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Ray Allen skips trip to Orlando

It doesn't look like Ray's going to play on Thursday

Celtics guard Ray Allen is the only player not on the team's trip to Orlando Tuesday morning. 

In addition to dealing with an ailing ankle that forced him to miss Monday's first game against the Magic, Allen's wife, Shannon, is also pregnant and the latest addition to the family is expected soon. 

First of all, congratulations to the Allens.  That's obviously the most important thing here. 

Ray seemed to be on the fence about playing yesterday.  I don't think this is going to be a very extended absence. 

Rajon Rondo, Keyon Dooling and Mickael Pietrus might all make their returns Thursday.  The question then becomes.. how does Doc approach Ray's absence?  The way Avery Bradley played last night adds another possibility to this equation.

Could Doc start Avery Bradley in place of Ray Allen, have Bradley hound Nelson again, but have Rondo on Jason Richardson and in the game to run the offense?  The downside is you lose a shooter on offense who can spread the floor.  

You can start Pietrus, if he's ready, and have the shooter there.  He can certainly defend Richardson and then Rondo could be the guy who picks up Nelson.  But Rondo goes for too many steals, and I'm afraid he'll gamble his way out of too many plays.  

Unless of course Rajon saw how easy it is to get Nelson to turn the ball over without gambling.  In which case Rondo will have learned something from watching Avery Bradley, and my mind will be sufficiently blown for the rest of the season.  

The Celtics will have options.  It'll be interesting to see how last night's performance will affect Doc's decision.

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  • haha that line cracked me up.. is it because Rondo learned? or that he learned from AB that blows the mind?
    I think AB earned it. Start him. If you need to go to Pietrus early, but give the kid a bone.. and maybe get the Magic thinking a little bit when he presses full court D on the first possession of the game.

  • KY Celts fan

    My guess is that Ray would be playing if it weren’t for his wife. And an expected birth is more than an acceptable excuse to not play. Best of luck, Walter! Enjoy those 3 am feedings again!

  • Jason

    Offensive sink holes Bradley and O’Neal, plus Rondo’s middling range? Sounds suicidal. Has to be Pietrus over Bradley.

  • James Eisenman

    I love this post. Someone is finally listening to me. lol. Rondo could learn from Bradley…about defense. Well, look guys, they trounced Orlando with Avery Bradley and without Ray or Rondo. They started Sasha, remember? He was very energetic on defense and hit a few here and there but was not exactly shooting the lights out. I say let Avery start and stop giving Rondo an excuse for not running the court. The two of them should be jets out there. Keep Paul in the loop on the handling the ball in the half-court offense too. Remember, the reason we shut down Orlando was a) a point-guard driven offense can be shut down if you hound the point guard and take him out of his rhythm, b) we switched and hustled and kept everyone else in their half-court offense rushing and shooting off balance and c) after the initial onslaught, we kept Dwight Howard at bay. If we could muster 100 points, we could do this again to them.

  • paul

    Folks never do get tired of trashing Rondo. Never. I agree that Rondo should learn something from Bradley’s Honey Badger defense, but it’s not a problem for Rondo to gamble. Gambling isn’t the problem. The problem is that he often plays matador defense.
    But try, just one time, to ask yourselves why Rondo becomes passive and reactive so much of the time? Do you think it might just possibly have something with the fact that the Old Gents take him out of the offense much of the time? No, you’d rather just crap on Rondo some more. Is there ONE Celtics fan out there who doesn’t love to crap on Rondo?

  • paul

    Seriously? Give me a break. Rondo loves to run the floor. He’s had to slow his game down for the Big Three, and he’s had to take a back seat in the offense for years, and yet you have the spite and gall to blame him for it.