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Recap: High energy Celtics bitch slap the Magic


What the hell just happened?

The Celtics unleashed a defensive buzz saw tonight on the Orlando Magic. The final score: 87-56.

A Celtics team missing FIVE rotation players beat down the 11-win Magic. A Celtics team on the second night of back-to-back games throttled a team that hadn't played in two days. This was supposed to be the lock of all locks. Not in our house!

Kevin Garnett and Avery Bradley are the defensive stars of the game. KG turned back the clock to 2008. He, along with some help from Jermaine O'Neal, SHUT DOWN Dwight Howard (4-15 FG, 10-18 FT). Anyone else unimpressed with Howard's offensive game? Will he ever learn decent post moves?

Avery Bradley embarrassed Jameer Nelson with his ball-hawking defense. Bradley made Nelson look like a high school kids. There were times Nelson couldn't get the ball over half court. He routinely started the Magic offense from near mid court. 

The Magic had more turnovers (25) than baskets (16). They shot 24%. 

Glen Davis had 6 points (2-9 FG) in his return to the Garden. The crowd gave him a decent ovation.

Could this be the game that jump starts the Celtics?

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  • fick

    I am GIDDY after that win. This is the team I know and love. Can only hope that they keep this kind of energy on tap.

  • I’m very pleased, but a bit hesitant. Now if they go back into Orlando on 2 days rest and beat the Magic, I’ll believe they are on the right track. Very excited about Bradley. This kid is so athletic and full of raw energy. If he can just work w/the C’s staff and vets to become more patient on offense, he will be a huge asset. Quis looked better tonight as well. Really feels great to get a big win, but I don’t want to say they’re “back” until I see some consistency.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Great win cause it was the first time I’ve seen some resemblance of impressive defense. KG and Pierce are getting more lively every night, but the best thing was seeing Avery bounce back from that horrorshow against the Bulletts yesterday. He actually was TA tonite.
    Tonite Howard got a taste of what it could be like in Boston…

  • vik melb aus

    Vik Aus Melb,
    Our d has been good all season it was mostly our offence , boards and turonovers that cost us and tonight..
    we scored when we needed too, we hustled for the boards and our d was almost perfect.. the rotations were great and the help came at the right time.
    Good sign and with rajon and dooling possibly back for the next game we could start the ball rolling here.
    mark Cuban had a great statement – for once
    The young teams have come out blazing but come playoff time it will be the older teams that shine

  • GreenInCleveland

    I’m going to come right out and say it: This was a statement game. Undermanned, the Celts managed their first victory over a team with a winning record. Looking back, this will be a turning point.

  • lovit when wyc takes the mic

  • Greg in Orlando

    Cute win. Are the Celtics at .500 yet? See you Thursday night little ones. We’ll remind you you’re the little Celtics.

  • I can’t tell you how hard this made me laugh. PREACH.

  • What a bizarre, fun game to watch.
    -Avery Bradley is learning how to play OFFENSE in the NBA. First off, he made a couple of really nice passes; one where he made a Rondo type pass on a fast break to a trailing Pierce for the 3, and two making the defender commit to him and dumping it to Bass for the dunk after stealing Baby’s pass.
    But there were three plays that really told me he is starting to get it, first was the layup he got by using his speed to start off the game, 2nd was him getting out into transition and pierce finding him for the layup, and third, and this was the big one, was him drawing the foul on Dwight, going up and creating contact was huge.

  • Lee in Oregon

    hey Greg….enjoy Glen Davis! You’ve got him for 3 years which means he’ll be there 2 years longer than big Dwight.

  • Avery can become one of the NBA’s best back-up PGs. His defense is already there.
    All he needs to do is…
    1. perfect a mid-range jump shot
    2. attack empty space in the defense when it’s there
    3. always push the ball on offense
    4. learn how to use screens to make a play
    He’s already moving off the ball surprisingly well.


    Nice, very happy for the C’s and the home crowd to get a W at home against a decent team. Depleted rosters, line-ups, yeah sure, but it ain’t the size of a dog, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. KEEP FIGHTIN C’S. MANHANDLE THESE LITTLE BITCHES. We will still take Superman next year if he’s available. Great work Celtics. 1 GAME AT A TIME, AGAINST ALL ODDS…

  • I haven’t seen the game but .. does it mean we actually play defense when RR is not on the floor? not very surprising! His game actually looks like Tony Parker’s. Always leaving too much space in front of his man, going behind screens, looking for a steal more than body check. please improve your D Rajon, as Parker finally did after 10 years..
    (Love to wake uo and see a check in the W column! go Celtics!)

  • I think a key part of the magic trick was playing some guys who have barely played so far, and playing them for big minutes.
    And then the guys that have been playing…it was like they played up to that energy level. Kevin and Paul and JO and Bass played their guts out. Trade who? No thank you!
    Two days rest is just not the normal ‘two days rest’ this year. We’re only one month in and most of the league looks run down already. This schedule is bonkers, and it’s not just ‘old teams’ like the C’s having trouble. Even Miami can’t play the way they’d like to every night, it’s just too much sprinting with too little rest.
    Maybe the league will temporarily expand the rosters? 15 active, 18 contracts? I don’t know what else they could do other than cancel games and I doubt they’d do that.

  • Can the lesson to be learned here is to USE YOUR BENCH??

  • Right. “Little Celtics.” How are those banners in Orlando? And how is getting left at the alter by the best center in the game two times running feeling?

  • GreenInCleveland

    Hi, Greg. Just wishing you well this Thursday evening. “Cute win.” LOL.