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Recap: I nailed the Celtics effort tonight

If you want to know what went wrong with the Celtics in Toronto, just read my preview. It was spot-on, minus the score.

The highlight of the game was Doc Rivers' outburst during a 20-second time-out. Doc walked onto the court, blasted his guys and stormed off.

The Celtics sucked. Flat. Out. Sucked.

Box score

(h/t to Abdullah for video)

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  • Elliot

    it’s not looking good and we got Chicago next up. Everyone especially Rondo needs to step it up big time. I wasn’t bothered by Rondo’s tech that was a horse shit no call, I would of been fine with Rondo punching the ref also.

  • Who is this “Rondo” fellow you speak of…???

  • Alex

    To those who bitched at me about complaining about Rondo constantly: what do you say now?
    I’m telling you right now… Rondo is the weakest link. That kid is painful to watch. His lack of effort surprises me and you would think he’d have a chip on his shoulder for not making the All-Star team.
    It’s cute that the Celtics decide to actually show some life at the last 2 minutes of the game. Idiots.
    I want to see more of Moore and Bradley. I’m done with Rondo.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    1. Agreed move Rondo if you can.
    2. Lets see what Bradley can do. (Maybe hit a jumper)
    3. Lets get draft Austin Rivers after Rondo is gone.

  • Elliot

    in Australia we play AFL (Australian Rules Football) In the draft the league has a “father son” rule in which the father of then son who is entering the draft can sign the son to the club he is affiliated with. I hope the NBA brings this in so we can get Austin.

  • This is a game we’ll point to once Rondo is traded. He’s Antoine-esque.

  • Notice the sound of the crickets chirping from all the “Rondo is the best player on our team” crowd. A truly Rondo-esque performance. No energy. He’s even an awful zone defense player. But man-on-man, he couldn’t stick a fork in that killer of killer point guards, Jose “Are you effing kidding me” Calderon. His comatose ball movement. His failure to close on his drives. I could go on but the rest of the team matched in his awfulness so well that it was all a VERY bad nightmare. What an embarrassing game. And PP better than Larry Bird? I love PP, but I watched Larry Bird his whole carreer and PP, you’re no Larry Bird. Let’s make the Gasol for Rondo trade tomorrow and hope that one of our bench guards finds his inner Jeremy Lin. I’ve officially gone back to referring to Rondo as “the Cancer.”

  • Lee in Oregon

    Hate to pile on Rondo, but he is a moody son of a gun and he’s either pissed about not making the all-star team or some bullshit like that, cause he simply didnt give a shit tonite. I’ve seen him destroy Calderon on many occasions. The last 2 nights he SLOWLY walks the ball up and dribbles and takes his time deciding what to day, and by the time he does we have 8 seconds left. At least Avery ran up court and fired some crisp passes tonite. And I dont want to hear about the fact that they played last night and spent half the night getting to Toronto, the guy is young and should be able to go hard for 35 minutes and act like a damn professional.
    Nights like this certainly piss everyone off (I think Docs tirade was directly at Rondo) but lets not forget all the great play the kid’s given us and how tough he’s been for MOST if his time here. Having said that, I hope Danny continues, hell, I KNOW HE WILL continue to explore trade possibilities for a nifty 25 year old point guard. Sunday will certainly be a gut check and not just for RR.

  • Alex

    I honestly believe that Rondo’s shitty attitude is effecting this team. The offense is horrid with him on the court while the bench PGs actually move around and you see a lot more movement. All Rondo does is stand in one spot and hope Ray Allen slips open so he gets the easy Assist.
    Doc also needs to realize that his starters are incredibly tired, especially played on a back to back game (and most of them playing more than 45 minutes). C’mon Doc, don’t be afraid to play your damn bench! They show much more energy than the starters!

  • looks like im finally not alone in the rondo is a problem band wagon…
    problem is they aren’t going to get much for him..but him being tooled on by Jose Calderon is def. an eye opener for a lot of Celtic fans who think this kid it the next Celtics captain.
    I think when Doc said this was an unceltic performance he was talking about Rondo..sad state of affairs.

  • Alex

    Rondo has been playing like this even BEFORE his injury. Even last season!
    He continuously walks up the court, kills clock time, and makes a pass at the 7 or 5 second mark. It’s aggravating.
    I really do hope Danny Ainge pulls some magic before the trade deadline. Rondo is clearly not someone you can make a team around. For all we know, Danny could try to trade Rondo and some draft picks for Nash and Gortat – after all… Phoenix really needs to blow it up (of course, this idea is totally in my dreams)

  • Whatever happenned to that guy who went toe-to-toe with Derek Rose in a 7-game series, who dove for a loose ball at mid-court then picked it and finished off a fast break on the same play? What’s left is a slow down, turnover prone, horrble defender who sucks the energy out of our team. Notice the magic that the Knicks found since Lin brought them his unbridled energy and knock down shooting. Instead, Rondo waves his right hand, walking the ball across mid-court, while Ray runs in circles and no one cuts to the basket, leaving us with no easy baskets. We need a cure, not someone to slow us into the mud.

  • I’ve been told “stupid” on this blog days ago when I stated Rondo is a half-player.
    I can explain better what “half-player” means to me: how can you consider an elite player a guy who CAN’T or DOESN’T WANT TO SHOOT the ball??
    When the Big Three were in their prime, all you had to do is giving them the ball, and your assist stat was money; now what? They can’t score anymore on a regular basis, and we really should have another weapon to compensate, but Rondo keeps on forcing assist and awkward passes because he’s not gonna shoot even when he’s wide open.
    Does he really think he can live up a steal and a fast break point? The only way he scores is lay-ups, and that’s it. And that’s what makes him a “half” player.
    The funniest thing is that whenever a time-out is called and he has the ball like in the above video, he shoots and MAKES it!! I noticed that several times lately, and to me that’s a symptom of a big problem about his mental approach to the game..
    But all I know is that when he was out, the C’s played a simple and basic offense, yet productive and versatile. I’m gonna stick with that.

  • Erin

    I’m shocked at how quickly you people forget how much Rondo has sacrificed for the team. When Rondo plays amazing, people cheer and put him on a pedestal. When Rondo goes into a slump, people crucify him like he’s worth nothing. Hate to say this, but you guys sound exactly like the annoying Lakers/Heat bandwagon fans.
    You can question his attitude, but never question his heart for the team. Can any of you continue playing the game after dislocating your elbow? No? Then don’t judge him. There are a lot of things that goes behind the scenes which we will never know, so don’t jump to conclusions. It’s always easier to criticize than to look at the problem from an alternate angle.

  • Quest

    Love the video clip of Doc it was exactly how I was feeling towards the C’s play. Agree Rondo has become the weak link. He needs to adjust his own game to make up for the fact that the Big 3 are getting older legs. Their game has only started slow when Rondo is on the floor. Don’t see Rondo wearing green for long.

  • Jerry Sondler

    He is a fleet-footed athlete with marginal basketball skills.
    His delusional followers have convinced themselves he`s a phenomenal basketball talent, who has great market value.
    Yet, when Ainge tries to trade him, other GM`s throughout the NBA offer precious little in return.

  • with Rondo a no-show last night, why ZERO MINUTES for E-Twaun Moore???? frustrating!!!!!!!!

  • He doesn’t get a pass for playing with a dislocated elbow. I don’t think anyone here said he didn’t have heart. He has a bad attitude which carries over in his play. Playing injured gives you no points for not practicing your free throws enough to be better than a 62% lifetime shooter from the line. It doesn’t give you extra points for letting every point guard in the league go off on you, instead of working them over like Bradley does. Or for always being a spotty jump shooter so Kobe’s big tactic is to sag off him and dare him to shoot, which he can’t/won’t do. And just because we see his performance without rose-colored glasses and don’t give him a free pass because he played with heart once in the playoffs when he was injured, does not make us bandwagon fans. I, for one, have been on the bandwagon since Russell played. Even during the 20 years of banishment when we sucked, I stayed a fan but still criticized Antoine Walker when he cheated on defense and I reserve the right to criticize Rondo when he does the same thing. These players have to BE Celtics. That means you play defense and work on improving your game.