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Rondo’s huge triple double powers C’s past Chicago

Rondo driving vs chicagoRajon Rondo answered the recent hate for him with a huge performance, dropping 32 points, 15 assists and 10 rebounds en route to a 95-91 win over Chicago. 

The Celtics looked to be cruising to a double digit win when the Bulls made a run and cut the game down to two.  But Rondo's 9th rebound off a long Chicago miss that could have tied the game led to two free throws to push the lead to 4.  His 10th rebound came off a missed Chicago free throw… and his next two free throws iced the game. 

The Celtics nearly coughed this one up by suddenly putting the ball in Paul Pierce's hands to run clock-grinding pick-and-rolls with Kevin Garnett.  While it worked once, it also resulted in a couple of turnovers.  The C's got away from what was working and it nearly cost them. 

Chris Wilcox did great in his start for Jermaine O'Neal (11 points, 9 rebounds).  There were a couple of instances of him running with Rondo on the break and getting some easy buckets.  It's not something we're used to seeing. 

Props to JaJuan Johnson too, who got 33 minutes and responded with 12 points, 4 rebounds, 2 steals and a block. 

KG had a double-double with 13 points and 12 boards.

Paul Pierce had a bit of an off night, which may have been expected when he faces Luol Deng. The guy just kills Pierce.  Ray only had 11.. but he had a couple of baskets late when the C's were pushing their lead into double digits. 

Nice win for the C's.  I don't care if they didn't have Derrick Rose.  The C's needed this after Friday's game.  I'll take it. 

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  • putjinthehall


  • So interested to know what people think of the Garden crowd yelling “SCAL-A-BRINE..” while the Bulls were clawing their way back from a 14-point deficit. That garbage pissed me off. It’s over people. Root for the guys in green. Other than that, Rondo is the man (again) and loved seeing JaJuan out there for 33 mins. He made some mistakes, but he’s a rookie-that’s how he’s going to learn.

  • jon

    for all those chicago bulls fan, it pathetic when you say derrick rose less- bulls because it doesn’t matter whether or not rose was playing or not.

  • Quest

    So if Derrick Rose doesn’t make the all star game with his back spasms is Rajon a possible alternative? Given tonight’s performance I’d say Rajon has earned some consideration if anything.

  • yes. he’ll probably get in

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Pefect, increase your trade value Rondo.
    Nice win too.

  • I agree with you. maybe if Boston we’re up 25 I wouldn’t have a problem with it but the game was far from over. Don’t cheer for the other teams players when the game is not over.
    While it’s true the Bulls aren’t as hate-able as the Lakers and Heat I swear Noah and Korver just stepped off of the set of a Tampax commercial.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Does Rondo read Red’s Army?
    Carlos Boozer prob isnt the first NBAer to get a brow-wax, but I’ve never seen anyone in the league wearing eye-liner….not a look Carlos
    Mike Breen’s man crush on Rose is getting embarrasing.

  • Alex

    Wow, well after watching this game, Rondo does actually have a switch in him.
    Now if Rondo just keeps that switch ON for every game, then I’ll be happy.
    One game like this is nice to see that Rondo still has that aggressiveness we all know and love but let’s actually see if he lays low once again.
    And what is up with Rondo looking like he’s pouting all game? He didn’t crack a smile or any feeling whatsoever. I do have a feeling he has read the countless of criticism against him and he wanted to prove us critics wrong.
    Well Rondo, if you are reading this, keep it up. I’m still unconvinced that Rondo will keep up this amazing aggressiveness, to be honest with you all. I love this type of Rondo but with his weird attitude in tonight’s game, I will most likely see the crappy version of Rondo here and there.

  • SamR

    Made him look like Jafar, the bad guy in Aladdin.

  • One of my favorite aspects to Rondo is how he has a seemingly flat affect to anything that happens. Love that poker face. If Rondo can just keep his pedal to the floor like tonight we’d be doing great. Just keep cutting and hitting FTAs and it would be a W against the Lakers.

  • jv200

    With or without Rose, the Celtics still would of won, but probably by not many points.

  • Already been catching it from my friends from Chicago about the lack of Rose. Other than pointing out that JO and Bass were out as well, I enjoy agreeing with them that Rose is the only reason they win and Boozer, Deng and Noah are worthless. Obviously they couldn’t agree more…

  • army of red

    relax you two, it’s just a game that they celts shoulda had without issue. i see your point but…you really just sound like whiny bitches harping on this.

  • Erin

    I’m glad Rondo stepped up his game and brought us a W, regardless if it was to shut all the yapping that has been going on. I’ve already come to the fact that the Big Four are going to have on and off nights, so heck the season record. Getting ready for the Playoffs is what matters, and I am very confident of our bench this season. Not even missing Nate/Baby/Perks.

  • I guess you guys don’t get that the Scalabrine chant is mocking, meaning he sucks and he’s the human victory cigar.

  • I don’t care what Rondo did. He did what he was supposed to do against 2 complete scrubs in Lucas and Watson.
    I’m thrilled Johnson got some serious run and look at what happens…he produces. He’s super athletic and he can RUN with Rondo unlike most of the bigs. I hope he forces his way into more minutes somehow.

  • Danno

    He gave up 24 points to C.J. Frickin’ Watson, and another 10 to John Lucas.
    You can have triple doubles all day, but playing that kind of defense will make you lose games 8 out ot 10 times.

  • david

    Request for JaJuan Johnson highlights!

  • cez

    Nice triple-double and all, but this team is absolutely maddening to watch with a lead. Their body language and play switches to LAZY mode the SECOND their lead is above 5 points.

  • Elliot

    where the haters at?!?!?!?!?!?! funny they won’t hate on the captain for playing terrible and almost costing us the game….. TWICE! swap Rondo for Pierce in that All-Star team and add KG.

  • Alex

    Another commenter who is completely clueless as to why the critics are complaining about Rondo.
    Stfu please.

  • Elliot

    why don’t you stfu and go die in a gutter yeah ok thanks bye. retard.

  • KY Celts fan

    He wasn’t pouting. He was pissed off and focused. While the rest of the team slowed down and let the Bulls back into the game, Rondo stayed on the attack. The ball was put in Pierce’s hands, he coughed it up, and then Rondo took back over and led us to the W. It’s a good thing he didn’t start celebrating early like the rest of the team.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Andy Varejao is out with a broken wrist… does KG get his spot or Josh Smith?

  • Varejao wasn’t on the All Star team

  • Alex

    Yeah, that’s what I figured. Just felt a bad vibe I’ve never seen in Rondo. Whenever he’s dominating, you can tell he’s focused and enjoying it. This time, you definitely felt some anger.

  • Alex

    Here is why I can’t take you seriously:
    1. You contradict yourself by saying where the haters are at then asking for a swap of Rajon Rondo for Paul Pierce at the All-Star Game. Yes, Paul Pierce had a stinker tonight, it happens… but at least he’s been consistently good for the past 2-3 weeks. Rondo, in the other hand, has been utterly inconsistent. I understand the injury might have taken a lot out of him but even before the injury, he wasn’t playing well. Holding the ball, slowing the offense to a crawl, I can share the list again but I’m just not going to keep repeating myself.
    2. The “haters” have legitimate reason to show concern over Rondo’s inconsistency. At least respect us for OUR opinion.
    3. The reason why I told you to stfu is because you don’t bring anything of any value into the comments section with the whole “calling out the haters” comment, then all of a sudden bashing on Paul Pierce for a single bad game.
    4. Calling me a retard? I’m going to guess you are around 14-16 years old.

  • Alex

    Oh and let me just add TWO pointers to finish my comment out.
    1. Paul Pierce might have had an off night in the offensive end but L. Deng, the guy who Pierce was defending, had a bad night as well. Why? Pierce did an amazing job on defense. Big points for Pierce right there.
    2. As for Rajon Rondo, his defense was a tad below decent… C. Watson got 22 points and he was almost always open. Rondo made way too many gambles on defense, ONCE again. He should really start lowering the amount of gambles he’s taking and just stick by his man. Great offensive night for Rondo, but allowing Watson to get 22 points leaves somewhat of a bad taste in my mouth. Imagine D. Rose was playing this game and Rondo gave the same defensive effort as tonight? Rose would have crapped on the Celtics.

  • I get it which is why I am fine with it when the game is over and it’s time to light a victory cigar. The game was far from over as evidence by the fact that about 2 minutes later the lead was down to 2 points.

  • AT

    You’re griping about this really? CJ Watson 8/23 shooting and Lucas 3/9… sounds like good D to me.

  • Elliot

    you’re are the biggest dillhole i’ve ever heard you took what i said and made something stupid out of it. You’re trying to defend your self because I’m willing to bet and I can tell from your comment you’re just a Rondo hater, as for my All Star swap comment that has been my opnnion since it happened it had nothing to do with this game. Pierce almost cost us this game twice, Rondo hit shots to keep the Bulls away. Get over your self you wanker. You’re just proving my point the captain cops little to no flak when he screws up. Thank you.

  • Quest

    Forget Boozer’s eyeliner effect what about that spray on hair line. lol

  • Quest

    KG was saying Rondo had a rough day (before his triple double) didn’t elaborate why it was a rough day but could explain the edge Rondo came out with and his “wierd” attitude this game.

  • Why does anyone who criticizes Rondo for his shortcomings get called a “hater” or a “dillhole” or some other name? He had a mostly great game today. Mostly. Much better energy and ball movement, good at finishing off his drives, excellent passing (despite some poor turnovers) and he hit his last 4 free throws to ice the game (even if he went 1 for 2 on all the previous sets). But his defense was mostly something too. Mostly awful. He was no where near his men most of the afternoon. Those guys did go 11-32 but THEY STINK! They still got 34 points and they missed numerous wide open shots, time and again. Imagine, if Derek Rose got 32 open looks. We would have scored 50 and we would have lost. Rondo just let them roam or got scraped off picks, over and over again. He never goes over the picks. The few minutes Avery was out there, he got right up in their faces and their offense either sputtered out beyond the 3-point arc or they came in and forced up bad shots. You can’t win a championship playing defense like this.

  • AGREE–i was there a didn’t like it——

  • Here’s the problem, you knew Rondo would have great game yesterday because of National stage, next game will be soso–He’s like Randy Moss, He plays when he wants to