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Who the heck is this guy?

Chuck - Red's Army February 4, 2012 Uncategorized 11 Comments on Who the heck is this guy?


I don't recall seeing this royal Celtics fan at the Garden before last night.

Anyone know who he is?

(courtesy Deadspin)

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  • Chris Wilcox

    I’ve seen him at a couple of the home matches. Anyways the guy has an awesome costume.

  • Oh, man. I saw him last night and at the Wizards game Wednesday. I just assumed the Black Leprechaun guy was changing costumes during the game. This still definitely confirms it’s another guy who dresses like Will.i.am in the garden.

  • sd

    there’s an entertaining bit on him here at about the 4 minute mark

  • david

    this guy is pure awesome.

  • Ken Ti

    isn’t that Shaq’s little brother?

  • Dr. Tom

    I sat next to him during the Phoenix game this year

  • He has been at every home game i have been to this season..which i think is 8 of them..he has been making up for the lack of Jack Black guy..which so far has been a real bummer..
    in other news Suite Coat Santa was in rare form on friday night vs the knicks..he added a few dance moves to his regular routine..very nice!

  • That little guy sitting behind him has had just about enough of having his view blocked by a silly crown and is winding up to knock it clear off….

  • Chris57

    haha ive seen him at all 7 of my home games this year…i call him the Celtics Pimp.

  • Jerry Sondler

    I assume we`re talking about the balding man with the gray mustache.

  • jer

    Chris57: especially with all the ladies getting their picture taken with him.
    according to the Celtics Now clips, Damian aka “King Jamrakk” is a Jamaican born fan, sewed his own costume. he sat next to us at the recent Raptors game. Shouts loud-n-proud for the C’s.