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GREAT NEWS!! Rajon Rondo won’t be an All Star!!

RedsArmyAdmin February 9, 2012 Uncategorized 2 Comments

Yes!  Sit back and rest, Rajon.  Take some time off.  Fly to the Bahamas for a couple of days.  Get plenty of sleep.  Maybe some deep tissue massage.  

In all honesty, Rondo's injury derailed the All Star train anyway.  He missed too much time to really be a legitimate contender for a spot. 

Now let's hope Pierce gets passed over too.  The small forward position is deep enough with other deserving guys that he should get a chance to rest as well.

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  • Austin

    Rondo always plays better when he has a chip on his shoulder, this is good news!

  • Alex

    By the looks of it in the Lakers game, he was absolutely dreadful. He’s ruining the offensive flow of this team.