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Your Morning Dump… Bradley’s defense is frustrating and contagious

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“I can tell (when opponents get frustrated). Sometimes they talk to me,” he said. “They’ll say, ‘You can get back a little bit, you don’t have to pick me up all the time,’ and when they start talking to me like that, that’s when I know I’ve got them.”

Asked if Nelson uttered those words, Bradley paused, smiled and said, “Everybody says it to me. Everybody. I just laugh. I might just look at them. I’m going to keep coming all of the time.”

Herald – Bradley loving the pressure

Asked whether full-court pressure was Rivers’s game plan, Bradley said, “It really wasn’t. But I told Doc, ‘I’m going to pick him up the whole game.’ And he kind of looked at me like, ‘The whole game?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, the whole game.’

“And that’s what I did. I wanted to bring everyone else’s energy up, and I think I did, playing defense like that. And Paul [Pierce] came up and told me, ‘When you play defense like that, it makes us play defense even harder.’ ’’

Globe – The changing of a guard

How embarrassing for Jameer Nelson. He was begging Avery Bradley to let up. Can anyone tell me why Bradley never ran into a jaw-rattling pick by Dwight Howard? That's how you get Avery to slow up. You put Howard's massive frame in the back of his mind.

Anyone who has ever played ball knows what it's like to play against that guy. On the playground, it's usually a pasty kid in a Duke jersey. Your mindset becomes "Do I really have to deal with this all game?"

It's not fair to ask Rajon Rondo to exert that much energy on defense. But it would be nice to see him ball-hawk like Avery in the 4th quarters or for critical possessions.

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On Page 2, is Kevin Love close to an extension?

No final decision from Love on whether to accept the Wolves' latest offer will be made until Wednesday, sources told Stein. 

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reported Tuesday the two sides had agreed to a four-year, $62 million extension.

The report, citing a person close to the situation, said Love was expected to sign the deal Wednesday afternoon in Dallas.

Love's options, to this point, have been accepting a four-year deal from Minnesota or declining the offer and becoming a restricted free agent in July, with Minnesota then able to match any offer sheet Love would receive in free agency. To reach unrestricted free agency, Love would have to be willing to play out the 2012-13 season on a one-year qualifying offer worth just $6 million.

Love is currently eligible for the same five-year extension worth nearly $80 million that Russell Westbrook received last week from the Oklahoma City Thunder, but the Wolves have to this point in negotiations been unwilling to make Love their "designated player" and offer him a five-year max contract, maintaining that they want to keep as much future flexibility as possible as they continue to rebuild their team.


This story has nothing to do with the Celtics… right now. It may be the longest of long shots, but I'm praying Minny screws this up and let's Kevin Love slip away.

Love is a max player. This deal is insulting. Walk away, Kevin. Walk away.

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  • There’s a salient piece over at the NY Times NBA blog that made me think about the failed ’48 minutes of hell’ strategy. Maybe Pitino is smiling over Bradley’s one man full court press because I remember no veteran, rookie, Pierce or Walker stuck with his game plan. Slick Rick never could sell the full court press because every time it was tried good passing teams like the Jordan era Bulls exploited it for lay ups.
    Rarely do we see the implementation unless the team is in desperate situation. But a one man full court press was used by Carlisle in the finals and could be kryptonite against weary opponents in this post lockout season. Yeah there’s a risk, but our guys won’t have to cover space in one man press. The point here is Bradley can spot up minutes and wear the opponent down and get them out of their half court sets thereby reducing the time off the shot clock. And we all know good defense leads to easy buckets.
    I would be shocked if Khan was stupid enough not to wrap up a max deal for Love today. Either way the Wolves are in drivers’ seat because not only can they match, but they can offer more $$. doesn’t strike me as a Kardashian wannabe. Receiving passes from Rubio at 30m/yr is better option than playing in his own backyard without a PG, and under the thumb of Kobe.
    Meantime this is an important day, and the main reason why I think Danny won’t deal for a borderline all-star with bad contract. The focus is on cap space and procuring #1’s if he wants to make a run at DH in the off season. Then, perhaps execute a S/T for a restricted free agent who likely will not be extended today. It’s a pretty decent list …
    – Mayo
    – Hibbert
    – Gallo
    – Batum
    – R. Anderson

  • show me some consistency. the kid hasn’t done anything in 2 yrs and now he’s front line news? check his twitter page and you’ll know how much he despises the north east. in 2-3 yrs’ he’ll be another “where are they now” segment. speaking of which..

  • D

    Actually, Dwight Howard sent Bradley to the floor with a hard foul at one point in the he tried to send a message but Avery didn’t back down. Good for him


    It’s about time that this kid got some decent minutes. I can see a backcourt of Rondo and Bradley. From time to time, that would be good. I also think that they could sometimes play a forward line of Steimsma, Bass and Pierce, or O Neal, Pietrus and Garnett. This team has so many good players, I think half the problem has been sorting out which player plays what role and for how long and at what time are they best used. BELIEVE IN YOUR BENCH DOC. GO THE CELTICS…