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Orlando suspends Big Baby for “conduct detrimental to the team”

Big baby jackedSo I hear things are going well in Orlando for Glen Davis.

The Orlando Magic have suspended Glen Davis for tonight's game against the Cleveland Cavaliers and Saturday's game against the Indiana Pacers because of what team officials are labeling "conduct detrimental to the team."

Davis had an outburst during the team's shootaround this morning at Amway Center.

An outburst… aimed at Stan Van Gundy.  Stan tossed him from practice, and now Baby's sitting for two games. 

It's becoming obvious that Glen Davis has serious issues that he needs to work out.  He seems to be getting one of those "the grass isn't always greener" lessons right now.  He thought he was going to be starting, but he lost that job to Ryan Anderson.  He thought he was going to have fun with his buddy Dwight, but his act has already worn thin. 

This shows what kind of locker room the Celtics have.  Three Hall of Fame veteran leading the way, teaching young guys about professionalism and how to win.  Meanwhile, in Orlando, Dwight Howard runs the show, and he's just a big kid. 

For all his greatness on the court, Dwight Howard lacks that something upstairs that it takes to be a true leader.  Orlando has coddled him and tried to make him happy in hopes that he'd stay.  It's starting to look like the same mistake Cleveland made with LeBron James.  Both those guys needed someone on the team to say "no".  I'm not sure that anyone has. 

The result is an atmosphere in which guys like Glen Davis goof off too much… and things like this happen. 

So, at the end of all this, I'm not only happy to have Brandon Bass…. I'm happy to have this team, with this coach, and this front office and ownership group.  I don't always agree with what they do, but they keep things professional.  And for that, they have my respect and thanks… especially when I see the alternatives out there. 

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  • Lee in Oregon

    Firstly- glad you guys are back up and running!
    This just goes to show what a great coach Doc is to have gotten baby to play relativly well while he was filling his role in Boston. I’m amazed Stan Van Gundy still has that job, but this is on Otis Smith. How is that guy still working? 2 games is pretty stiff punishment, he musta went off. Good thing he didnt go Spreewell and body slam the “fat bastard”

  • KY Celts fan

    Damn, Baby, what’s gotten into you?
    I think this is more than just the management coddling Howard. I think it’s also frustration with losing so much after starting the season so well. Knowing that your best player has no intention of being there next year. Rumors everyday of your coach and GM about to get the ax. Its just not a good situation for them in Orlando. It is stuff we heard here before the Big Three came together, only our management had the resolve to push past it all.
    Kinda feel bad for him. Here he was thinking he was about to get his big break, and instead things have never been worse for him.

  • Jason Whetzell

    I like feeling vindicated after all my BBD hate blogs I wrote over on celticsblog haha
    I always had an awful feeling about his decisions on the court and off.

  • paul

    It’s nice that you revel in hate. That makes you such a good human being. Doesn’t sports just bring out the best in us?

  • paul

    If Doc handled Davis so well, he’d have been a better player and he’d still be here. He seems to be a troubled and confused person, not a bad person, and he does have talent.

  • Jerry Sondler

    During his 4 years in Boston…Baby was far more an asset than a liability. No need to “pile on” regarding his current troubles.
    Still, Ainge`s decision in trading him for Bass continues to keep looking better all the time.

  • Quest

    Its not the responsibility of the coach to be a parent…. Glen Davies needs to grow up…he’s not the only guy in the NBA with a tough childhood.

  • carlb

    why is he in orlando in the first place? was he a free agent and chose orlando for the money and the chance to play. while slow and pudgy he was integrel part of the celtics in the championship years. his problem is he has played with a winning team and so long and hates the fact he is second string when he thought he was going to start and the team is losing big time this year and next when howard leaves for the knicks or lakers. he does have one benefit more green than what he had with the celtics. maybe if they drop him for moaning he would probably beg to come back to the celtics. for less money. lol