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Enemy Chatter: Andy out rebounded all the Celtics bigs


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Cleveland.

If you insist on a statistical argument to validate Varejao's worth as a player, use those. Beyond that, which makes stats lines the 20/20 he posted that some guys get by taking plays off on the defensive end even more impressive, he tirelessly defended the Boston frontline essentially by himself for 42 minutes too. Varejao, alone, out-rebounded the starting frontline of the C's collectively – Pierce (4 rebs), Garnett (4 rebs), Jermaine O'Neal (3 rebs) – by nine. Throw Boston's top big off the bench into that mix too, Brandon Bass (6 rebs), and you can also say that Andy out-rebounded all four of those guys by three. Because he did.

Stepien Rules

Got a full blown man crush on Varejao these days. He's playing out of his mind.

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  • C’s should offer their best deal for him. Garnett can’t figure him out.

  • Charles Oakley and Anthony Mason really hated the Raptors’ uniforms:
    Oakley can’t stop himself “Those jerseys come with c*m stains on ‘em? Cause they’re the gayest f–ing things I’ve ever seen.” — Anthony Mason “Dinosaurs, brotha? If I was you, I’d f—in’ kill myself.”

  • djisinthehall

    Varejao and Noah are so underrated its not even funny. These are guys you kill for in playoff games.
    The Rodmans of the world.

  • Devonte

    C`s should trade Wilcox,Bradley, & Dooling to Cleveland for R.Sessions and A.Varejao. C`s should make a 3 team trade with Detroit and Houston. Boston get B.Gordon,Houston get T.Prince,M.Daniels,E.Moore, and W.Bynum,Detroit get J.Johnson,T.Williams,J.Flynn,S.Pavlovic, and 1st round pick. After the deadline Ainge should sign R.Wallace and E.House for 1 year. With these new 5 players we will be in the Eastern Conference Finals against Miami and get`em in 6 games because of team work and Doc playing the bench more. J.O`Neal will have problems with the knee then Ainge can amnesty him so he can retired because his career is down the toilet.