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Your Morning Dump… WTF got into Chris Wilcox??

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“Last night got me a little more comfortable,” said Wilcox. “Tonight, I just wanted to play hard. I was a little winded but it was a good one.”

Contributions from the nine-year veteran were vital to a win as the Celtics were playing a second night of a back-to-back, and missing Jermaine O’Neal from the lineup. Wilcox didn’t disappoint.

He came out aggressive, hitting all three of his field goal attempts in the first quarter while the Celtics jumped out to an early lead. At halftime Wilcox was the only player in double digits for either team.

“It definitely builds my confidence up more,” said Wilcox. “I got off to a slow start [this season]. Injuries held me back, and now I’m starting to get into a rhythm.”

WEEI: Chris Wilcox gaining momentum 

I don't think I'm overstating this (although it sounds like I am), but a productive Chris Wilcox changes the entire complexion of this team.  It gives the Celtics one more option down low, which gives the Celtics one more guy to give Kevin Garnett rest, which gives the Celtics a better opportunity to compete.  

I'm saying I expect 14 and 6 every night… but what Wilcox gave the team last night could be pivotal.

On a slightly related note:  I can't wait to see what this team looks like completely healthy.  We still haven't seen it yet.  

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On Page 2:  "I’d love to be Paul PIerce, but I’m Mickael Pietrus."


“That man been a 10-time All-Star,” Pietrus said of Pierce. “I’d love to be Paul PIerce, but I’m Mickael Pietrus. … I’m happy to get Paul back. It was hard for me to guard him on the opposing team. I’m glad I’m his teammate. It’s Paul Pierce. He’s a 10-time All-Star. He knows how to play basketball.”

WEEI:  “I’d love to be Paul PIerce, but I’m Mickael Pietrus"

Toss Pietrus into that mix of pivotal players. 

And the guy he's talking about ain't bad either.  Another near triple double for the Captain?  

I'm not sure where this team will end up… but I'm telling you we stil haven't seen the Celtics' best basketball.  Not by a long shot.

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  • Pietrus is a funny dude. Wonder if anything was said to instigate the c’mon gesture but it was awkward.

  • Ironically this turnaround coincided with RR going down. Now that may sound like an indictment on him but it’s not. It was a call to action. The symmetry started taking shape when the offense was forced to run through Pierce in Washington. No doubt he will be named POTW on Monday.
    Okay KG is no longer a 20/10 guy, but the following day his defense on Howard set the tone for a record setting week. I guess both of them were sick and tired of the ‘blow it up’ rumors. Now they’re both locked in and playing with that swagger again and their teammates are getting a taste of what it means to win as Celtics.
    As for the bench, I’m not sure about D. Marsh anointing them the best in league. No question Bass and Pietrus are stud bench players. but if they can get consistency from Wilcox and one of young hybrid guards, we’re pretty damn good 6 through 9 and more athletic than we’ve ever been since the dawn of the big 3 era.
    I think Doc deserves a ton a credit for the turnaround. Those sideline pep talks are becoming legendary. Taking the ball out of Bradley’s hands was a stroke of genius last night. He’s keeping the offense simple and is trusting Bradley even though his lack of shot making hasn’t hurt us. As for RR, maybe now Doc is secure enough to trim his minutes when he comes back. That alone will keep him fresher and keep him aggressive.

  • JR99

    “I’m saying I expect 14 and 6 every night” — is missing “not”
    The cool thing is that in 3 games, 3 different bench guys stepped up to impact the game, help us win. That’s the mark of a great team, improving through the regular season as they should, getting ready for the playoffs. Watch out NBA… this team is for real.

  • Classless

    Let’s not assign too much credit to Doc. Part of the reason this team floundered at the start was Doc burying Bradley, Moore and anyone not with 10 years of NBA experience at the end of the bench. I hope Doc doesn’t do this once Allen and Rondo come back. Moore is desperately what this team needs: young scoring. And Bradley can potentially be Tony Allen.
    Play those guys consistently and this team takes on a whole different look.

  • Historically Doc has been stingy with minutes, but during that stretch of losses RR was our best player, and Ray was our best shooter. Conversely Moore was 0-14 on spot up jumpers before he hit 4 straight threes the other night. Bradley's end to end defense has been superb all season, but his offense has not been even average.
    What this winning streak may have proven to Doc is that Bradley and Moore can find a comfort zone when Rondo and Ray are on the bench. He'll just need to make sure that Pierce comes of the floor early and then gets minutes quarterbacking a second team of Bass, Pietrus, Wilcox, Bradley or Moore. 
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