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JaJuan Johnson GreenLights vs Memphis

At this rate we might have to rename the GreenLights to the Triple-J Lights.  It's one thing to throw down some ferocious dunks in mop-up duty, or go 5-for-5 in extended garbaaaage time.  But during yesterday's matinee, Celtics rookie JaJuan Johnson got some regular rotation run mainly due to the absence of Brandon Bass.  Everyone got shifted up a notch in what has become the crop-rotation of bigs, and JJJ did quite well.  In the highlights you'll see him knock down some jumpers like he has before, but the one thing that stuck out was how he stepped right into them with zero hesitation.  Even on his miscues he still displayed confidence.

That's been relatively uncommon for rookies and young players on this team during the New Big 3 Era.  Nonetheless, JJJ will most likely be relegated to spot minutes once Bass returns.  It's great to see that he has prepared himself to be ready for whenever they need him.  If he keeps this up, they may call his number sooner rather than later.


  • Some help defense on OJ Mayo's drives
  • Good attempt at a offensive put-back lay-up
  • Decent post defense on Gasol, creating a bad pass/turnover
  • Good rebounding technique by finding Dante Cunningham and boxing him out, instead of looking for the ball
  • Diving for a loose ball
  • Running the floor well in transition
  • Stepping right into jumpshots
  • Blocking OJ Mayo's lay-up
  • The wild alley-oop
  • Beautiful high-post entry pass to KG for the dunk
  • Blocking Gasol's lay-up
  • Solid perimeter defense on Rudy Gay
  • Blocking Josh Selby's lay-up

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  • danny should be trading these players for future “value picks”. doc’s system just doesn’t have any room to coddle toward better vets i.e. david west

  • Kudos to Doc for spreading around the minutes better than ha has in the past. The avg minutes for Rondo, PP, KG, and Ray was under 32 and he got 12 players in the game even with our usual top guy off the bench out. JJJ needs and deserves about 15 minutes a game. We absolutely need every person on the floor giving 110% while they are out there because we got plenty of players who can do it. The regulars will need their rest and rest will need to play more regularly. Health and team chemistry are going to be the keys to getting anywhere in the playoffs this year.