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Your Morning Dump… Dwight Howard is asking about the Boston culture

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“I have no idea what he’s thinking about that,” said Glen Davis. “All I know is that he’s still here with us, and he’s still fighting, and he still wants to win. He hasn’t given us any indication that he’s interested in another team. He just wants to win.”

Instead, Howard is so curious about how the Celtics do business, he’s pumped Davis for information.

“He’s always on me to tell him stories about how we won the championship, because he wants to win it,” Davis said. “Things are great with him. He’s allowed me to see what kind of person he is. It’s good, because we believe in the same things. It’s a different culture and a different lifestyle on this team, like being in a foreign country from what I know — a whole new country.”

Herald – The Hurt Locker

Dwight Howard is asking about Boston? Is he considering… nevermind. I realize this is the longest of long shots, but desperate times call for desperate blog posts.

The players who helped create the culture he’s inquiring about may not be around next season. But if DH believes Doc Rivers is at the core of that culture.. there I go again, drifting into delirium.

The Globe’s Gary Washburn compiled a list of potential free-agent targets for the Cs. I warn you, the names are not sexy; Jason Thompson, Chris Kaman, Michael Beasley, Ryan Anderson and OJ Mayo.

On Page 2, what’s wrong with the offense.

Turnovers are up across the league, but it’s hard to pin down why they have become such an issue for players who have always been solid with the ball. The Celtics simply aren’t capable of playing through their turnovers like they have in the past. Additionally, the turnovers often lead to easy scores on the other end of the court, putting even more pressure on an overtaxed defense.

This is perhaps the most perplexing of their issues.

“If I had a team that had guys on here that couldn’t play, couldn’t understand how to play this game, that were young and had to learn, I would be troubled,” Allen said. “What’s frustrating about it is, I do have guys that do know how to play and understand the game. I don’t know if we’ve got to simplify it or switch it around just a little bit, but I think we’ve got to stop overthinking it.”

WEEI – What’s wrong with the offense?

The sentence in bold applies to all of the Celtics woes. They are no longer good enough defensively to overcome the lack of rebounding, interior scoring and turnovers.

There is no margin for error in the fundamentals. The Celtics must execute to near perfection. 

On a positive note, Rajon Rondo might play in today’s matinee in Washington.

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  • for once big baby running his mouth could be a blessing in disguise.. but the misconception boston is undesirable or raciest is beyond bs. both bruins and celtics have crushed that notion. hands down celt’s have one of the best ownerships, coaches, front offices, and fill the seats w/passionate fans. plus those 17 banners in rafters is tough to miss.


    They need to give all their strength and effort into BANNER 18. Stop this weak ass talk about being too old. 3 future hall of famers should still be able to have an impact. Hope that Boston can pull Superman next year, that would be awesome. 1 GAME AT A TIME. PEACE KG. NOW GO 2 WAR… PUT YOUR WARFACES ON BOSTON….

  • Somewhere Robert Swift waits by his phone..

  • Let’s try to unpack this rumor because if there’s any validity to Howard’s probe it’s pretty clear a trade for Pierce could indeed be on the table and then the Rondo trade talk begins.
    First, Pierce would return a bigger asset (perhaps Rudy Gay or Danny Granger) than Ray (expiring contract and #1 pick, perhaps a straight up deal to Utah for Okur’s 10m T/E?).
    KG’s contract is virtually impossible to move unless it’s to bottom feeder with ample cap room and #1’s to spare.
    More importantly there are two superstars left in free agency. The presumed trade for Rondo-CP3 was the first step to lure Howard, but when the deal fell through Danny lost his chance of procuring the first superstar. There are now two UR superstars left going into free agency. D.Williams will opt out, but do you risk trading RR in season with the hopes of signing D. Will in the off season? No way, and it’s clear Danny felt Howard would have greater incentive to sign and play with Chris Paul rather RR. It’s no fault of Rondo … he’s great second wheel on a championship team, but you can’t build your franchise around him.
    In this league you normally win titles with multiple superstars. In order for Danny to even sniff at D. Williams the Nets would have to agree to a S/T and take back RR and perhaps a #1. So far Danny’s holding a pair of #1’s and could land another by trading RA. Then it’s entirely plausible he goes after DH, even he is traded by the deadline because he’s testing the market unless he lands in LA. Then Gay/Granger as a third wheel becomes enticing if D. Williams can be procured in a trade. Hence, a new BIG 3 era begins.

  • Howard wants to win period. I see the c’s riding out the season with what they got. They will have two decent draft pics and enough to get a top free agent. I think they end up adding dwight and love and then call it a day. Those two guys with rondo, Paul and and ray is fine to make it to the eastern conference finals. How far they get after that depends on their bench.

  • Howard and Love? Wait….you do know this isn’t a video game, right? You can’t just sign anyone you feel like signing.

  • Jerry Sondler

    Not getting Paul and West from NO were devastating setbacks in luring Howard.
    Until recently, I could have seen Howard still being interested in Boston. Now, they`ve fallen too fall and too rapidly for him to consider them.
    You really believe there`s a chance Indy would trade Granger for Pierce? We`re talking about a 6-year age difference. I would fire Bird immediately!
    It`s best to keep KG`s expiring contract. His skills are too far eroded for any contender to be interested.

  • Wishful thinking on my part, but Granger is shooting under 35% and the Pacers have enough ball handlers (Hill/Collision/George). They're just a much better team this year that depends less on Granger scoring. Does Pierce put them over the top? Not even close to Miami and Chicago. But he does bring a veteran, championship pedigree to the table. All of the above holds for Memphis and Rudy Gay. The only contenders I see him going to is Portland or Denver.
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  • s

    The C’s can have enough cap room to pull that off…

  • If you got the cap room why not? Howard wants to win now. Wait and see.

  • Maybe I’m in the minority on this, but I don’t trade Rondo for Deron Williams.

  • I've always said if you trade RR it must bring back a PG in his class. Who knows if trade of that magnitude would happen inside the division, but in this case Danny does have the moving parts. It's hard to imagine O.Smith does the unthinkable and trades him at the deadline. Dallas would need to clear cap space and I doubt the Lakers deal Bynum and take on Turk's contract until they've had time to evaluate the season. It's a long shot at best. Even with Stern's heavy handed autocracy the marquee players will still choose their own destiny and if there's a chance DH colludes with Williams it could happen in Boston because Williams is opting out.