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Ex-Celtics coach offers trade scenarios involving Pierce

Former Celtics head coach John Carroll (2003-04, the bridge guy from Jim O’Brien to Doc Rivers) is a contributing writer for ESPN.com. 

He’s come up with 5 logical trade scenarios involving Paul Pierce.

1. To Atlanta for Josh Smith

2. To Memphis for Rudy Gay

3. To Indiana for Danny Granger

4. To Utah for Paul Milsap or Enes Kantor and a draft pick

5. To Houston for Kevin Martin and Jordan Hill or Patrick Patterson

I like Josh Smith’s game. He’d be an intriguing experiment. I think he would benefit from the tutelage of Kevin Garnett. So I pull this trigger only if I can get KG back on the real cheap for next year. Oh yeah, Smith is only 26.

Rudy Gay, 25, would be an athletic wing partner for Rajon Rondo, but he is due an awful lot of money. $68 million, to be exact.

Granger, 28, is similar to Pierce. A big small forward who can score and rebound a bit. His contract after this year is an affordable 2 years, $27 million. Color me interested.

The 26-year-old Milsap is considered an undersized power forward. He’s an excellent mid-range shooter. Is it fair to say Brandon Bass is a poor man’s Milsap? Not sure about him. Any deal moving Pierce for a power forward leaves a gaping hole at the 3.

I have zero interest in Kevin Martin.


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  • KY Celts fan

    I have no interest in Kevin Martin either, though I do like the idea of Patrick Patterson in green. And Enes Kanter. Love those Wildcats!
    Of the trades, the Josh Smith and Danny Granger trades I like the most. Rondo with Danny Granger and the (slim) possibility of Dwight Howard. That’s a good team.

  • Rondo To KG

    Josh Smith is having a great season shooting wise this season and that was always the biggest flaw in his game. He has all the athletic abilities to run with Rondo and play defense. He’d be a perfect fit here in Boston.

  • Rich

    I don’t like Danny Granger’s game. I’d rather take on Rudy Gay’s mammoth contract. I agree on Kevin Martin. He’s injury prone and just not that good. I like Milsap and Smith… Kanter is also an intriguing prospect although I’d try to give up Ray for him, not Pierce.

  • Mileke

    I have no interest in trading Pierce period… but i would love to see Josh Smith make it here, i would pull the trigger on KG if anything to get Josh Smith, maybe even Ray Allen, but Pierce for Josh Smith is just not logical to me… Pierce for Rudy Gay would entice me, but if I’m Danny i wouldn’t pull the trigger, but i could half-way understand that trade just a little… Kevin Martin??? ehhh! Don’t know what to think…

  • Nick

    I don’t want to trade Pierce, but I have more interest in K-Mart than Granger or Josh Smith.. Those 2 guys just jack up awful shots.. NEITHER IS A FRANCHISE CHANGING PLAYER WHATSOEVER. Millsap is what he is, a solid contributor probably a 3rd wheel on a good playoff team. Rudy Gay is really nasty, I can;t see Chris Wallace being so dumb as to make that trade and break up his young core of Gay, Mayo, Gasol, Conley. As for Kevin Martin, he’s a scoring machine plain and simple. If they threw in Jordan Hill and their 1st round pick then I’d make that trade in a heart beat although I love Pierce. Martin is one of the best pure scorers in the NBA, he’s still young and you throw in an intriguing young player like Hill and a 1st then that’s a great move for the future. The Rockets can be happy and move forward with Scola, Dalembert, Lowry, Pierce, Budinger, Lee, and Pat Patterson. Celts would have 3 1st round picks to put with rondo, Kevin Martin, and Hill. Maybe Johnson and Bradley progress next year. They’d also have cap space. That my friends is how you rebuild

  • Pierce for Smith don’t see it Pierce ain;t gonna anywhere he would hate any of these landing spots. Indiana is set why bring in an old guy mempis is over Pierce would never agree to any of these trade. Been drinkin screw my spelling

  • Ride out the season get the 5th 6th seed, win the first round, lose in the second and then go spend some cap space. With Rondo/Paul you don’t need much more to make this team better then philly to win the atlantic. Now if we can get Kevin Love and Dwight that would be something. Probably won’t happen but it’s possible with our cap space.

  • Am I the only one who would jump at ALL of these trades? It seems like a no-brainer to try to recycle some old talent for some young talent. Would most like to see Rudy, but would accept all of these. The real question is– I don’t think the other GM would accept any of these. Lets get off his great game against the Wizards (and no defensive SF) and make these deals.

  • Haven’t we discussed a few of these deals already? Just goes to show you the ESPN smart set have nothing better or more realistic to offer than trades posted on blogs, yet they insist on charging for insider access. Why?

  • Connor

    I don’t want to trade paul pierce because I want him to be a life time celtic….but if we do I want to get Danny Granger is an all around scorer and he is only improving and i think the sky is the limit for that guy.

  • JR Bremer

    The only one of these deals that would make any progress is the Kanter deal. He’s a young big man (not a lot of those in the league) and that draft pick could be a lottery pick. The rest of these trades would be treading water at best. None of the players mentioned are franchise players. The team needs to either acquire a superstar (not gonna happen unless they give up Rondo) or bottom out and rebuild through the draft.

  • Ron

    No wonder Carroll was unable to keep the coaching job, he knows absolutely nothing about basketball. I thought these were supposed to be LOGICAL scenarios? No team in the league would even consider those top four scenarios for a declining Pierce. Waste of my time for having read this crap!!!

  • I don’t see why any of these teams would rather have our older guy than their younger guy.
    The main attractive thing about Pierce is his 4th quarter play. But none of them are so close that just switching Pierce for the guy listed should (on paper) get them a ring this year or next year. And after that, it’s pretty obvious that you’d rather have the younger guy.
    Like why would Atlanta get better by ditching Josh Smith for Pierce? That’s a 4/5 for a 3? Is it because Josh Smith has been a name we’ve been hearing in rumors for a couple years now?
    I think it all means that Danny’s “Bird trades” would have had to have been done about two years ago. It seems more believable to me that great deals would have been out there back then.
    Anyways, this year, we’re not going to contend if we trade Pierce. And yet even if Paul has a great year overall, the Celtic’s aren’t necessarily going to contend. So at this point, trading Paul before we try other approaches still doesn’t make any sense to me.

    Ray’s ankle sprain got me looking around and thinking…
    Look at what the schedule is doing to every team, not just us.
    The NBA made a schedule that has no respect for the limits of the human body. It was always a challenging schedule, but they’ve really gone too far this year.
    So there is even more reason just to try to survive till the playoffs.
    I mean, it’s a little scary in that Doc would have to go against his usual tendency not to play the bench much…but if he can adapt, and we can get our roster to the playoffs more or less in tact, then who knows who will or won’t be available for other teams.

  • mbjb

    KG and Ray Ray for Josh Smith + some picks or other youngs…then during the offseason sign KEVIN LOVE!!!!!!!

  • mbjb

    If PP dosent get any older then we don’t have to worry as much but since that is impossible..We need another scorer Klove?

  • Lee in Oregon

    Josh Smith is the only guy in the NBA who has the same body as Lebron, just a bull with wings so to speak. Doesn’t have the same game but he can look him in the eye.
    I’d be surprised if the first 3 (Smith, Gay, or Granger) are available-but I’d do it in a second.
    No interest in Milsap or Martin for Pierce. I love the captain and it would suck to see him go but those guys would make it way less painful.

  • Pat

    Pierce for Paul George and Tyler hansbrough if the salary makes sense. The celts have 2 first round picks in a deep draft. Will KG and Ray sign for thr vet minimum if they can sign Dwight Howard?

  • D-Shwan

    I always knew pierce would become a beast but no one thought that and kept saying to trade him, that proves that you guys don’t believe, All celtic fans need to BELIEVE!

  • Neither of those guys belong in the top 6 of a rotation. makes no sense at all. No way you can trade a HOFer for 2 roll players.

  • ryanfitz7

    Exactly my thoughts. Only team that would even consider any of these deals would be Utah for Enes, I think.
    We gotta keep Pierce unless we can get something game-changing for him. I fully expect Pierce to play out the rest of this contract in green.

  • Non of those Guys offer the ability to be a team leader or have the skills to Carry a team on their backs. Nor do I think we could get any of them for Pierce. if so Watch out. We are being screwed for some reason. I would want a first round pick as well from any of the teams we send Pierce to. WE can build a championship team boston Style with second Tier players as mentioned

  • WE can not build a championship team-Boston Style-with these type players