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Pierce on the verge of passing Larry Bird


After recording 21 points on Sunday against the Memphis Grizzlies, Pierce has tallied 21,782 points in green. Bird scored 21,791 points and John Havlicek holds the franchise record with 26,395 points. 

“It means I’ve been in a Celtics uniform for a long time,“ Pierce reflected following Sunday’s game. “That’s something that doesn’t happen in this day and age. I’ve been fortunate to play with one franchise for my whole career to date, and you don’t really see that too much anymore. You’ve got a few guys who do it, but it’s a rarity. It’s pretty much extinct. It’s great to be amongst some of the best that ever played the game.

Pierce is on pace to pass Bird’s mark on Tuesday night against the Charlotte Bobcats at the TD Garden. Reaching that milestone in front of the home crowd would be significant to the Celtics captain. 

I expect the Garden crowd to deliver an epic ovation for Paul Pierce when he passes Larry Bird on the team scoring list. Such an ovation is deserving for anyone who eclipses Bird in anything.

Larry Bird will always be my all-time favorite Celtics player. It's because of him that I developed a love for the game. As for the "who is the better scorer" debate, I have to take Bird. His clutch scoring gene might never be duplicated. 

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  • And Larry did it in almost a hundred fewer games played. But, nevertheless, it’s a great achievement for Paul. Like Bird, he did it without great jumping ability or blazing speed. It shows us that simply understanding how to score and how to keep defenders at bay is more important than pure physical ability.