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Your Morning Dump… Did Paul Pierce take a shot at Doc Rivers?

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

And, for Pierce, there also was frustration about a lack of fourth-quarter playing time, the 14th-year veteran openly wondering if things might have been different if he played more than the final 3:42, when the Cavaliers closed on an 8-0 run (part of a 12-0 spurt) and rookie Kyrie Irving‘s driving layup with 2.6 seconds to go provided the winner. 

“Maybe I should play a little bit more, I don’t know,” Pierce said when questioned about what the Celtics have to do to maintain a fourth-quarter edge. 

Asked if he was disappointed in being put back in so late, Pierce snapped, “No comment.” 

Before anybody starts screaming about player-coach friction and ask whether Pierce was second-guessing Doc Rivers, keep in mind that Pierce soon after admitted the root of his frustration simply was not winning the game. 

“I’m more upset with losing, more so than not getting back in,” he said. “Certainly I would have liked to have been in there to finish off the game, but the coaches make their decisions. At the time, you can understand when we have an [11-point] lead [with 4:25 to play] to rest the guys. So it’s a double-edged sword.” 

ESPN Boston – Frustrated by loss, Pierce vents

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Paul Pierce so bitter (watch the video to get a better feel of Pierce’s attitude).

He’s angry. Angry at the loss to the Cavaliers. And angry that Doc Rivers waited so long to insert him back into the line-up.

To his credit, Pierce repeatedly criticized his own play and turnovers (7). And he tries to couch his criticism of Doc Rivers, but there’s some venom there. 

Will there be any long term damage to chemistry? Absolutely not. I won’t be surprised if Pierce apologizes to Doc.

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On Page 2, what’s the deal with Rondo?

Rondo likes to joke that he’ll be back sometime around the Feb. 26 All-Star Game.

But if the guard’s wrist continues to heal this slowly, Rondo may be more right than even he knows. He missed his sixth straight game last night, and according to Rivers, he could also be out for tomorrow’s rematch in Cleveland.

“I can’t say it’s worse or better,” Rivers said. “It’s just that he’s still out and he’ll be back soon.”

Herald – Celtics notebook

Did we ever get an official diagnosis of Rondo’s wrist injury? Is it a simple sprain?

Rondo injured the wrist on January 18, nearly two weeks ago. If this talk of a late February return is accurate, Rondo will have missed about 6 weeks. It doesn’t take six weeks for a sprain to heal.

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  • Pierce played 35 minutes; Allen 36; Garnett 30 … that’s about right by anyone’s standards.
    Pierce enters the game at 3:42, preceded by a Kyrie Irving free throw. Up 7 Doc calls a TO and gets KG back in game. But Ray missed a layup in transition, which would have made it a three possession game under 3 minutes. Starters played enough minutes and should have sealed the deal.
    No problem with Doc’s rotation patterns given the post lockout schedule.

  • On a scale from 1-10 on how much I’m worried about it… Pierce/doc comments:1; rondo wrist injury:7.


    Losing at home to the Cavs? NOT DAMN GOOD ENOUGH. Pierce is the msjor reason for this team’s improvement. He has been playing like a man possessed in the last 4 games prior to this one. If Pierce asks, Pierce should get what he wants. Remember this Celtics fans, Pierce is THE MAN on this Celtics team. Not KG, not Ray, not Rondo (patience young Jedi, your time will come) and not Doc Rivers. The energy that Paul has been playing with is the way back to the playoffs and perhaps the Finals if the C’s can follow his intensity. Paul is everything that this Celtics team should be. How many times has Pierce put this team on his back and taken them home in the past? He didn’t win 2008 Finals MVP for nothing. FORGET THE LOSS C’S AND LOOK AHEAD TO A WIN. FIGHT LIKE A PITBULL… RIP THE OPPOSING DEFENSE TO SHREDS… BELIEVE IN EACH OTHER. IT’S ALL ABOUT BANNER 18.

  • Alex

    it’s about the time he played (or rather not) in 4th qtr, not in whole game

  • Two things to currently over-react to if you’re a Celtics fan and love over-reacting: Pierce’s post game comments and Rondo’s wrist injury.

  • paul

    I just know that if Rondo had said that, you would have torn his head off, and you know it. And Doc sits on Rondo all the time. Doc leaves Rondo in too long and then sits on him too long. It’s a regular pattern with him. We need these guys playing for shorter spurts, so that they can go all out more, but then not sitting so darn long.
    I thought that Doc’s substitution was not flowing right all night. Early on it seemed like the subs weren’t flowing in and out as smoothly, like Ray’s return, brilliant as it was, had disrupted the flow, and then Doc stayed with the subs too long. Doc just has a hard time wrapping his mind around the fact that it’s not 2008 anymore. The Big Three are still pretty amazing, but we have to have the young guns.

  • djisinthehall

    A perfect storm of crap. It happens. The PP blown miss call. A loose ball that should have been our, rays missed lay up.
    a horrendous lose, but not the end of the world.
    These losses are almost good for the C’s who OFTEN get complement (at least in years past)
    With the way things are this year they can’t afford it

  • Here’s an interesting dichotomy … After the Bucks clobber LA Saturday night Kobe tells the press that he and Mike Brown have a figure out why they’re 1-7 on road. No adverse reaction from the LA media because Kobe is the final word in Lakerland.
    Around here Doc is in full control and I imagine PP realized that last night, which is why he started walking back those comments. Frustrating loss, but the PP mash up is much ado about nothing.

  • paul

    I agree with these comments. Pierce has every right to be mad. KG said “there’s not a guy in this locker room who is not upset or distraught.” His disappointment in his turnovers and not being in the game to finish hurts. That said, the defense really broke down in the 4th. We had a good week. Lets not get too upset guys. We collapsed at home so it hurts but imagine if Pierce gets off the last shot and we win? We praise Pierce and go home happy with confidence for next game on a 5 game winning streak. 3 minutes of crap happened. And we lost. Lets go get them back tonight!

  • Jerry Sondler

    Pierce is still a very effective all-time NBA great, plus he`s the team captain.
    If Pierce, for instance, approaches Rivers at the 8:00 minute mark, letting him know he`s sufficiently rested and wants to go back in…Doc should respectfully listen and be deferential towards him.
    However, not sure Pierce ever approached Doc last night

  • Overreacting? Why are you not worried that an alleged sprain is taking this long to heal? I think this is part of the reason Ainge wants to dump Rondo: he’s always hurt.

  • John

    Why is this so difficult to understand? It’s tough enough when your bigmen don’t crash the boards – but when your key player is sitting on the bench and you run the freaking weave on offense…. you don’t DESERVE to win at this level.

  • With this team and this schedule, NO ONE should play more than 30 minutes.

  • We can connect dots all we want. He’s a competitor after a loss that is pissed off he lost, watching that interview at no time did I think anything of it.
    Any competitor wants to be in when the game is on the line, regardless of how much they played last night or today so spare me the ‘too many/too few minutes’. And he didn’t call out Doc, he said maybe he should have played as one of many of the reasons for losing, his rough night he admitted accounted for several of the reasons they lost. Look, if everyone BUT PP can’t score over 4+ mins at the end of the 4th our issues are much bigger than his minutes.