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Recap: Celtics rally from 27 points down to beat Magic


What's more demoralizing: Beating a team by 31 points or rallying from a 27 point deficit on their home court? 

I vote for the epic comeback we saw tonight.

E'Twaun Moore has big balls. The kid had 10 of his 16 points in the 4th quarter. He also played some tremendous hustle defense in the final quarter.

Paul Pierce was a vital reason for the comeback: 24 points, 6 rebounds and 10 assists.

I hope Dwight Howard got the message. If you want to play for a coach who knows how to motivate his guys and a team with heart, come to Boston.

The Celtics outscored the Magic 54-25 in the second half and 27-8 in the 4th quarter.

One final note… I'm drunk. Celtics.. Hoo-rah. Celtics… Hoo-rah. Celtics… Hoo-rah. 1-2-3 Ubuntu!

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  • GreenInCleveland

    Stan Van Gundy is the Master of Panic once again.

  • Yeah, trade Pierce! lol 😀
    Seriously, Moore will be a hell of a player by the end of the season.
    Great win, go C’s!!!!!!!

  • Lee in Oregon

    The difference between the last 2 games is that when the C’s are down 25 they keep fighting, and that’s why Dwight wants to come play in Boston. Did you guys see Baby with his “I’m about to tear somebody’s head off” grimace in the first half? By the end it was same old baby, jacking shots and crying. Helluva win and a coming out party for Moore…..this team has heart even shorthanded and I doubt anyone wants to trade the captain tonite.
    Ok Magic fans, you talked the shit, whatcha got to say now?

  • gaia

    oh my god!!!!!

  • Jerry Sondler

    Moore is more!!!!

  • I nearly had tears of joy after this win. I love these guys! Why would we ever want to trade them?

  • Stunned Van Gundy!

  • tazb


  • Mileke

    -That was a GREAT game, & EVEN BETTER COMEBACK! Best comeback i’ve seen from our boys since Game 4 of the ’08 Finals vs. the Lakers in LA…
    -E’Twuan Moore was a class act tonight, He’s going to be special in this league… proved tonight he was a MAJOR steal
    -Pierce was the Truth, & nothing but the Truth, doing what he does best
    -KG was a monster defensively all night long,
    -Bass hit some BIG shots down the stretch, overall, not that great a game, but came up BIG when we needed him to most
    -& what GREAT Coaching by Doc Rivers! leaving Pierce in the whole 4th Q, even though we’re playing again tomorrow, & calling TO’s when neccesary so they can catch their breath… He knows that there’s a good chance JO, Rondo, & Ray all return tomorrow, so Pierce’s fatigue, if he has any won’t really affect the team tomorrow at home vs. the Pacers. FANTASTIC coaching… & hopefully they bring some more energy tomorrow vs. a tough Pacers team!
    -BTW Howard, its right there for you, we will clear the space for you, it’s just up to you, you know what we’re capable of, & you know this is the BEST franchise in the league… It’s up to you!
    -Great Win Team Celtics, now let’s get it back to .500 tomorrow, & move the streak to 4 games!

  • Lee in Oregon

    good to see you Mileke! Pierce has been in on alot of amazing comebacks in his career, but man, Doc & the guys were incredibly fired up after that one, I wish TNT had stayed there longer before jumping to LA. This team is alive again for sure.

  • The Orlando TRAGIC…ORLANDO,Fla.
    Paul Pierce had 24 points and 10 assists, and E’Twaun Moore added 16 points to help the Boston Celtics erase a 27-point deficit and beat the Orlando Magic for the second time this week, 91-83 on Thursday night.Pierce and Moore had 10 points each in the fourth quarter.Dwight Howard led the Magic with 16 points and 16 rebounds. Orlando had an 11-point lead entering the fourth quarter, but shot 2 of 17 in the final 12 minutes. The Magic scored just EIGHT points in the period.
    The Celtics have won three straight for just the second time this season. It also was their FOURTH consecutive victory over the Magic, dating to last season.Since a season-best, five-game winning streak, the Magic have lost three times in five games, including a 31-point defeat at Boston on Monday.
    After being mostly manhandled on both ends for three quarters, Boston found its energy in the final 12 minutes, sparked by Pierce and Moore.
    The Celtics opened the fourth quarter with a 15-1 run and grabbed their first lead since the opening period, 79-76 with 7:32 to play.
    The Magic went 0-for-7 from the field, missed 5 of 6 free throws and committed three turnovers during Boston’s spurt.A free throw by Pierce after Ryan Anderson’s technical foul made it 84-78 with 3:47 remaining. The Magic got within 84-80 after a pair of free throws by Hedo Turkoglu, but no closer.

  • If that comeback on top of Monday’s win doesn’t convince Dwight to come here to play for a TEAM led by a great motivational coach…WOW that was a hell of a marketing tool. Awesome. Just awesome.

  • The defense in the 2nd half was phenomenal-KG played great D on Howard most of the night. Offensively, Truth just took the game over, and Moore hit those big 3’s. But what really led to this comeback was the resolve of Doc, Paul and Garnett. At the end of the first-half, most of the team walked-off the court with their heads down. But those three, especially Pierce, had that look of confidence. And you just know that Doc went in that locker room and pulled the guys together. And of course KG was barking at them too. That’s why even though these older guys will struggle physically, you just cannot put enough value on their leadership skills and the confidence and composure they give the rest of the team. Ubuntu.

  • Holyshit

    incredible! if your balls are anywhere as big as moore’s you will become real celtics fans and never again mention trading paul pierce! whatever though, I guess I’m butthurt and sentimental about this team. if i see another break up the big three post i wont be back here.

  • Elliot

    that wasn’t The Big Ticket out there tonight that was DaKid. Defensive monster.

  • Mileke

    GREAT to see you too Lee… & yes. the Celtics do seem to be back, & it will only get better once the FULL gang is back! Still believe we’re one BIG man short of competing for a championship! I really enjoyed this win though… GREAT way to show Celtic Pride out there!

  • For the better part of the season i’ve been quite confused as to why Moore couldn’t hit the blind side of a barn, i swear after every miss ive just kept saying, he’s not a bad shooter, what the hells going on?
    Well there you have it, kid can shoot, kid can play.
    AND I’d like to say once again, the rumors of the Celtics demise have been greatly exaggerated.
    but, this win was as much about the Magic being mental midgets, as it was the celtics playing with resolve and not giving up like the magic did in boston
    that being said, we did the same thing against Miami and Chicago, this time however was it the fact that we had the legs and conditioning to get over the hump or was it the fact that the magic just caved? i dont know, all i know is it was sure fun to watch
    and i know im better than this but…GREG IN ORLANDO WHERE YOU AT SON?

  • Play the young guys and good things will happen. Hopefully, Doc doesn’t bury them when Rondo, Allen come back.

  • only thing disgusting about that game was marv alberts toupee, wOoT wOoOoT

  • Lee in Oregon

    Just saw KG’s interview with Sager right after the game, he was pretty worked up even by KG standards. I’m assuming the captain had something to say to QRich after the game! Aside from being a great game, it really gave Howard a taste of what he could be part of. I hope DA makes us all forget David West ever existed, (but he will exist tomorrow night- hope the hangover from this win doesnt leave the C’s flat.)

  • Nick

    UBUNTU never give up all for 1 1 for all. The Celtics aura and mystique is back again. This team is very deep and talented.

  • Nick

    BTW im sick of everyone crowning the Bulls, Barkely just said on TNT that theres no way anyone but Chicago or Miami comes out of the East. That’s ludicrous I could easily see Boston or even Atlanta beating the Bulls, Why are we crowning them? WELL IF YOU WANNA CROWN EM THEN CROWN THEIR ASS! But i dont fear Miami or Chicago, especially the Bulls we are better than them top to bottom.

  • NorthernGreen

    That, my friend, is the reason for the turn-around! Doc was forced to play the younger guys. He has a full team, use it!

  • Mileke

    Yes, I don’t see why people think the Bulls are that good, they are not… I agree with you 100%

  • aaron

    WHEN will Moore get more run? he missed a single shot and had a team high +27
    if doc doesnt start getting him up around 20+ minutes a game i will be pissed.

  • aaron

    just think if we had MATT BARNES BABY!

  • Great game even if they did get a little tired and miss a lot of the nail-in-the-coffin shots at the very end. Still, that was spectacular defense and, miraculously, the offense worked without a point guard. I thought we couldn’t play without Rondo leading every play? Not sure why everyone wants Dwight Howard though after another one of these performances. He can be intimidated when he puts the ball on the floor and then end up getting his shot blocked or putting up God awful shot attempts. He does get in foul trouble a lot with his dirtiest-player-in-history-done-with-a-smile tactics. And the technicals. I feel bad for Baby though. He has lost his cajones when the game is on the line. I was HOPING he got their shots in the fourth. And he got a lot, thank God. Clunk, clunk, CLUNK.