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Perk tears apart LeBron for dunk tweet

Shortly after the dunk, James tweeted, “Dunk of the Year! @blakegriffin just dunked on Kendrick Perkins so hard!!! Wow! I guess I’m No. 2 now. Move over #6.” James was referring to his alley-oop dunk he threw down after jumping over Chicago Bulls guard John Lucas III a day earlier.

“You don’t see Kobe [Bryant] tweeting,” Perkins said. “You don’t see Michael Jordan tweeting. If you’re an elite player, plays like that don’t excite you. At the end of the day, the guys who are playing for the right reasons who are trying to win championships are not worrying about one play.

“They also are not tweeting about themselves talking about going down to No. 2. I just feel [James] is always looking for attention and he wants the world to like him.”

Yahoo! Sports – Perkins rips LeBron James for dunk tweet

Kendrick Perkins absolutely emasculates the Chosen One. This is the verbal equivalent of stuffing James into a locker.

You won't find a guy with a better self-less approach to the game:

“If I was in the same position, in the same rotation, I’m going to jump again and again and again,” Perkins told Yahoo! Sports. “I don’t care. A lot of people are afraid of humiliation or don’t know how to handle embarrassment or would even get embarrassed. I don’t care.

“I’m the same Perk you’re going to see. I’m still going to sign autographs the same way. I ain’t going to change. The people that move out the way and stuff are the people who have insecurity problems.

“That’s my job. How will my teammates look at me if next time I just back out the way and just let him dunk when I’m supposed to be defensive-minded, a shot-blocker? That would be a coward move on me. He’d just have to dunk on me again.”

Even Perkins admits Griffin’s dunk was “nice; a nice finish.” He also remembers the advice his former Boston Celtics teammate,Kevin Garnett, once gave him: To be an effective post defender, you have to risk getting dunked on.

Just another reason to love the Beast.

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  • word on the street danny and the mitch kupchak recently spoke about gasol for rondo trade.. egh

  • djisinthehall

    its true, what makes the dunk is Perkins tried to defend it.
    Its also True that Lebron will never get it

  • Couldn’t have summed it up any better than Perk. He’s the ultimate TEAM player with an actual championship ring to back it up. Lebron has no valid comeback. I LOVE this.

  • KY Celts fan

    Man, I love and miss the Beast. Keep on scowling, Perk! Just watch the technicals!

  • We posted the Hoopsworld rumor last night. No other media outlet is touching it and that means it’s garbage.

  • Ace-One

    Great example of why real fans love Perk, no matter where he’s playing.

  • Brick James

    I guess the sports hub doesn’t count?

  • skibothy

    woj and mannix wont touch this dren

  • Shut up and play both of you.
    James is a loser inside and we all know it, no matter if and how much he’ll win in his career.
    Perk tweeting back was a kind of loser move: no need to do that, no need to lower yourself at LeBum level.