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Your Morning Dump… Where Pietrus <3 KG


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“He played hard for 16 years,” Pietrus said following the C’s 100-64 victory. “I’ve been watching him the last 10 years since I’ve been in the NBA, and the way he gets ready for a game, he gets ready to compete every night, that’s where I got that from. Today, for me to play with him, it’s great because we have the same mentality and that’s what I’m trying to bring to the Celtics.”

“To be honest with you," he added, "the reason I came to the Celtics is because of Coach Rivers and KG. I knew that they had Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, but he makes everybody play hard. I was like, that’s going to be a good fit for me to play with the man. I was very happy from when I got here a month ago, he told me, ‘I can’t wait to have you on the court with me.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, we’re going to have fun.’”

CSNNE:  Pietrus: 'I came to the Celtics because of Coach Rivers and KG'

Funny, after this altercation in Phoenix, I thought these guys might have an issue with one another.  But Pietrus has fit right in and, apparently, these guys really do like each other.  I guess KG respects people who show intensity on the court.

Pietrus has stepped right in and contributed without benefit of much practice time at all.  And last night we saw him playing hard and making plays on the defensive end.  He's been a really good addition who should only get better as he gets more acclimated. 

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On Page 2:  "JaJuan’s going to be a good player. And I really believe that. Maybe this year."

"I told you guys last week, JaJuan will play — I really believe this," Rivers said. "Sooner than later. You see it in our silly practices we have — the 3-on-3 practices — he just keeps getting better. His energy is unbelievable. He’s an offensive weapon, he can shoot the ball, he can run the floor. And where he’s really improved is his position defensively on the post. Early on, guys were just bowling through him. He’s learned now you can use your chest, you can use your arms, you can slide with your feet — and he’s doing all that.

"JaJuan’s going to be a good player. And I really believe that. Maybe this year."

ESPN Boston: Johnson making a case for rookie role

JJ had a 5-5 night for 11 points playing almost 10 minutes of garbage time.  He's got a nice little jumper and the raw tools to be a pretty nice player.  

With Jermaine O'Neal's penchant for missing time due to injury, the development of JaJuan Johnson will be key.  And, like Tommy was saying last night, you put him with Rondo and you'll have a big guy who can run the floor and finish on the break from different spots on the floor. 

That might be a year down the road, but unlike past draft picks, I see something in JJ and E'Twaun Moore  that makes me think the last draft will go down as one of Danny Ainge's best.

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    This is the difference between drafting “potential” versus drafting a proven player. JaJuan and E’Twaun both produced for 4 years in college and it’s now showing in the NBA. Bismack Biyombo? Solomon Alabi? Hassan Whiteside? Hasheem Thabeet? Earl Clarke? Look at what can happen when coaches and GM’s focus more on what has already happened instead of what “might” happen. I’d take a 4 year proven player any day over someone who “might” eventually maybe possibly kind of contribute.

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