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Your Morning Dump… Where the C’s adjust the offense to Bradley

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“It think it gives him confidence to play,” Rivers said of Bradley. “And it’s something that we’ve talked about as a staff at the beginning of the year; we may have to go to a different offense for the second unit, which I don’t do very often.

“Because Avery’s not Rondo. He’s not going to be Rondo as far as running a team. But what he does defensively is so good for us it’s good to have him out on the floor. So if we have to have him out on the floor as a point, then we have to run a different set so that group can function offensively.”

It also means either Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett will have to be on the court with Bradley, “because we’ve run half our offense from the elbows of late.”

Herald:  Offense may adjust to Bradley 

Translation:  I need to play Avery Bradley because his defense is huge, but we have to radically change our offensive sets and rotations to do it because offensively he is making my eyes bleed.

And I know some of you think I'm being hard on Avery on the offensive end… but you can't watch him in the half court and not cringe.  So credit Doc for seeing what he has and adjusting to it.  

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On Page 2: Doc expects a little tougher challenge from Orlando

Regardless of when the C's would face the Magic again after Monday's record-setting performance, Rivers would expect nothing less than a tougher battle the second go-around.

"It's human nature," Rivers said. "They're going to come in and they're going to want to show us, I guess."

And Rivers couldn't be any more pleased about that.

To play a game where both teams come in with something to prove – the C's want to show Monday wasn't a fluke while the Magic are determined to show they're a better team than the one that scored a franchise-low 56 points – at this point in the season is embraced fully by Rivers.

"I love that," Rivers said. "I think that's great. I wish every game had that feeling. I think that's how each team should play. They're going to come at us. That's fine by us. We're going to do the same. It's a great challenge."

CSNNE: Rivers doesn't expect same Magic in next matchup

The Celtics will have to match their intensity from the last game.  And Orlando will have to not cheat. 


Oh you think we forgot about that, Orlando?  

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  • Alex

    Not sure why we are being hard on Bradley on the offensive end. I thought he did well leading the team at Point during the offensive sets. By the looks of it, I saw him making some good passes. Of course, he’s no Rondo, but I thought he played decent. And yes, his jump shot is quite bad…
    Defensively, I think Avery Bradley is the best man on man defender I’ve ever seen! The way he can just stick his hand at the right time to get the steal amazes me.

  • djisinthehall

    I think its all confidence with Bradley. Once he is 100% confident he will knock down shots.
    He squares and has good form, they are just clanking.

  • donny marshal preaches it’s about talent. w/o raw talent it’s impossible for teams to compete.. and yes fyi basketball is a team sport.
    unfortunately the celtics no longer have super stars where they can hide players lacking experience i.e. big baby, leon powe, etc.
    hoping that bradley does/turn into something special is wishful thinking. and that’s how lottery teams operate.. on pipe dreams. right now this team has a better chance of winning the lottery than #18
    best thing they could do tonight is play lock down defense, turn defense into offense, make the magic shoot from the outside and hacka-dhoward for a cheap win.

  • Sobering assessment, but I concur. In three starts he’s 8-24 from
    the field with 4 of those made baskets at the rim. He may have instinctive ball hawking skills, but he also allowed the notoriously erratic John Wall to shoot 50% (9-18FGM) and finish with 27 pts and Nash basically got whatever he wanted, The lack of offense, or his lack of play making, translates to the Celtic offense playing 4 on 5 with him on the floor.
    Still, you have to at least give him spot up minutes because of his defense and energy. You have the makings of a guard who execute a full court press by himself. That could wear down the opponent or at least take them out of a half court set. If Doc is going to experiment with him, and RR, better run Rondo along the baseline or keep him in space. Even if you add three shooters, including KG at the 5, the problem is they’re all jump shooters with no post presence and you know defenses will leave Bradley open. This is precisely what happened last night to the Bulls. Tibbs opted for Scal late in the game, and while his defense helped thwart an Indy possession, he was left wide open down the floor and bricked a go ahead three pointer off a Rose pass.
    Now the Magic are not going to shoot 24.6% again, but they are playing their 3rd game in 4 nights with a visit to NO tomorrow. Indeed, AB could be a disruptive factor again. But a Rondo/Bradley back court is not the tandem we want moving forward.

  • Well, Nash did NOT get whatever he wanted. He had been averaging in the mid-20’s for several games before us and he hardly scored in our game. My biggest fear with Bradley in this game is the refs. He did get away with a couple of obvious fouls in the Orlando game. I have a feeling, given that the game is in Orlando, that the refs may take him out of the mix by leaning too much the other way.

  • lol i watched last nights bulls too.. scal trying to be hero with the long ball. plenty of time on the shot clock and boom, clank there it goes.
    in bradley’s defense he was never given the opportunity to get on the court. he should have spent 1-2 yrs in maine and now doc/us fans are expecting him to carry the team.
    at the bare min rondo’s a championship caliber pg. he’s a 4 star general that will never develop an outside shot. but everything else he does extremely well. hence trading for cp3’s x3 contract would have been a disaster.
    what’s the answers to fixing this team? danny needs to over-spend for mediocre talent and obtain malcontent players with character issues. pp, ray, and kg are all bench players- they no longer can carry the load night-in night-out. i’m afraid we’re sliding right back into the patino era w/o any trade-able assets. thankfully we have a kick ass owner.

  • JR99

    Sure, Bradley is not Rondo on offense. But neither is he as bad as some are saying. Pre-NBA, he had an excellent jumper, and he has good form. We can expect that his shooting % will rise again, as he gains more PT and confidence. Plus, his moves to basket are excellent right now. He is nowhere near as bad as you make him sound. It’s ok to have AB bring the ball up then run the offense through PP or KG. Have you forgotten what happened in the last game, just a couple of days ago? How they blew out Orlando to an HISTORIC extent? And how by all accounts Bradley sparked that rout? What are ya, blind?