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Your Morning Dump… Where Ray Allen was wide open, briefly

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“I was wide open,” Allen said of that last regulation play. “Paul, as he started dribbling off, both of those guys stayed with him. Paul said he didn’t want to throw the ball. He was kind of in a bad position. I thought either me or Kevin had an opportunity for a good shot.”

Pierce, who rimmed out a 20-footer under pressure from Metta World Peace at the end of overtime, didn’t have the vision last night.

“One of them I didn’t make the pass, the second one I didn’t hit the shot,” he said with a shrug. “I just thought we didn’t get into our sets like we wanted to. I thought we played a little too much random pick and roll basketball. They really blocked a lot of things that we were trying to do. We weren’t able to get to the hole.”

Herald – Celtics fall short in OT loss to Lakers

After watching the replay of the final play in regulation, I agree that Ray Allen was wide open… for one second. Paul Pierce has to make that pass in a split second, or not make it at all.

Paul and Ray are about 20 feet apart. At that distance, the pass needs to be a laser because Ron Artest is lurking. 

Pierce committed a cardinal sin by picking up his dribble so deep on the perimeter. Once that happened, there was no viable Plan B.

On Page 2, Kobe suddenly has respect for Rajon Rondo.

“It’s always a brawl whenever we fight,” Bryant said. “It’s ugly. It’s physical. I’ve enjoyed competing against them. …We’re old school. Ray, Paul, Kevin. So is Rajon [Rondo]. How they prepare for the game, how much it means to them, the emotion they put into the game. You don’t really that see that much from the young guys out there.”

Nevertheless, Kobe was chatting Rondo up for most of the fourth quarter. Rondo’s a player that so intrigues Bryant. Who wouldn’t want him, but he isn’t available to the Lakers. Everyone knows the Lakers need a point guard, and the price of a top playmaker remains the same: Gasol.

Yahoo! Sports – Latest chapter of Celtics/Lakers nears end

There was one play in this game where Kobe was called for an offensive foul for flattening Rajon Rondo. It was memorable because Kobe immediately helped Rondo off the floor. The moment was a far cry from this exchange two years ago when Kobe scolded Rondo during an altercation.

Being a top 5 point guard gets you respect from just about everyone in the league, including Bryant. Kobe sees hows Rondo is feeding the ball to Ray Allen in all the right spots and says “I want some of that.”

Here’s hoping we never get to witness such a scene. 

I have to ask.. did Pau Gasol’s performance last night affect your opinion of a potential swap for Rondo?

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  • Brick James

    Gasol has always been a great player. I’d still prefer Rondo all things equal.
    It will come down to growth prospects and players available to build a team. That’s going to be Danny’s judgement call.

  • paul

    Rondo played terrible when it counted last night. He allowed the Lakers to take him out of the game. Overall, his game is brilliant, and it was for much of last night. Much of what he does never shows up in the stats, for all that people accuse him of cherrypicking stats. He controls the offense, even when he’s not scoring, and he changes what the other team is doing on defense just by being there, now controlling his man, now ballhawking or double-teaming. But it’s just not acceptable for our best player to allow himself to be taken out of the game by a defensive gambit he’s seen countless times at this point. And it’s just not acceptable for our best option in the paint to have NO freethrows.
    When Rondo plays aggressively, we thrive on offense. When he goes passive, we die on offense.

  • Paul

    No. So wrong. Danny needs to choose a player to build around AND STICK WITH HIM. Listen to what Larry said. You have to build relationships with players. You can’t just treat them as meat.
    I love Rondo. I think that he can be one of the best players in the game. But he is so inconsistent. It’s baffling.

  • Jerry Sondler

    No opposing player kills Boston more than Gasol does. He absolutely feasts on them!
    JO is garbage….Ainge`s odd strategy of trying to win without having a center is a very BAD one!

  • vivek

    seeing them beat us in rebounding, i dont know how c’s managed to keep it close. defensive play was in patches not all the way. it is apparent they didnt want to go to rim and get blocked.

  • Kobe Bryant is such a great player

  • Roger

    Rondo is top 5?

  • TheDubz33

    The top 6 point guards in this league are scary good: Rose, Paul, Westbrook, Williams, Rondo, and Nash are all next level. I would say Rose Paul and Westbrook are 1, 2, and 3 while Rondo Nash and Williams can fall anywhere in the next 3. The Rose/Westbrook breed of pointguards are as serious of an athelete as we will ever see.

  • Roger

    Dubz, your line up is respectable and I do agree that the league is extremely deep at PG, but I dont think Rondo squeaks into the top 5.

  • You want Danny to stick with “our best player;” the one who has difficulty against the “defensive gambit” of his man NOT guarding him because, in five years, he has been unable to develop a mid-range jumper? You want “our best player” to get to the free throw line more; the one who, after five years of not being able to hit free throws, has his average “up” to a whopping 59% this season from his astounding career average of 62%? You want “our best player” to keep “controlling his man” by “ball-hawking” and “double-teaming;” the one who gives giant games up to Rose, Westbrook, Cole, Jack and others by “ball hawking” and ” double-teaming” too much? Thank God Fisher is an empty shell. Be careful what you wish for. You can’t build a new team around this guy. Danny sees this. I would love to love Rondo like you true believers do. It’s just that I, like Danny, believe what we see on the court. And that’s not a “best player” who is most effective in the first half by penetrating and then stops. Unfortunately for us last night, Rondo was probably our best player on the court. That’s why we lost. The rest of the team stopped driving and shot from the mid-range like he does.:-(

  • chachee

    if not Rondo, then who else? Brandon Jennings? John Wall? Tony Parker? Raymond Felton? Rubio? Even for his inconsistency, I’d take Rondo over the rest of these guys, no question. Also, Rondo has a history of immaturity that always seems to come to light at the worst time. On top of that, this is a point guard-heavy league. It’s NEVER been like this. Almost every team (excluding the Lakers) in the league has a legitimate point guard. So, you could argue that this position isn’t as crucial as a SG, SF, PF, C postion. If Danny could trade Rondo for Gasol, I think he would seriously sit down and think about it. Part of me feels like the Lakers are hesitant on giving up Gasol for a point guard who can’t shoot. Gasol is a major part of their offense and Rondo’s biggest asset is his ability to find open shooters. Lakers would need to pick up a shooter if they plan on bringing in Rondo. I really believe that if this supposed trade was true, it was the Lakers who couldn’t pull the trigger.

  • TheDubz33

    Certainly difficult to rank 4,5 and 6. A lot of people give Rondo the bump from the top 5 because his jumpshot is sub pathetic. Rondo can take over a game if he so chooses, but with the rest of them it is instinctive to dominate and perform at peak levels. If Rondo were the lone star like Williams or Nash his stats would probably put him in the top 5, but he plays his role in Boston and when he decides to, he can be a top 5 PG in this league.

  • Parker is much better than Rondo..does everything well..worked on his you think the spurs would trade parker for rondo straight up? not likely..
    People up here over value Rondo..i dont think they could get any top flight PG for him….i doubt Minny would give up Rubio for him..maybe Felton for him..maybe..but thats a long shot
    Rondo is in now way a top 5 point guard sorry to say i would take 38 year old Nash of him right now..i would take Rose, Williams, Westbrook, Nash, Parker, Rubio, Paul, Felton, Collison (who outplayed rondo head to head twice..the celtics finally beat the pacers without Rondo) all over Rondo..his game has been stuck in the same improvement..worst shooting starting PG in the history of the nba.

  • It’s funny that people complain that a team ‘settles for jump shots too much’ and in the same breath critique Rondo for not having a jumper.
    “But everybody sags off him when that happens”.. and I saw Rondo create more plays than anyone last night. The fake passes, the coast to coast, he can’t have everything.
    3-4-5-6, whatever. He’s a damned good PG that is more fun to watch than most. I’m glad we have him, even though those jumpers were atrocious last night, his tear drops and set ups made up for it!

  • oh yeah i forgot kyle lowry..another PG i would easily rank ahead of Rondo.
    and its not so much that Rondo cant hit a jumper..but its also that Rondo can’t be trusted to knock down free he turtles late in games because he knows they are just going to tackle him if he kobe sags..and rondo stands there and pounds the ball into the ground after casually bringing it up. His best bet is to charge up the floor before the defense has time to set..Doc motions to him to push the ball..yet he strolls up the court in no hurry
    and further more i fear that his time on the court could be cut short like it was this year if he HAS to continue to rely on throwing his body around to generate shots for himself. He will spend time on the injured list again or at the very least always be playing with nagging bumps and bruises(like last season). If he had a little bit of a shot players would have to honor that and would create bigger safer lanes..i mean 38 yr old steve nash finds his way into the lane without getting hammered..Rondo cant..they lay back and hit him.
    Bottom line is you can defend him until you are blue in the face but the numbers simply do not lie..he shoots Shaq like numbers from the Ft line..and while his jumper goes down once in a while it is by no means up to par with virtually any other PG in the league. if anyone can honestly say they want Rondo at the line down 1 with a chance to tie or go ahead with no time on the clock they are either insane or lying.

  • chachee

    Rondo’s value is his quickness, I.Q. and defense. I don’t think anyone in their right mind (Rondo included), wants Rondo at the line with 1 second remaining. The beauty of it is, he doesn’t have to be. He really is a very unique player. One would assume that because of his skill set (or lack of skills-shooting) that he would be a role/bench player, at best, in this league. However, the fact that there is discussion as to where he ranks with the PG’s in the league, speaks volumes of who he is as a player. That being said, I don’t think Danny could get a superstar in return for him. Nor do i think he’ll get pennies on the dollar, either.

  • chachee

    there’s not one team in the league that wouldn’t want the services of Rajon Rondo. the question is, what are they willing to give up to have him?

  • i rarely will give Bill Simmons any credit but he says it all right here..
    One more thing: I’m fine with leaving off Rajon Rondo (or Kyrie Irving, or the rejuvenated Brandon Jennings) because we’re loaded at point already with Rose and Williams, even if Rondo is averaging a 14-10-5, shooting 50 percent from the field and still giving us those one-of-a-kind Rondo highlights. Am I slowly coming to the realization that I’ve been in deep denial about the Rondo era? Yeah, a little bit. Any smart team (like the Lakers last night) plays six feet off Rondo in tight games, daring him to shoot, paralyzing Boston’s offense and leading to the dreaded “Clogged Toilet” play (Pierce ending up with the ball 25 feet from the hoop with seven seconds left trying to create something). It’s almost like playing with a handicap. Screw that, it IS like playing with a handicap. It’s also curious that the Celtics came alive defensively when Rondo missed eight games, mostly thanks to Avery Bradley, who flashed Tony Allen/Bruce Bowen-type potential as a perimeter defender (and that’s not hyperbole).5 For the first time, I find myself hoping they deal Rondo — for instance, maybe it could be a three-teamer with Pau Gasol and Keyon Dooling going to Houston; Luis Scola, Goran Dragic, Kyle Lowry and L.A.’s 2012 no. 1 going to Boston; and Rondo and Jermaine O’Neal going to the Lakers. He needs a change of scenery, and really, so might Celtics fans. I can’t watch another 84-82 game with his guy playing five feet off him. I really can’t. Enough already.

  • most likely couldnt get anything good for him..nothing better than a jameer nelson who i rank below Rondo (obviously)..we know he tried to deal him for sure he offered them everything and the kitchen sink..maybe even Ray + Rondo and they didnt bite