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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc is still pissed off


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"If they want to use the overtime [Thursday] night (as an excuse for Friday's poor performance), then we are not mentally tough enough to be a winner," Rivers said. "If you're tough, if you're tough, you come in and grind this one out and win it, too. If you're not, then you use [Thursday] night as an excuse."

[…] "I shouldn't beg you to play hard. It's just un-Celtic."

CSNNE: Doc: Team's performance un-Celtic

I know we have the video from the TSN guys in the recap… here's the Mike and Tommy version.  And I said the same thing they said last night…. I've never seen Doc Rivers so pissed off during a game.  I'm glad he did it.  And he's probably still a little pissed. 

Chuck and I were having a conversation before putting the preview together.  This is how it went.

Chuck: i don't like tonight's game…  going with Toronto…

me: trap?

Chuck: yup… exhausted from last night…chicago on Sunday..

me: I still think they can beat Toronto.   trap or not

Chuck: and they've POUNDED toronto this year…

me: so overconfident, tired, big game Sunday…  eh… I can see it

Chuck: i look at the raptors roster and have a hard time picking them… but its more about the Cs playing like shit

I post this not to brag (Chuck did plenty of that last night).  I'm posting it because Chuck saw it coming and easily convinced me.  I think Donny Marshall called it last night too.  I'm sure Doc saw it coming.  So maybe in addition to going off like he did… maybe an outright benching would have been in order.  Something to send these guys a stronger message that we're not going to stand for this kind of effort. 

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On Page 2:  Jeremy Lin destroys the Lakers

The former Harvard star went for a career-high 38 points against the Los Angeles Lakers (there's your quality opponent). He did so by knocking down three of his five shots from outside 18 feet (there's your outside shooting). And he helped the New York Knicks limit Los Angeles to 37.5 percent shooting (there's your defense).

All in his third career start.

"You don't see many guys play like that, even in their 30th opportunity or in their whole career," Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni said. "What he's doing is amazing. He answered a lot of questions."

He also introduced himself to Lakers star Kobe Bryant, who had said Thursday that he hadn't been following "Linsanity."

Lin outplayed Bryant on Friday, scoring those 38 points on 13-of-22 shooting. Bryant scored 34 but shot just 11-for-29 from the field.

ESPN New York: Hey Lin skeptics: Any more questions?

What Jeremy Lin is doing right now is just flat out amazing.  This kid was going to get cut before D'Antoni said "ah, screw it, let's try this" and threw him into the Nets game.  He started the next three games and now he's the biggest thing in the NBA.  There's no way he doesn't get player of the week. 

I don't want to hear any haters.  Even as a Celtics fan I have to sit back and enjoy what this kid is doing.  It's magical stuff.  Some movie executive somewhere is already ordering someone to draft a script. 

Lin has to cool down at some point… but until then, I'm just going to enjoy the ride. 

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  • “too old” “has no legs” Kevin Garnett played pretty well last night despite the back to back but the “superstar” young PG was the one who looked over the hill, tired and lazy. not to mention got completely destroyed by Jose Calderon

  • mollysdaddy

    Man, Rondo sure catches all the heat these days. EVERYONE looked like crap last night. There is no one player who takes the blame for this game (unless you but into the “Team Captain” theory) they all looked like they were tired and didn’t truly want to win.
    They are human, so these things will happen, but like Doc said and I paraphrased, “Being a Celtic means you fight through it and grind it out”. The team didn’t seem to do that last night.

  • with Rondo a no-show last night, why ZERO MINUTES for E-Twaun Moore???? frustrating!!!!!!!!

  • Jerry Sondler

    Huge mistake not giving Johnson and Moore substantial playing time.
    Moore turns in a great performance vs. Orlando…idiot Doc “rewards” him with more bench-time!
    Rivers is coaching as if Boston is still a contending team. In truth, it`s only a brief matter of time before NY & Cleveland shove them out of the playoff race!
    They should see what they have in the young players on their current roster…phase out all the “geezers” except PP…fall into the draft lottery, along with the Clippers pick…bring back Bass & Pietrus…spend freely next summer on max FA`s

  • the fish stinks from the head down..starting with doc and then going to Rondo..its his job as the PG to set the tempo..create pace..other players cant do that because they don’t control the ball (and by control i mean him walking the ball up the court with zero sense of urgency until there was about 3 mins left in the game)..his attitude is the issue..has been since they traded perk..time for him to go play in Charlotte or something and see how the other side lives.
    ps 17 and 14 for Jose FUCKEN Calderon is all on Rondo..lazy D

  • painful watching a shitty team step all over u.. it certainly doesn’t bode well for sundays game vs. bulls

  • Alex

    If you are an All-Star PG and you get beat by Jose Calderon, you mind as well give away the privilege of being called an All-Star.