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Video: KG long-snaps the ball to Rondo off the tip


Ummmm… ok. No clue why the Celtics do this now.  KG and Rondo must have a "thing" together when it comes to this.  I suppose it's fine so long as KG doesn't blow the snap and send it into the other team's basket.  God help us all if something bad happens off this little move. 

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  • might have been a tribute or had something to do with patriots teammates vince wilfork, gronk, edelman, tiquan underwood, and team owner robert kraft being n the stands? thats just a guess from watching last nights game..

  • This was planned and was a nod to the New England Patriots.

  • I thought the gut-wrenching loss was the tribute?

  • Very nice…touche'.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Technically, what Rondo did should have been a travelling call. (Not complaining though)

  • Lee in Oregon

    good one!

  • BA

    explain the travel he doesn’t move his pivot foot and the ball hits the ground and he immediately bounces its dribble in stride no travel call warranted at all.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Maybe I shoulda said double dribble, but you’re not supposed to be able to throw yourself a pass….he bends over over and throws the ball to himself between his legs with two hands….how is that not double dribble?

  • to be a “double” dribble he would have to dribble it prior to dribbling it again…. he catches passes through legs then it makes contact with the floor… you are forgiven…