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Enemy Chatter: Paul Pierce is a “Mother$%^&ing, Godd*#n, Son of a B#@!h”


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here’s a dose of ‘enemy chatter’ from New York.

So, let me state with unerring certainty, revoking of Paul “Mother$%^&ing, Godd*#n, Son of a B#@!h” Pierce’s three notwithstanding, the Knicks got ROYALLY hosed by the arbiters tonight. The non-call on Chandler’s dunk in the 4th. The phantom foul on Shumpert when he lost the ball. The ticky-tack technical on Stat. The deflection out of bounds by Rondo that led to Allen’s go ahead three. Game-changing plays, every man jack of them. You can’t say it cost the Knicks the game because…screw it. I’m too old for this ish. The refs cost them the game.

While we’re here, did I mention that I hate Paul Pierce? I so want someone, preferably a fat kid with a chocolate stain smack-dab in the middle of his ill-fitting t-shirt, to sock him right in his smug, smarmy, self-congratulatory face. I HATE PAUL PIERCE SO MUCH. LOUD NOISES! THIS SOUP IS AWFUL!!


Awww… it’s kinda cute that the Knicks bloggers hate us so much. As for the officiating, the Celtics were tagged with 25 personal fouls, two more than New York. Some of the calls down the stretch went against the Knicks, but I’m still not 100% certain Pierce’s three pointer was after the shot clock expired. Did anyone see a conclusive replay? I sure didn’t.

I’m not sure about you, but I LOVE to read media criticism of the Knicks. Check out this rant in the New York Post.

The Knicks don’t know how to make the big play, set the big pick or hit the big shot, and that falls directly on D’Antoni as well as his players.

The system is failing.

It’s interesting to note Anthony did not take any of the critical threes the last two nights. Opponents find a way to make the big shot, but Anthony can’t find a way to take that big shot.

More than the losing, the Knicks need to get over being satisfied with failure. This is a team that gives itself way too much credit just for competing.

How about winning? How about making a big play?

New York Post


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  • Lee in Oregon

    They bitch and moan about the officiating but it was the Celtics defense that won that game.
    My problem with the refs last night- everyone in the frickin gym including that idiot tool Mike Breen sees Chandler take Rondo’s shot off the glass and all 3 refs miss it. I thought D’Antoni was gonna give birth on a couple calls- like the 24-second violation where the replay clearly shows the Knick shot missed the rim. Someone needs to put poor Mike out of his misery and send him back to Phoenix where nobody cares. And as for that last decision on Pierce’s call…not at all inconclusive and they prob made the decision by hearing Breen & Van Gundy (2 Knick employees) saying the shot was no good.
    New York, as far as Sports in concerned- that was the beginning of a shitty weekend for you! Just don’t take it out on tour wives & girlfriends when the Pats bitch-slap your Giants back to reality.

  • Boogie

    I don’t wanna hear it. The C’s got “hosed” by Joey Crawford (ref) on the 1st game of the season against NY. Even the league themselves admitted it. I didn’t watch the game, so I can’t speak on the plays in question from last night. But if there were “bad” calls against the Knicks this time, consider it a “makegood”.

  • Elliot

    2012 New York Knicks the tragedy of the NBA. Celtics D won this game not to mention our 3 ball against worst ranked defensive perimeter team in the NBA. The nerve and Knicks fans to bitch about the refs when they beat us in Game 1 by 2 points especially when those 2 tech were over turned AFTER the game (4 points) Knicks you’re running out of scapegoats, you’re just plain bad.

  • dan oconner

    The Knicks have good offensive players, but defence in not their language. Plus they have no chemistry. If I were the owner, I would sell the team, their that bad, and the sad part is theres no improvement in site for the next five years, with the present contracts.