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JaJuan Johnson GreenLights vs Raptors

Let me preface this by saying that I'm fully aware that these highlights are compiled from as Marv Albert would say, "extended garbagggge time," it was good to finally see a little bit of what JaJuan Johnson is capable of.  Sure, we've seen a few dunks here and there, but he got some solid consecutive minutes during the wee hours of Boston's Raptor extinction party last night at the Garden.  JJJ displayed that smooth jumper as well as showing some better movement down low.

All in all, it's good to see the C's have another option on the bench that Doc can rely on, even in a pinch.  And just as John said earlier today, if he and Moore can continue to develop, than Ainge may have finally re-assured C's fans that he can still draft with lower picks.  We can even start to toss in Avery Bradley's name as well, but I'll have more on him later.  Sit back and enjoy JJJ's first extended appearance on the GreenLight reel:


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  • why draft these kids to bury them on the bench.. at least trade the pick and use the money on a veteran retread

  • piecz

    That last FG was KG-like.

  • Jerry Sondler

    Glad to see Johnson and Moore getting some playing time…both are showing impressive potential.
    Would love to see the Celtics cut ties with…Steimsma, Quiz, JO, and that horrible PA announcer!

  • you can see it

  • i love it