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Tony Allen is the Grizzlies’ crazy defensive leader


Our old friend Tony Allen returns to the Garden today with the Grizzlies. While our memories of TA include bone-headed gaffes, knee-shredding-after-the-whistle-dunk-attempts, and death threats, he’s become the emotional leader of the Grizz. Seriously.

Allen’s teammates recognize him as their sergeant at arms, and gladly follow his lead.

“My whole thing is getting guys focused,” Allen said. “I play with a lot of passion. I play with a lot of heart and soul. I play like this is my last. I play like I may not ever get back on the court again. I’m going to tire myself out. I’m going to be yelling. I’m going to be screaming. But I always hope that has a snowball effect.”

“He’s like an Army general,” Conley said. “He says crazy things but goes out there and backs it up. He works as hard as he speaks. … He gives 100 percent on every possession.”

I wouldn’t follow Tony anywhere, but I get the point. The guy brings heart and guts to the court every night.

(Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images)

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  • … and TA is one bad ass Twitter scribe!/aa000g9

  • tony as a celtic had a lot of growing-up to do.. now in memphis he’s okay.. they call it #gritgrind
    The Tony Allen effect:

  • BK

    Why no game preview today?

  • NC

    You wouldn’t follow him anywhere – and that’s why The Celtics are struggling defensively as a team…. If the writers, fans and management had pulled their heads out and offered Tony another year the Celtics might have a shot at the Championship. Doc seems to be the only one that “got” how good Tony was…..
    As it is, the Celtics haven’t quite made it back to Championship caliber….hmmm
    Cause and effect?