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An apology for, and explanation of, our recent technical issues

Technical difficulties 2

Dear Red's Army reader, 

We would like to sincerely apologize for the technical issues that have plagued our site for the past few days.  We feel like we've resolved most of them, but there are still some residual errors.  

We like to have fun here at Red's Army (as you can tell by the photo), because basketball is fun and real life is way too serious for it to leak into sports coverage.  But we take what we do quite seriously, as we feel we have a responsibility to our readers to enrich the experience of being a Celtics fan. 

So when a technical issue arises, we want to take care of it immediately.  At some point on Tuesday morning, an issue occurred at our registrar,  In short, they were suddenly pointing our domain name to different places, depending on whether you used a "www" or not.  Since then, we have spent hours on the phone with their tech support trying to find the problem, to no avail.  After consulting outside resources, the problem was definitely with 1and1, yet they were unable to, or refused to, help. 

We managed a work-around last night that seems to work for most people.  We are terminating our relationship with 1and1 and switching to a new home for our domain name.  Until then, you may experience some scattered problems, for which we apologize.  Once that is done, we hope these widespread technical issues will be a thing of the past. 

We thank you for sticking with the site through this.  We hope to continue to provide a place for Celtics fans to be informed, have fun, and interact.  Your patience and support is much appreciated.

Go C's!
John & Chuck 

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  • Danno

    Since this is what I do for a living (IT Management) I would recommended using a better quality registrar, specifically Network Solutions. They might be a little bit more expensive (maybe $10-$50 more depending on what you need ) but worth every penny. I use them at the corporate level on a 3,000 employee network with 75 offices in 16 countries.

  • we’re in the process of switching to GoDaddy at the moment. Their tech support was worlds better… so I hope that works. However, if it doesn’t, then we’ll consider this solution.

  • KY Celts fan

    Were you hacked by Anonymous? Those bastards out to get everybody.
    BTW, love the picture. Another great Simpsons reference from!

  • I’d second Network Solutions, and I’d say fuck GoDaddy. Good support, but those dudes are evil. They support legislation that would have this site taken down because you don’t have written permission from the NBA to summarize games.

  • Pete

    GoDaddy supports internet censorship (SOPA/PIPA). Please don’t be that guy.

  • Pete


  • I was not aware of that. unfortunately, the wheels are already in motion.
    Let’s get this settled and then I’ll research a new solution.

  • Alex

    NO! NO NO NO!
    Do NOT switch to GoDaddy. Just don’t.
    Not only are they actually a terrible service (their interface is absolute shit, trust me I own about 10 websites and I’ve been a website designer for 7 years), but they also support SOPA.
    For those who do not know what SOPA is, check it out here:
    If you need a domain service, I highly recommend Those guys are great and their member interface is simple and easy. I’ve used them quite a while and I love them.
    Network Solutions is also great!
    Just please… avoid GoDaddy at all costs. Those higher up bastards are evil and the fact that they support SOPA (and creators of the Act) should convince you not to use their service ever.

  • thank you! I have 3 different “technical difficulties” Simpsons photos from which to choose.

  • Alex

    Hehe, very much doubt that Anonymous would care about a Celtics blog (unless most of them are LA fans).

  • Alex

    One thing that aggravates me is that I have to include ‘www’ most of the time to access this site. Without it, I get a 404 error message.
    So yes, it would be good to switch your domain to somewhere else that’s a lot more component. Seriously, what kind of service can screw up on domains…

  • The Simpsons photo will also get you in shit with GoDaddy. Just saying… No sense jumping out of the frying pan and into another frying pan.

  • to be clear, we’re mapping the domain to Typepad… so Typepad hosts the site. GoDaddy is merely where we registered the domain name. So this content is not hosted on any GoDaddy server.
    I understand everyone’s concerns about SOPA. I have the same concerns. I was not aware of GoDaddy’s involvement.
    Like I said. My main goal right now is to stabilize After that happens, I can deal with moral stands against SOPA.

  • Alex

    “After that happens, I can deal with moral stands against SOPA”
    For someone who writes up a blog about the NBA and posts copyrighted content here and there, YOU should be taking SOPA a lot more seriously.
    If SOPA does pass, your blog is in serious jeopardy of getting closed down. Without a doubt.
    There are plenty of better places that can host your domain for you, being one of many good places. Trust me, GoDaddy makes everything confusing with their horrible user interface.
    But, it’s your site. I do recommend that you read up on SOPA. I can’t believe you’ve never heard about it, especially on how serious it can effect a lot of businesses on the internet, especially your Celtics blog. Can’t say this enough, but your blog will be in HUGE trouble if the Act passes and I love this blog a whole lot to see it go down.

  • Good to know we have a lot of readers with IT experience that we can rely on if future problems arise.

  • I do take it seriously. I’m aware of the implications of SOPA and I’ve been fairly active in trying to raise awareness and kill it. But right now, I have bigger problems… like making sure the site is technically sound.
    SOPA won’t mean a thing to me in this case if I don’t even have a blog for people to read. I HAVE to get rid of the technical issues or else they’ll kill this blog before SOPA does.
    I hope everyone understands that. One thing at a time.

  • any freelance developer interested in extra-work coding LAMP for a crm system that’s 99% done.. hit me up!

  • I’m just glad the jonesing for Red’s Army is finally over… It was brutal.

  • Glad to hear you’ve almost got it fixed. I have been trying to get your articles for the links but even in the emails, I couldn’t get to them. I was able to access the articles from the email today but still can’t get get anything on Red’s Army. I’ll keep trying to get you into the links. Hope it’s all solved soon.

  • KY Celts fan

    I don’t have any IT experience, but I do have plenty of Mario Kart experience. So if you ever need any help that area, just hit me up. Hint: Toad is always a safe bet.

  • Danno

    Feel free to hit me up any time.
    Also – I cannot stress enough – just like everyone else. DO NOT USE GODADDY. Not even just as a registrar. Their customer support is HORRIBLE, and they do actively support SOPA/PIPA.

  • Not sure if anyone else pointed this out, but on the Macbook/ipad platform it’s pulling up an out of date web page. Working great in Windows now. Keep up the good content guys!

  • Sorry, Guys I was on a Bender for the last 7 days What did I miss? Other then my intervention. Screw That quitters never win and winners never Quit. Last thing I remember We were losing to the Magic bad at the half. then someone made me drink something. Anyone looking to hire a 3 time employee at the waffle house? I can do IT work if you tell me what It is? Go Celtics!!!!

  • I’m one of the few guys that still reads if you click on the banner to go to red’s it brings you some old page about how wally zerbiak had a good night 😉 Thanks for fixing the problems guys, I know it’s one step at a time..

  • Long live redsarmy you don’t know what you got til its almost gone.

  • Sorry to hear about the issues.