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Celtics collapse, Cavs steal a win

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"Part of me fears a let down.  The Celtics coming off a stretch of impressive wins over good teams to get back to .500 now face a lesser opponent."

That part of me was right.  I should have listened.

The Celtics gave up a season-high 54 points in the paint, the last two coming on a game-winning layup by rookie sensation Kyrie Irving (23 points, 10-14 fg).  It was the capper on a 12-0 run after the Celtics had taken an 11 point lead.  

The final was 88-87 Cavs.  The Celtics 87th point came on a Brandon Bass free throw with 4:24 left in the game.  The Celtics were 0-5 with 3 turnovers in that stretch.  The Cavs hit 3 layups and 4 free throws in the stretch.

The Celtics defense was terrible.  The bench was out-scored 30-16.  

Ray Allen was on fire in his first game back from injury, hitting on 9-14 shots (4-6 3pt) for 22 points.  Paul Pierce had a stretch in the third where he was in full takeover mode.  But other than that… I can't find much nice to say… or want to say. 

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  • 54 points in the paint. FIFTY-FOUR. They started to tighten things up in the 3rd with a few good stops, but then regressed. Irving made a hell of a shot, but the 2 Varejao layups right before that were the killers. Doc tried to counter the Cavs’ size with some speed, but to no avail. A little surprised Doc did not try and use Stiemsma more than 5 minutes. I just knew that if the C’s let the Cavs hang-around that Cleveland would steal this one. This is looking to be a season of spurts…oh joy.

  • cez

    Varejay’s pretty good. Lebron should have taken him along.

  • Jerry Sondler

    This is what happens when you don`t have a legitimate center, a shot-blocking physical presence in the paint.
    Any team will exploit that.

  • Alex

    it’s annoying, but it came after 3+1 big wins, and it’s cavs. but i hope they blow them out in thursday 😉

  • Classless

    Sideshow Bob always murders this team. For all his accomplishments, KG has never figured him out.
    Also, the Bradley bandwagon screeched to a halt tonight. He was invisible and Irving put on a PG clinic on him.

  • Elliot

    Paul Pierce’s second highest stat. Enough said!

  • jon

    its ok cleveland got lucky. Next game is going to be a blowout.

  • Lorilei

    Why didn’t Pierce play more in the 4th?

  • Alex

    That no call foul on Pierce was ridiculous. If he had those free throws, it could have been a different result, imo.
    Who knows…
    Blah, Celtics did still allow too many damn points in the Paint so I can’t say much. Varejao KILLS the Celtics.

  • putdjinthehall

    The PP no call did us in. That and not scoring the last 5 minutes and not getting any stops.

  • Varejao always kills us, it’s kind of amazing.
    I’m not reading anything in to this loss, a fluke-y 12-0 run to end a game says nothing about the overall health and wellness of this team. The game was exciting and hard fought and all we can do is pick up and move on.