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Your Morning Dump… Rondo needs to touch more balls

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“I was pretty critical last night, but realistically I haven’t touched a ball since (Jan. 18) because of the wrist,” said Rondo. “I’m a right-handed player, so I couldn’t shoot free throws. I beat myself up because I missed (four) free throws. And some turnovers I made, I wasn’t strong enough to make the pass. But that was the sacrifice I made to go out there and play.”

Because the wrist was bothering him when he flicked it on shots, Rondo didn’t really try any until the morning of the game, and even then only got up a few to ward off a return of the pain.

“It felt a hundred times better than it was a couple of weeks ago, so it’s just something I’ve got to get used to again,” he said. “Not necessarily tolerate the pain, but at the same time I’ve got to tolerate it a little bit.

“You’ll see this on me maybe one or two more games,” Rondo added, motioning to the brace on his wrist. “I won’t say it bothers me mentally, but it’s really tight and I have to wear it for the support because I do hit the ground a lot. But (Friday) I think I did a better job. I only hit it twice. If I can stay off the ground, my body feels a lot better the next day.”

Herald – Injured wrist still an issue for Rondo

I expected Rajon Rondo to look rusty in his first game back, but I didn't expect him to still be hurting. It's obvious this injury was/is a lot more serious than we all anticipated.

Is anyone else trouble by the fact his wrist wasn't strong enough to make a pass? Now, I doubt the Celtics would play Rondo if there was an increased risk of further damage, but this is concerning. Let's hope this situation with the wrist doesn't become a season long problem. 

Reminder: The Celtics/Grizzlies tip-off is at noon today.

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On Page 2, Kevin Love introduces his foot to Luis Scola's face.

“I mean, he fell down after the play. He just kind of laid there and I’ve got size 19 feet so… I just happened to be there. I had nowhere to go. I got kind of tripped up and I just had nowhere to step, he was right there. It was a heat of the moment type of play and he was right there and it happened to be his face, just like in Houston like it happened to be my groin. I’ve always had a large amount of respect for Luis (sic) so … I’m sure he didn’t take it personal; it was nothing personal towards their team. They have a lot of great players, they’re well coached. Like I said, it’s nothing personal.”

Houston Chronicle

Sorry, Kevin. I'm not buying your BS. You were pissed off at Scola for the physical play on the previous possession (not shown in the above video clip). You were also pissed that Scola threw the ball at your groin last week.

Man up and own the stomp.

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  • I hope Rondo gets better. And soon. Even though we might have done better without him there, it’s really different when he’s playing well on the court. And of course, he has to show off his mad assist skills by the All-Star Game :))

  • KY Celts fan

    Awesome title.