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Paul Pierce caught in Tony Allen cross fire (again)


Tony Allen has a knack for saying and doing… eh, why sugarcoat it… stupid things. Not all are intentional. 

During an interview with CSNNE's Jessica Camerato, TA spoke about his time in Boston and how he was able to earn minutes while playing with the Big 3. 

“When I was over here, that was the only way that I could get on the court,“ Allen told prior to the Celtics 98-80 win. “I couldn’t come out here and jack up 20 shots knowing Paul Pierce is alongside of me. So I had to do what Paul Pierce wasn’t doing — he wasn’t defending as well as I was, he wasn’t diving for the 50/50 loose balls as well I was, he wasn’t hitting the offensive glass as hard as I was. Doc saw that and I was able to get on the court.”

Before we jump to chastise Tony, let's remember he played with Pierce for three seasons (2004- 07) before Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett arrived in town. 

Pierce wasn't always the team-first, defensive minded player he is now. It's possible Tony Allen is speaking the truth about the Truth.

Or is there some animosity between them? Check out some of the back-handed compliments Tony bestowed on Pierce in this Dime Magazine interview.

(image courtesy Zimbio)

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  • Danno

    Tony Allen, still a moron.
    No surprises there.

  • Much ado about nothing.

  • Dude blew out his knee after the whistle on a dunk. Next…

  • Steve

    Back handed compliments? They seemed pretty sincere to me.

  • los

    really nothing here. Allen did all those things better than pierce, he’s a hustle player. Pierce improved but it doesn’t change anything

  • Devonte

    TA is not lying Pierce never played D until RAY & KG came to Boston. The C`s played team defense thats what wins titles. The C`s need to make 2 trades during All-Star Weekend so they can be in the Eastern Conference Finals and hopefully the NBA Finals. Ainge to make a 3 team trade with Detroit and Houston. Boston get B.Gordon, Houston get T.Prince,M.Daniels,E.Moore,W.Bynum, and 2012 2nd round pick, Detroit get J.Johnson,T.Williams,J.Flynn,S.Pavlovic, & 2012 1st round pick. Ainge trade Bradley and Wilcox to Cleveland for R.Sessions and R.Hollins. After the deadline Ainge should sign E.House & R.Wallace for 1 year.

  • Pete

    Really, backhanded? He spent the entire interview talking about how great Pierce is in several facets.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Tony should enjoy his pinky ring and shut up. PP is guaranteed a trip to Springfield 5 years after he retires. TA can pay 15.00 to get in.
    By the way, it took TA about 4 years to develop into a good defender…..Bradley is already ahead of him on that front and equally adept at dribbling the ball off his knee and out of bounds.