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Recap: Pierce does it all in win over Pacers


Who needs Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo? The Celtics have now won four straight games without their starting backcourt. 

Paul Pierce was the hero. How's this for a balanced stat sheet? 28 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks. The Truth had 17 in the 3rd quarter, asserting himself offensively as Indiana picked up their intensity.

Chris Wilcox (14 points, 6-8 FG, 6 rebounds) played his best game in green.

Another strong defensive performance from Bar Fight. The Celtics won the battle of the boards, 45-42. I was really impressed with the effort. They didn't look like a team that clawed it's way back from a 27 point deficit vs Orlando 24 hours ago. 

Stat of the night: Indiana 1-19 (5%) from 3

Box score 

(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

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  • Alex

    31 FT attempts from the Pacers. The refs TRIED to help the Pacers out but the C’s are just too good.
    I’m seriously loving this team right now. They are moving a lot more fluidly and playing with a lot of heart. I love this team!
    I’m not even sure if I want to see Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo back. ;x hehe

  • Mileke

    What makes this win even more better is how easy the schedule get for the next 2 weeks… 5 of the next 6 are against sub .500 teams, & 5 of the next 6 are at home. the only team above .500 is Memphis, & the only road game is to Cleveland… things look to be on the rise here in Boston… Don’t write them off just yet… Also, Danny need to make a call to the Hornets & see just what they want for Kaman, seen on twitter they’re looking to move him…

  • It’s amazing how good the C’s look when each piece does it’s part to complete the puzzle. KG once again played great D. I thought Hibbert would kill us tonight, but boy was I wrong. Sure, Tyler H. and West had a couple loud dunks, but all and all KG held his own-on 2nd night of back to back. The bench played great, especially Wilcox. 14 pts from him. If he can do that every few games, that would be a huge bonus. Couple that with Pierce leading and taking the game over when needed, and you got another strong win. Now the refs? That’s a whole other post. Olandis Poole isn’t as well-known, but he is just as bad as Kennedy, Crawford etc. That flagrant will no doubt be rescinded. Now we have the Cavs twice, and with rest in between. Great chance to be 11-9 by Feb. 1st. Enjoy your weekend RedsArmy readers..

  • BradinFL

    Trade Pierce now. You will never get more for him & Garnett now than you will at this very moment.

  • Jerry Sondler

    The jury has returned with their verdict….Rondo & Ray are guilty of having held us back!

  • paul

    Pierce is the reason the Celtics are winning. Why would they trade him? I’m not convinced they want to blow this team up. They are too deep, talented and spirited to give up, and the coaching staff is starting to hit its stride as well. The injuries have been minor. Ray and Kevin could walk at the end of this season. Ainge isn’t in a hurry. He’s looking to sign a big this offseason and if possible bring Ray and KG back for minimum contracts while fostering young talent.

  • See there’s just one problem my friend; even if Ainge was foolish enough to trade one or both of them right now, there is no-one available right now that makes the Celts better. That one deal is just not there.

  • after the last lock-out the knicks where the 8th seed and made it to the finals.. right now all veteran teams are saying the same thing: regardless of the record, try to get healthy for the big dance.
    food for thought: by keeping both kg/ray maybe danny could get them resigned on cheap 1-2 yr discount deals and doc bury them on the bench as 7th-8th men…

  • Lee in Oregon

    The Captain is in shape and carrying the team while Rondo is down. These last few games have been the first time this year I’ve seen real Celtic-style defense, and as long as they continue that things will go well. Nice to beat Indy after the 2 crap outings earlier, I think they expected that same team tonite. Wilcox can definitly be that guy, he’s always been a good player and once he gets right physically we should see alot more games like this one.
    I would think Avery Bradley is leading the league in air-balls? He can clearly finish around the rim though. He’s annoying the crap out of these opposing guards though and I credit him and KG with the defensive resurgance.

  • 7th & 8th men??? how in the hell would we find two guys better than KG and Ray? I think the plan A is very clearly to get dwight, and go with a team of Rondo, Ray, Pierce, KG, Dwight. 6 Green 7 Bass 8 Pietrus 9 Bradley 10-15 between Moore/Johnson/Steimsma/Rookie/Rookie/ JO/Wilcox/Dooling…That’s a hell of a team

  • Remember 5 games ago the only thing people were saying is how lost this team would be without Rondo? Weird.
    One thing i think that is seriously helping the offense is not having the play where Rondo dribbles 2 feet behind the three point line waiting for Allen to come around the screen where everyone knows its coming, running a predictable play that is ineffective and runs the shot clock down to nothing
    last thing, we had 5 guys with 6+ rebounds, against one of the best rebounding teams in the NBA, effort plays matter so so much

  • yo papi, have you been watching the games.. wyc was behind the mic vs. magic and lauded the fact there’s room for 2 max players next year. add those 2 guys w/rondo and pierce= 4 starters. resign kg/ray for short money, plus the role players you suggested and that’s a formidable squad= toughness, leadership, and #18
    anything short is taking a risk. is there’s 2 players worth max money.. obv dhoward, but will he come here.. not likely. before brandon bass opt’s out it would be prudent of danny to throw him 3 yrs/14M. and call me crazy, but personally i think ray w/be a solid 6th man.
    c’s need slasher’s, scorers, and obv need to get younger.

  • agreed. ray scrambling under the basket for a baseline jumper was getting old. it really seemed like that was their only play. too bad we don’t have a slasher or kg getting dirty on the block.
    and remember 10+ games ago everyone here was screaming to trade rondo for cp3? that easily w/have been a future cap killer. keeping rondo is one of the hidden gems in this league. just like perk, rondo has intangibles where he doesn’t need to be spot-up shooter or make the opening tip-off.. but everything in-between he does extremely well at high level.
    as suggested keeping this squad together and resigning kg/ray for short money might be a sneaky smart.. even if it comes at the expense of this year’s frustrations.

  • Rondo and Pierce are the only people on the team who can make their own shots. Wrong! This team must have Rondo be the point guard who sets up every play. BS. Rondo is a great defender. Hmm, Bradley and Moore remind us what real defense is. On-your-man defense. The only real kind! Trade Paul Pierce because he was this week’s MVP and his trade value is high. He was this week’s MVP and he’s a Celtic in the grand tradition. Why the Hell would we trade him? They’re too old to play defense anymore. Thank you Avery and E’Tuan for reminding the veterans what intensity on defense can bring. The refs stacked this one against us, 3-to-1 with free throws and we beat them by 10 and held them under 90. That means we held them to 29 baskets for the entire game, including holding them to 5% from the 3- point line. That’s defense baby!!! All you conventional wisdomers, watch out. I think the boys are back. Defense. Not a bar fight, KG! A bar fight in a telephone booth! Every man on the floor, taking no prisoners, up close and personal. I hope Rondo is learning his lesson on the bench. Showboat time is over. The new Celtics are not here. The old Celtics are back! I think someone up there in Heaven pulled out a cigar tonight.:-)

  • It’s a long way off, but if KG doesn’t retire you may be right. DH with our current nucleus would be formidable.
    Bass would have to exercise his option, which I could see him doing because he would be guaranteed 25+/night at PF. Ray and Garnett though would have to accept slightly more than the vet. minimum. They own Green’s BR, but I’m not sure there would be enough available cash to resign Pietrus. Definetely something to consider!

  • With cap holds they only have 25m to spend in FA, which won’t be enough for two max players. But signing DH and keeping the core 4 is possible if both FA were to accept short money.
    If Bass were to exercise his option and Green resigns (they own his BR), at the trade deadline Danny could offer Dooling/Sasha/Moore, a #2 and a t/e (Erden or Gody) for J.R. Smith or JO’s expiring contract straight up and a t/e.
    Nuggets are loaded at the 2 and have no use for Smith. That addresses the slasher/off the dribble creator we lack. Then you approach free agency with the idea of resigning Smith for two years at around 6m/ and go after DH. That would likely mean losing Pietrus. So if Ray and KG were to accept slightly more than pro rated vet. minimums …
    Ray/J.R. Smith
    2 #1s

  • blackheads

    Ainge and Rivers should NOW rethink of NOT underestimating their 2nd and 3rd team guys. For the past 3-4 years, Celtics has been Pierce-KG-Allen-Rondo. They should engage more of the 2nd and 3rd team guys. Give them enough minutes to mature and win. We will never know what kind of injuries teh Big 4 will get the next games.


    Good win C’s. I have one wish this year and that’s to see the Celtics be champions again… LIFE IS SHORT, PLAY HARD!!!

  • the only two players left on the market that are worth max contracts are dwight and Dwill, we aren’t getting both, so it really doesn’t matter if we have money for two max guys, because its wouldn’t make sense to give someone other than those two max money
    I agree we need to get younger, and if we can’t get Dwight, which i said is just option “A” (it has to be, by far would be the easiest fix to the team) I would move to option B, which still to me would be resigning KG and Ray to about for 3 to 5 mil each, than going after young players that you could sign without exceeding when Pierce contract is up. for instance getting like OJ Mayo and Hibbert for 3 years. than with Green, two first rounders, and Mayo/Hibbert we get a whole lot younger, and we start to transition into a “Rondo type team”

  • Pietrus would then get the MLE or mini mid

  • Exactly. I don’t see a deal that ‘does it’ short or long term. Stay the course, hold the line and see what happens for better or worse. This run has been fun and has me cautiosly optimistic. Bass and the young guards have been excellent and it is awesome to see PP play like himself CONSISTENTLY for a week+.
    As for Ray and Rondo, they are proud dudes and this is definitely going to push them to be better. Thinking of Rondo develop some young’ish and quick’ish offense sets… What’s the o/u on a Rondo-to-AB breakaway lob? 4 games?