisenman

    Wow, talk about haters. Rondo did not do what he did for good reason. I don’t understand his reasons? It’s obvious that YOU don’t understand the fundamentals of basketball. You don’t pass the ball behind you, between your legs because you want to spur team energy. You never saw Cousy play so what the Hell do you know about Bob Cousy? Red had a rule that he didn’t care how Cousy threw the pass if the man caught it. But he also had a rule that you don’t throw passes between your legs, behind your back when you have the lead on the fast break. You finish the break like you’re supposed to. Rondo did make some good passes on the break to Wilcox and Johnson also, I believe. This pass was needless, pointless and showboating. My eyes are blue. I would bet dollars to donuts that yours are brown. Full of…LOL

  • James Eisenman

    One-on-team defense. That is literally the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. His straying from his man has a point alright. The point is, “I want to do everything BUT guard the man I’m supposed to.” His guarding the lines on the key does have an effect on the Bigs. When Rondo gets splattered on the pick, they have to pick up his man and they often end up in foul trouble or Rondo’s man picks up his dribble and hits an easy mid-range jumper. You really don’t have any clue about basketball, do you? LOL. One-on-team defense. I’m still laughing about that one. Maybe you should switch to reading Isiah’s Army. But even he guarded his man. LOL

  • putjinthehall

    When did redsarmy turn into a i know more than you convention?
    Good point james as always, Rondo should have taken the wide open layup instead of passing it to a wide open
    hard running big.
    Rondo doesn’t play well against Rose except for that time in the playoffs when he averaged a tripe double

  • James Eisenman

    Thank you. So, maybe I’m not crazy after all. lol. I LOVED that playoff Rondo. I also loved the Rondo, in the playoffs, that dove for a loose ball, picked it up and continued down the court for a fast break lay up. It gave my heart Cowens’ palpitations. This Rondo is showboating and pouting too much. He needs to find his inner Jeremy Lin and remind himself about his original, unjaded love for the game. If he wanted to get his big involved, he simply could have slowed down to let him catch up and then passed it to him where he could see him but I recommend the straight line to the basket because you never let what’s behind you catch up. If you miss, the big is always there to clean it up. See Red on Roundball -Fast Breaks and Red on Roundball – Passing. 😉

  • Alex

    Lol, Paul. I think you should start reading a bit more carefully and process your thoughts in your head before you post comments.

  • vivek

    I dont think Rondo doesn’t do it for showboating. He is an artist and has a finesse. I don’t see anyone in the league who has been so good with no look passes. from what i have observed about rondo he likes to assisst not score. in this case he should have done the layup but most cases against really fast team someone gets to him so practising these with wilcox gets wilcox to page , more than showboating. like all people who go oooh aah over blake’s dunks. I, on the contrary, loves ROndos passes. Pure Houdini

  • putjinthehall

    @ James I was laying on the sarcasm pretty thick. I have told you before your opinions are terrible.