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The Celtics have no shot at Chris Kaman


The New Orleans Hornets are trying to move center Chris Kaman and his $14 million salary. The Hornets are so intent on trading Kaman, they aren’t playing him out of fear he may get injured. 

While Kaman and his 11.7 ppg and 8.3 rpg career averages would be a welcome additon to the Celtics, a trade is virtually impossible. The Hornets want something of value in return, not a Jermaine O’Neal, Chris Wilcox, JaJuan Johnson and E’Twaun Moore cocktail. Those salaries don’t even work, but you get my point.

As ESPN Boston’s Chris Forsberg points out, the only chance for Boston is for Kaman to be bought out of his deal. If that happens, the Celtics could offer a veteran minimum deal.

Teams rumored to have interest in trading for Kaman include the Spurs, Pacers, Rockets and Jazz.

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  • Ive said this since last year and now that it could finally be a possibility danny needs to get it done. RONDO JERMAINE OUR TWO FIRST ROUND PICKS \\ and anyone on our bench most likely including JAJUAN JOHNSON and ETWUAAN MOORE/AVERY BRADLEY( we need to keep one of them to run the point but to be honest id let keyon run it if they wanted both) for DWIGHT HOWARD. We get dwight who we put with the big 3 and a regular decent point guard who isnt an arrogant prick and can actually shoot the ball and spread out the floor for the Big 3 and HOWARD. Orlando would get pretty good young talent in Rondo Jajuan and bradley along with 2 first round picks maybe 3 along with an expiring contract in jermaine. I think it would be a win win for both especially since dwight is leaving orlando anyway so they might as well trade him this year. It could also be possible because Dwight added us to his possible wish list which means he would come to boston to play.PIUT ME ON THE BOOKS NOW I WOULD TRADE RONDO THIS YEAR EVEN FOR A ONE YEAR RENTAL OF DWIGHT HOWARD TO GO ALL IN TO WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP BECAUSE WITH HOWARD THIS TEAM COULD BE VERY VERY SPECIAL. If Danny can somehow makes this happen the celtics could not only be set up this year but if we do our job as fans and make dwight howard like the city of boston and treat him as a god like we do all our great sport players then he might be willing to stay and set the team up for years to come with the ability to attract great players to Boston (which could be very important next year when all of our money comes off the books). lets make it happen danny

  • We got a shot at Kaman, Threw a buy out.. if they can’t move him we got a spot waiting for him in a vet min deal..
    I don’t think you need to go all out for Dwight now… I think with the team we have no we are going to be able to catch up to the 76ers which gets us to the 3rd seed. We win the first round and lose in the second.. anything more then that would be amazing. The 66 game schedule hurt us at the beginning but it’s going to help us now. We actually have a bench unlike a lot of other teams.
    When the Season is over we got plenty of moves to make. I’d like to make a run at paul milsap and dwight. You know Ray is coming back and Paul is still around. I kinda like KG as a center as he has lost a step but outside of Dwight/Andrew/Hibbert who can out muscle him? Ah well I love the current winning streak GO C’s….

  • Unless Kaman is bought out and falls into Danny’s lap there is no way you risk any first round picks or disrupt the chemistry that’s taking shape at this moment.
    Additionally no FA contracts can be moved until March 1st.
    If JO’s chronic knee flares up then it’s worth pursuing because I seriously doubt the Hornets can execute a trade unless they accept a bad incoming contract. So perhaps at the deadline you can package a salary dump, which works for both teams … JO, Dooling, Daniels, Sasha (Pietrus makes both expendable) and cash. I would keep AB, Moore and JJ’s contracts.
    Then you have to consider starting him and that may equate to a Kristic scenario and hurt us defensively. Better to stick with the JO/KG continuity.
    Kaman would be nothing more than rental for the remainder of the season. They would own his BR, which could be useful in an off season S/T, but with only 25m to spend in free agency there is no way we can afford to resign him, KG and Ray if Howard is the prime directive in the off season.