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Special ticket deal for tomorrow’s Lakers game until 7pm

Kobe smiling in celtics shirtThe Lakers are in town tomorrow, and it’s an obvious must-see game… no matter how each team is doing.  At an average price ticket of $163 per seat this is the fourth most expensive game in Boston this season and If you’d like to see it live then we’ve got a deal for you. Through our ticket partner TIqIQ, you can essentially pick your price via the TiqIQ “make an offer” feature from Score Big. For Thursday night’s game, a “2 star” seat that usually goes for $100+ (after all the shipping and handling fees) can be scored for an offer of $74!

It’s a deal so good, Kobe Bryant became a Celtics fan just so he could buy the tickets from us.  Look how happy he is about it!*

You’ve got to move on this, though.  The ticket deal expires tonight at 7pm ET! Make your offer today right here

Make an offer

*Ok, that’s really Kobe at his pre-draft workout with the Celtics.  But man, he looks happy to be in that Celtics gear, doesn’t he?  I wonder if he secretly pines for those days…..

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  • KY Celts fan

    Oh, what could have been. Just imagine if we had drafted Kobe in ’96 instead of Antoine Walker. And then if we had won the ’97 draft and got Tim Duncan. How many championships would we have won with a team of Kobe, Pierce, and Duncan?
    Alas, it was not meant to be. Oh to have a time machine!

  • too funny.. im not sure if this town could stomach kobe