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Your Morning Dump: KG is just a black guy shooting 3s

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“I can shoot 3s. Y’all acting like I’m 50 and out here on one leg, and I can’t,” said Garnett, who was sort-of, kind-of  joking about all the 3-point shooting talk. “Some nights are better than others. I’m human, I mess up. I make mistakes. But I can shoot 3s. I don’t shoot 3s, because we have one of the all time greatest 3-point shooters in history (Ray Allen). We have Paul Pierce who has won 3-point shooting contest. We have other guys that can shoot 3s. That ain’t my role here. My role is to get those guys open, and if you throw it to me, shoot it, dunk it, pass it, cool. I can shoot 3s. When I’m walking down the street, y’all stop acting like y’all shocked I can shoot 3s. Everybody in Boston, … wherever I’m at … I can shoot 3s, OK?”

Garnett, continuing his playful banter with the media added, “I can shoot 3s. Y’all acting all shocked like y’all ain’t seen a black guy hit a 3 before. Hell going on with y’all? I can shoot 3s. Doc (Rivers) was yelling at me today, ‘shoot, shoot, shoot!’ Finally I just shot the 3. huh? that’s what you want?’ Man, I can shoot 3s.”

But Garnett knows if it becomes something that’s talked about too often that’ll lead to potential expectations that every time he has the ball, fans will want to see him shoot 3-pointers. 

“I don’t want that,” Garnett said. “Like how they used to do Scal, “shoot!!” Nah, don’t do that to me. Do not do that to me, OK? I’m not on the Celtics to be out here shooting 3s. I am here to do other things; not shoot 3s. But Garnett is quick to add, “I can shoot 3s.”

CSNNE – KG finds his 3 point range

Garnett is having some fun with all the attention paid to his three point shooting. And I figured New England could use a few laughs after last night.

The truth is, Garnett has always had three point range. Not Ray Allen range, but range. Just skim his career stats. He shot 37-116 from three in 2001-02. 

The three point attempts dropped dramatically upon his arrival in Boston, which is why we are giving him the Scalabrine treatment. 

I have no problem with Garnett taking a couple bombs each game, provided he’s not stepping back or asking Doc to draw up curls for him.

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On Page 2, Chris Wilcox is showing us why Danny Ainge paid him $2.5 million.

In only 11 minutes yesterday at TD Garden, Wilcox scored 12 points and had five rebounds in the Celtics’ easier-than-expected 98-80 win over the Grizzlies. Wilcox is accomplishing exactly what the Celtics envisioned; he is playing strong post defense, picking off rebounds, and scoring around the basket.

“I just want to come out and play hard and bring energy,’’ he said. “It was definitely difficult but my body’s feeling better and I am able to get up and down the floor and make plays and get extra possessions.’’

“Wilcox, in the last three games, he’s been absolutely off the charts,’’ Rivers said. “Terrific, with his energy. I mean, a lot of guys did a lot of good things vs. New York [Friday night], but I thought Wilcox was the reason we won that game. He’s just doing all the right things.’’

Globe – Wilcox a bear vs Grizzlies

Chris Wilcox is an ath-a-lete. I had the pleasure of watching yesterday’s game live at the Garden and that gave me a greater appreciation for his athletic skills.

There’s a 1000% difference between Wilcox and Jermaine O’Neal. Yes, I know Jermaine brings a different skill-set to the table. But the energy Wilcox brings can be contagious. He’s perfect for the second unit.

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  • djisinthehall

    I really like this team. We have not been heathy yet.
    I am shocked by the turn around by how Garnett and PP look.
    Love the second unit, Actually look forward to them coming instead of cringing (big baby)

  • Larry

    I don’t really see why your title would be racially focused. Makes no sense to me at all.

  • Probably because of the “Y’all acting all shocked like y’all ain’t seen a black guy hit a 3 before”

  • As a Wolve when he shot more threes his 3pt% conversion number actually increased. So far they rank near the bottom in 3pt. attempts, but #1 in 3pt. shooting. So they are converting on good looks instead of shooting in desperation. As a long range shooter KG could be dynamite in a ruby scrum set because of his passing. At worst the opposing PF/Center will be inclined to respect the shot vacating the paint. So I’m onboard with one or two attempts/game just as long as …
    1- It’s never in transition.
    2- It’s not launched as the shot clock winds down.
    3- They’re not actually curling him around screens around the 3pt line.

  • Someone didn’t watch the video or read the block quotes.

  • Devonte

    KG should take 5 threes a game. KG should take 12 shots a game also before All-Star break he should average 16 points & 11 boards he still got it at 35 years old. This week he should kill the Bobcats and Lakers.