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Video: The Pierce three looked good to me


The shot at the 1:40 mark sure makes it look like he got it off in time. 

Luckily, it didn't matter.  But I'm with Chuck on this one… not only did the video seem to confirm the shot got off on time, it certainly didn't provide anything conclusive for the refs to say "nope, no basket." 

I'm glad that, in the end, this isn't a post about how that cost us the game.

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  • Nathan

    i just realized rondo trying to call time out when pierce regains possession, his instincts/intelligence might be the best in the association.

  • Nathan

    i by the way think the refs got it right, it should to be out of his hand at 0.1 not 0.0

  • I feel like if there’s no frame with the light on where it’s touching his hands, it’s good. Knicks fans are trying to compare this to the STAT buzzer shot last year, but that’s inarguable in slow-motion. This is absolutely not for sure.

  • JR99

    It was SO close, that the frame rate of the video (about 30 frames per second) was not adequate to make the call. Therefore, the call on the floor should have stood.

  • kyle petinga

    i for one think the ball was on his finger tips as it hit zero but there was no conclusive evidence to change the call therefore it should of counted

  • Dr. Tom

    Doc is a smart man…at 3:08 you can see him talking up Tyson Chandler…won’t be surprised if he plays for the Cs in a few years…