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Recap: Celts loss the cherry on a crap sundae of a game


The quality of basketball wasn't quite at the level of 2008 or 2010 (or my kids youth league), but the drama was vintage Celtics vs Lakers.

In the end, the Lakers were a smidge less awful than the Celtics. The result – an 88-87 LA victory in overtime.

In a game officiated to their benefit (rough), the Celtics took only 5 free throws. None of those FTs came in the second half. They settled for jumper after jumper after jumper… The offense (39% FG) was putrid. Kevin Garnett (12 points, 12 rebounds) was 6-23. Paul Pierce (18 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists) was 7-18. 

Pau Gasol (25 points, 14 rebounds) was a greasy killer. His hustle block on Ray Allen's put-back attempt at the buzzer may have saved the game. Andrew Bynum (16 points, 17 rebounds, 3 blocks) was a force too. Is it me, or does Bynum shuffle his feet a lot? Same old story, the Celtics had no answers for the Lakers length.

Kobe Bryant had 12 of his 27 points in the 3rd quarter. Kobe hit some tough shots, but he wasn't the reason the Celtics loss.

The Lakers bench is last in offensive production. Tonight, they held their own against the Cs second unit (BOS 19 pts – LA 18 pts).

The Celtics closed the 1st and 2nd quarters in terrible fashion. A poor decision to not take the last shot allowed Steve Blake to bury a three in the 1st. Jermaine O'Neal let Bynum slide in for an offensive rebound which turned into a 3 point play at the end of the 2nd. Six points that could have changed the outcome of this game.

Derrick Fisher looks like a corpse. He makes JO look agile.

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  • Rondo To KG

    Can’t win when you only get 5 FT’s. We were too scared to take it inside all night and it killed us.

  • 5 free-throw attempts, and NONE in the 2nd-half. You can go the “blame the refs” route, but I don’t buy it. Rondo got to the hoop with EASE when he wanted to. He could’ve done it all night, but the C’s decided to huck-up jumpers all-evening. WHY? That, and zero boxing-out. None. The one guy who I think deserves some credit is J.O. Before you laugh or cuss at me, he played outstanding D on Bynum all night. Held him to 6 of 15 I believe which is pretty good when you consider how much older, slower & weaker J.O. is. I am so mad right now that we didn’t attack the rim more. I just don’t f***ing get it.

  • Jerry Sondler

    Lack of talented “bigs” = No rebounds, no easy baskets, no hope

  • We got bullied plain and simple, worst feeling in the world to lose a game that way.
    I think Pierce tried to play himself out of consideration for the all star team tonight.

  • I agree, so frustrating to watch Pierce take bad fadeaways coming off a screen rather than taking it right at Bynum. Can’t blame the refs, we were passive all night, I mean, im surprised we got 5 ft’s

  • Classless

    Games like this is why Ainge will trade Rondo eventually. It’s year 5 and he’s still afraid to go to the line, thus negating his biggest strength, his speed.
    On the other hand, if I was a Lakers fan, I would be puking in my mouth watching Artest and Fisher play. It’s criminal the Lakers front office haven’t dumped them.

  • Classless

    Do you watch this team? They haven’t boxed out since 2008. Every game Tommy is screaming “putta body on em!”

  • paul

    ON Rondo you are so right. Why on earth wasn’t he attacking the basket all night? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS TEAM? Who on earth is designing these game plans? Doc says he wants to run, but he knows darn well the only one who ever runs is Rondo, the famous One Man Fast Break. Even the announcers were talking about how he is a one man fast break. ATTACK THE RIM. Yes. Why is that so hard to figure out? Why show up at all if you aren’t going to?
    But Rondo needs to man up and take the blame for this lost. He led us to a good lead in the third and then he let the Lakers take him out of the game with the Rondo Sag. For God’s sake, it’s not the first time he’s seen that, and STILL no answer? He needs to take the blame for this one.

  • paul

    I’ve been a big Rondo booster, but tonight’s game was just disgusting. He was playing well tonight and could have led us to the win, but he never attacked like he should have, and in the late third, he allowed the Sag to take him out of the game, never to be heard from again. He needs to own up to this one.

  • Elliot

    I have the answer the reason why Boston wasn’t going at the ring was because BYNUM JUST STOOD THERE ALL FREAKING GAME AND DIDNT GET WHISTLED FOR 3 SECONDS ONCE!

  • paul

    I wholeheartedly agree with this entire comment. Rondo needs to man up

  • paul

    good point

  • trytryagain

    No one is gonna mention that ultra retarded “hike” by Garnett and Rondo? What the hell was that? That made LeBron’s sideline dance pale in comparison on the douchebag scale.
    Lakers dominated.

  • Alex

    I wouldn’t say that… I didn’t see anything wrong with it. Just a fun way to entertain the crowd.
    Rondo does deserve the blame for this loss because all this guy does is stand around with the basketball, waiting for someone to get open so he can get the ‘assist’. HE DOES NOT ATTACK THE RIM WHATSOEVER. When he does, my mouth opens in shock. It’s like he is afraid… and this has been going on for 2 years now.
    A Rondo trade needs to be done for a Star Center… I have a good feeling a Rondo package will be made for Dwight Howard at the trade deadline. I have a really good feeling.

  • Nothing says domination like a one point win.

  • I hate when they all wait for Rondo to set up their plays but we just missed open shot after open shot when the game was on the line. Yes, they relied on jumpers but they were open easy to make jumpers most of the time and they flat out missed. They played good defense but they gave up easy rebounds to Bynum. Very frustrating.

  • JR99

    Bynum did not get called because he did not stay in there for 3 seconds at a time. I watched that pretty carefully… the kid knows when to move in.

  • JR99

    Yes, they missed their jumpers. And they also failed to drive to the hoop in the 2nd half. And also failed to rebound adequately. And also failed to have any plan on offense in the 4th quarter. Bottom line: a very, very, very bad game. The only thing they did right was defense…. but you gotta also score to win.
    Some will (and have) argued that the Cs didn’t suck, because after all it was a close game. What you’re forgetting is that the Lakers ALSO SUCKED. BOTH teams were terrible.
    Tellya what… as further evidence, watch the Knicks eat the Lakers’ lunch tomorrow, with basic, no-frills, Rondo-free basketball. Now that should be a fun game to watch.

  • Box out, and the Celtics win this game by 10.

  • Roger

    If you are Orlando, why would you with Jameer Nelson?

  • It was a nod to the NE Patriots whose owner was in the building.

  • James Eisenman

    I bet Lin won’t hide from the Laker trees but if Amare and Carmelo don’t play, I can’t see them beating the Lakers. Winning a basketball game is fairly easy. Play great defense, control the defensive boards and try to get as many easy shots as possible. The reason the Celtics sucked last night is that they missed the easy shots and did not control the easy part of rebounding. They actually got some offensive rebounds last night but I think 5 out of the last 10 Laker baskets were tip-ins. And we still only lost by one. The Lakers were awful most of the night. They only scored 88 points IN OVERTIME. This is what they have been doing. It’s just most of their opponents lately have been able to get up 90-100 points. We tanked at 87. Every time I think this team is finally getting it, they let the air out of the tires and put up a stinker.

  • aaron

    jermaine oneal is USELESS.
    i would prefer WILCOX was kept in the game at least he was fcking hustling. jermaine oneal doesnt even box people out.
    also i am sick of on the last play of games this season pierce thinking he is paul pierce from 2008. paul, you arent. let rondos dribble penetration be the last play with a dump off to KG (who at this point might miss the dunk) and/or ray or paul waiting on a jump opportunity.

  • trytryagain

    Sore loser types can’t see past the fog of defeat. It’s ok.