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Rumor: Celtics interested in Rondo for Gasol swap

Hoopsworld has this absolutely stunning trade rumor:

Additionally, sources have told HOOSPWORLD that the Boston Celtics do have interest in (Pau) Gasol for their All-Star point guard.

The Celtics have the potential for sizable cap room this summer but there is no true sense that Dwight Howard or Deron Williams would be within their reach.

Gasol has two years on his deal after this season which happens to line up when Paul Pierce’s is set to expire.

The Celtics have shopped Rondo on a number of occasions.  For a number of reasons, sources say Boston does not intend to rebuild their roster around Rondo.

The drop off from Rajon to second-year player Avery Bradley (a capable defender but not as experienced as a playmaker) may not be as significant to the Celtics as the void in the middle that Gasol would fill.

Boston could consider bringing back veterans Ray Allen and Garnett, while using their remaining spending power to improve at the point. Alternatively, they could renounce the rights to their free agents and come up with at least $11 million in cap space.

I'm not buying this. No way. No how.

(h/t to Austin)

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  • Alex

    Does anyone feel like Rajon Rondo WILL be traded at some point? Rondo isn’t really a player that you can build a team around and as of late, his routine of not pushing the ball up and pressuring other team’s defenses is getting annoying. I remember Tommy Heinsohn yelling at Rondo to push up with the ball. I guess he’s starting to feel my annoyance as well.
    I think what’s really effecting the Celtics is the horrible rebounding and the offense isn’t as good as it should be. With Pau Gasol, we might actually have a good offensive boost, as well as much better rebounding.
    The only problem I have with this trade is that we do not really have a great backup PG and we’d see Paul Pierce taking most of the work at moving the ball. Also, it could really effect the chemistry of the team…

  • Austin

    I just always see the highlight from the 08 NBA finals play back in my mind where Garnett dunks a put back from a James Posey three DIRECTLY over Gasol who barely even tries to get the rebound. He’s SOFT!

  • Alex

    Ummm… 2012 Gasol is much more different than 2008 Gasol. I agree he was soft before but now, he seems to actually show some toughness, especially during the Finals against the Celtics where he was kicking Garnett’s ass majority of the time.

  • Austin

    He’d definitely have to prove it on a consistent basis to win me over.

  • Jerry Sondler

    Gasol is 6 years older than Rondo…this trade will never happen.
    However, Ainge is 100% right in determining that Rondo is a very poor choice to build a team around. He`s still looking for the “right” trade involving Rondo.

  • Alex

    Watching Rondo play defense against Charlotte right now has been painful. This kid just doesn’t bother.

  • Jason

    1) I hate the constant Rondo trade rumors. And I feel truly bad for Rondo, too. The kid has one mediocre aspect to his game. Otherwise he’s elite in every phase of the game and he’s mentally strong and freaking tough. And his contract is steal. He deserves better IMO.
    2) We all like to call Gasol soft, but c’mon the guy brings real size and is truly skilled in the post and in the mid-range.
    It’s clearly a delicate place the C’s are in right now. The current roster, the short-term goals, the contracts on the books, coming off the books, the long-term goals, etc. It’s not like Gasol makes the team significant cheaper or younger. But it’s a major upgrade at the 5, no? And if you can then replace 80% of Rondo on the free market (or maybe they believe in Moore), then it could be a net positive. Hope you make the right move Danny!

  • I’d do this for Marc, but not for Pau.

  • No way we do this trade unless Gasol is being flipped in another trade for someone better. Makes no sense t trade our youngest star for an older star.

  • paul

    You people are insane. Rondo is a great player. You don’t deserve him or any other good player. You are like all other fans now, just hot for the latest, greatest overhyped ‘superstar’.
    That said, I do expect Ainge to trade Rondo for a Big. He’s insane too.

  • TJames

    For all you Rondo haters…

  • Alex

    i will not gonna believe any trades involving this two teams

  • Danno

    Some of you guys need to learn the difference between “Hating” and simply recognizing reality.
    Rondo has the ability to be a Superpstar point guard. He can drop a triple double like nobody’s business. But the fact is, he is stubborn, a bit arrogant, and at times – lazy as all fuck. He has the ability to play lock down D on some of he leagues best PGs, but often times he just – doesn’t. Or more accurately, he gets up for the big games, but lets the nobody PGs fro shitty teams like Charlotte and the Knicks blow by him like he’s standing still.
    Now when you combine the occasional (or more accurately too often) laziness on D with the fact that this kid has been in the league for 6 years and still has no jump shot, well, maybe he isn’t as good as all the hype.
    The fact is, the Celtics won more than half of this recent 9 of 10 games win steak without him. Against Playoff teams. On the Road.
    Avery Bradley’s D makes Rondo look a bit Vince Carterish on D. E’Twaun Moore can shoot. WELL.
    When it comes down to the point that you don’t know which Rondo is going to show up, and that may well decide the outcome of the game, it’s time to explore trading the guy.
    I agree they should flip Gasol elsewhere for youth/length, but a rental on him for a few months, I can deal with.
    Can you imagine the two Egos of Rondo and Kobe trying to play together on the same court? Without Phil Jackson coaching? Recipe for disaster right there.

  • Jason

    Well stated. Big Rondo fan, but yet still constantly frustrated. It just feels like he should be even better, certain more consistent. Like you said, six years, where’s the jumper? Where’s the consistency? Why walk the ball up ever? Ugh.
    Plus, people give him credit for winning a championship. Yeah, he was the starting PG, but that year his performance, well, let’s just say he was along for the ride. He wasn’t “the straw that drives the engine” then AT ALL. Just saying the pedigree credit he gets is overblown.
    Still, he’s elite and on a good contract. Maybe he just pisses DA off. Or maybe it’s just a business decision, like the league is full of good PGs and not so much big men so DA believes he can find a Rondo replacement easier than a top big.
    I would definitely fear him going to LA because going from a PG sinkhole to an All-Star would make a HUGE difference to that team. Even scarier would be him in NY with those pieces and D’Antoni’s system. Breaking out (every single play, no plays off), PnRs and lobs all day long. Yikes.